Yoga of Sound Songbook


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Francie Love and Pure Flow Yoga

Yoga Of Sound Songbook

Awaken your Voice & Connect to your Song

Engage in a yogic exploration of sound with Pure Flow Yoga’s innovative title, The Yoga of Sound Songbook.

Pure Flow’s founder Francie Love delves into the traditional arts of song and chant and their sacred functions in yoga.

Discover all that sound offers in bettering your yoga practice and your daily life:

  • Kirtan and its ability to cut through your cluttered mind
  • Chanting to embody divine qualities
  • Hindu Deities and their spiritual roles
  • Healing Mantras to train your mind and challenge damaging thoughts
  • Heartsongs and Medicine Music that empowers your highest self

Containing lyrics and melodies for dozens of songs, chants, and mantras, there is something for everyone in The Yoga of Sound.

Awaken your Voice and Connect to your Song!

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