Cathy Pearson – Transforming Cellular Memory, Yoga Deep & the Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival

Cathy Pearson – Transforming Cellular Memory, Yoga Deep & the Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival

Transforming Cellular Memory,

Yoga Deep &

the Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival

with Cathy Pearson 

“You tears are prayers…with them come great relief and expansion”. – Cathy Pearson


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In this Episode, Cathy shares about:

  • Meditation instead of medication – From depressed in her teens in Ireland to a life-long meditation practice
  • Her fascinating journey as an an award-winning documentary filmmaker
  • Transforming Cellular Memory, and the language and anatomy of sacred energy and purification
  • How to embrace and transform challenges through Universal Connection
  • the Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival, and how she’s helping to uplift and giveback to her local Yoga scene through the creation of Ireland’s 1st ever International Yoga & Spirit Festival
  • A trillion trees project and the importance of doing our bit to support worthwhile endeavours to help with climate crisis
  • Being a mom, and the power, bliss and choice of Natural Birth



About Cathy:

Born in Ireland, Cathy Pearson, founder of Yoga Deep and the Celtic Woodland YogaFestival, is an award-winning feature documentary filmmaker, Yoga teacher and Spiritual Educator. She’s also a mother and proponent of natural birth, who has been involved with yoga for over 20 years.  In that time she has been living between Ireland, Thailand, India & Bali offering group and one to one sessions and deepening her understanding of the incredible depths of yoga. studying and practicing a variety of styles and disciplines, from Iyenger and Hatha, to Ashtanga and meditation .

For the past 18  years, Cathy has been in a deep process of spiritual healing & purification, and has qualified as a certified Cellular Healing Therapist. This process is called Transforming Cellular Memory or TCM, where intuitive & psychic skills are developed to clear the pathways for sacred energy to flow through to help us unlock old behaviour and thought patterns and raising our level of consciousness in a profound and powerful way.

Her new project, The Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival, Ireland’s first international Yoga Festival,  launches in July 2019 in Ireland


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Emily Kuser – Yoga & Taboo: Sex, Death & Wealth

Emily Kuser – Yoga & Taboo: Sex, Death & Wealth

Yoga & Taboo

Sex, Death & Wealth

with Emily Kuser

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“Whether something is filled with pleasure or pain, can you be with it?” – Emily Kuser

it ‘s a true honour and pleasure to welcome the wise, accomplished and fascinating Emily Kuser to the Pure Flow Yoga podcast.. Emily is a true seeker at heart, and has journeyed from her humble American roots, to becoming a prominent international Yoga teacher based in Bali and offering her Self-Care, Woman’s work and Taboo exploration workshops worldwide. Emily has a passionate curiosity for exploring the big questions of life (and death), and also how can she be best be in service to humanity a teacher. Emily is known for her skills and passion teaching Anusara Yoga, Embodied Flow, and now the more juicy and unexplored topics of sex, death & wealth, which we talk a bit about today.   


In this Episode, Emily shares about:

  • How she literally followed her dream to come to Bali and start a life here
  • Yoga as a way to bring order to the chaos of iife
  • The importance for both women and men to explore spirituality for the female psyche, to understand our cyclical nature
  • What is Self-Care and why she’s offering teacher trainings and workshops in this area
  • Business as a great spiritual path and teacher, and the importance of refining our communications, agreements and contracts
  • Tantra as a nature-based teaching and philosophy, and how to allow your self to perceive the world through body and senses 
  • Why she’ inspired by those working most closely with birth and death 



About Emily:

Emily Kuser– Founder of High Vibe Yoga 

Emily has spent a decade on teaching, research and personal experience to create the highest level courses possible. She has a sincere curiosity about healing methodologies and spiritual systems and wholeheartedly investigates their practicality for everyday people with everyday lives. Emily has studied with masters around the world in Asia, Europe and North America. Her work is deeply influenced by teachers Sally Kempton, Tara Judelle, Layla Martin, Lorin Roche & Mark Whitwell and the fields of Classical Tantra, Hatha Yoga, Somatics and Integrated Sexuality. She is dedicated to offering a fresh and honest approach to spirituality.  Emily has lived in Ubud, Bali for over 10 years and teaches her courses internationally.


Learn more about Emily:

Website High Vibe Yoga


FacebookHigh Vibe Yoga


Show notes:



  • Ibu Robin Lim –  Natural birthing midwife offering courses, retreats and disaster relief in Bali. 2011 CNN Hero of the Year.

Malaika Darville – Walking the Beauty Way

Malaika Darville – Walking the Beauty Way

Walking the Beauty Way

with Malaika Darville


“In many shamanic societies, if you came to a shaman or medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited or depress, they would ask you one of four questions: When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?”

– Ageles Arrien, from the forward to “Maps to Ecstasy”.



Listen to Malaika on the Pure Flow Yoga Podcast Here:



It is my honour, joy and privilege to introduce to the show today, my friend, teacher and community-mate Malaika Darville, a powerful shaman-ness, ceremonialist, Yogi, musician, community elder, 5-elements Ecstatic Dance facilitator, and DJ, with her basket FULL of life-experiences.

Malaika is committed to walking the beauty way: she has been travelling and living in indigenous and tribal cultures, and has been sharing her earth wisdom worldwide for over 25 years.  She has walked the shamanic path for a lifetime, and is known across the globe, for her ability to re-connect individuals with their inner body spirituality, helping all who practice with her to access to higher realms of consciousness and authenticity.

Her mission is to create sacred space through ritual and ceremony to bring personal and planetary awakening, restoring balance to our distorted and over-civilised culture.



In this Episode, Malaika shares about:


  • the Rise of the Feminine and why we need to balance and heals the wounds of the Shiva & Shakti principle within each of us
  • Embodiment, Movement, Ecstatic Dance & Community‘s for Healing ourselves and our planet
  • the Beauty Way – Emergent Culture and the rise of festival and retreat culture
  • the Importance of Ancestors, Tribe & Ceremony for initiating people and bringing people together to heal,
  • Indigenous Wisdom – Ho’oponono – conscious relating to bring freedom from the trauma / drama cycle
  • Elemental Awakening and the benefits of planting seeds for exploring our shadow as well as our light
  • Going with the Flow & why we need to have experiences timelessness for our inner evolution



About Malaika:


Malaika’s accreditations include being a qualified ISHTA yoga teacher, Qualified Water Dance Practitioner, African Dance performer and teacher, Dj, Ceremonialist, Creatrix of 5Elements Dance Activation™ a shamanic dynamic meditation dance journey embodying the five cardinal elements, earth water, fire, air and spirit. She is a Wisdom Keeper and inspirational facilitator who has been at the forefront of the consciousness movement.

Malaika shares her wisdom and magic at the world’s top events including Burning Man, Symbiosis, Festival of Bliss, Tantra Festival Thailand, Woodford Folk Festival, Bellingen Global Carnival, Peats Ridge Festival, Ibiza Tantra Festival, Bali Spirit Festival, BOOM Festival and numerous private events.




Show notes:


WebsiteIn my Elements – Malaika’s website with complete list of dates & offerings

Instagram – @inmyelements

SoundcloudDJ Ma on Soundcloud –  FREE Ecstatic Dance DJ Music Sets

Sacred Activism & Self-Care

Sacred Activism & Self-Care


Self-Care, Sacred Activism, & Staying Curious

with Atira Tan


Listen to the Podcast Here:

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Welcome to our first ever Conversation episode of the Pure Flow Yoga Podcast with Atira Tan!

Atira Tan is truly a force of love and good.  She is empowering and inspiring the world through Sacred Activism and Feminine Embodied Spirituality.

In this inspiring podcast episode, Atira shares her journey of Yoga, the Path of Service & Awakening, Sacred Activism, Self-Care and being in Pure Flow,  and her way of navigating life’s challenges..

Atira shares some wisdom and insight about the practices of Karma & Bhakti Yoga, as well as Somatic Experiencing (SE) and Trauma – informed Yoga & Mindfulness practices for resolving trauma that gets lodged in our nervous system and therefore within our bodies and minds.

She shares her main 3 Practices of Self-Care, her passion for empowering people to embody their power to become leaders of healing and change, and the importance of being curious.

About Atira

Atira Tan is Founder and Director of The Art2Healing Project, a non-profit organisation supporting the healing and well-being of trafficked women and children in Asia. She has worked internationally for anti-trafficking NGOs in Laos, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia and Nepal, supporting women and children at risk through movement and art therapies, yoga, ayurveda and meditation.

With almost fifteen years of experience working with trauma – informed approaches alongside art therapy, yoga and mindfulness, Atira has a deep commitment and passion in empowering and healing women and girls globally from the inside out.

An MA graduate in Art Therapy from Latrobe University in Melbourne and a Somatic Experiencing practicioner,  Atira has also been featured on TED X, and is a published author of the chapter: Surviving Shame, from the book Art Therapy in Asia, published by Jessica Kingsley (2012).


Show Notes: Atira’s Recommendations & Inspirations


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Watch Atira Tan’s Ted Talk Here:



Did you know that  when you register for a Yoga Retreat in Paradise with us, $10 from each participant goes to support Yoga for Freedom? How awesome is that? Since 2015, Yoga for Freedom has raised a total sum of $35,000 in 2 years, and supported 2,365 women and girls


Optimise your Life with Ayurveda

Optimise your Life with Ayurveda

How to Optimise your Lifestyle

with Ayurveda

With Kimmana Nichols


Yoga nerds, this episode is for you!  Grab a pen, and some paper, cause your’e gonna wanna take some notes!  In this episode, Ayurvedic expert and Naturopath Kimmana Nichols shares wisdom from traditional systems to create holistic models for a balanced and happy life.

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In this episode, Kimmana shares about:

  • Ayurveda & the 3 Dosha System for balancing the body
  • Yin & Yang, and how we can incorporate these understandings in a practical way
  • the Trinity of Vedic Sciences – Yoga, Ayurveda & Jyotisha – to align the mind with the divine
  • the Trigunas – Sattva, Rajas & Tamas
  • Practical tips for balancing Vata
  • Dinacharya and the importance of routine and regularity
  • Indecision fatigue and how to manage stress
  • Value Defining Process and how to prioritise and balance what’s important to you


Kimmana has been studying traditional systems for developing holistic models of health, wellness and balance most of his life. He is the 3rd generation from an entire family of holistic healers and educators; now holding qualifications in more than 20 healing modalities including Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Body work.

Kimmana is of the ThaiVedic Systems and Holistic Nomads which is an online portal designed to help empower people to discover how ancient wisdom and modern science can help you to have more clarity and energy, so you have the freedom to create your dream life.

What I love about Kimmana is his incredible ability to share ancient wisdom and complex concepts into easily accessible, common-sense  and actionable nuggets of wisdom in a short period of time for us to incorporate into our every day lives. 

For example, a conversation I had with him a few months ago about vata and indecision fatigue has drastically help to improve my decision making ability thus freeing up time to work on the more important aspects of life. You can listen to this episode to learn more about what that means and more. In this episode he discusses


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You can learn more about Kimmana here:


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Kimmana will be sharing his presence and wisdom at our upcoming YTT in Thailand, Feb 17 – March 17th. 

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