Embodied Resonance

50-Hour Bhakti Flow Yoga & Voice Retreat & Training

Awaken your Voice, Empower your Expression & Unleash your Inner Magic

December 08 - 14, 2024, Early Birds Save $200!








Get Ready

You’re invited to Feel Embodied, Empowered and Expressed with the Gods and Goddess of Yoga in an unforgettable 6-Night / 7-day Bhakti Flow Yoga & Voice Retreat & Training Experience in the breathtaking natural ocean beauty paradise of North Bali.

Are you ready for an

Experience of a lifetime?

Welcome to this deep-dive of devotion and intention as we open our bodies, heart, minds, and voices together in community and self connection. Within this experience you can expect to Find your Flow, deepen your spiritual practice, Unleash the Power of Your Voice & Awaken your Inner Magic.

Feel alive and energised, aligned to your purpose, and empowered to express and share your voice, through movement, mantra, music, ritual, devotion and community as you escape to the breathtaking oceanfront paradise of North Bali and join us for the 50-Hour Embodied Resonance Retreat & Training.

Immerse yourself in the power of Bhakti Flow Yoga, Vocal Activation, and creative expression as you journey into Flow through Yoga, play, unlocking your authentic voice and unleashing your creative potential.

With expert guidance, a supportive community, and the serene beauty of North Bali as your backdrop, this training is a soul-stirring experience of self-discovery, rejuvenation, and creative liberation. Don’t miss this life-changing opportunity to awaken your voice and ignite your creative flame in the paradise of the Embodied Resonance Retreat & Training.

Top Benefits

Daily Yoga & Vocal Awakening to feel Relaxed, Joyful and Connected
Nervous System & Vagus Nerve Toning to Resolve stuck emotions and release blocks to expression
Reconnect, reset and rejeuvenate in a stunning natural paradise
Feel inspired and supported to be in your inner Joy & Creativity
Cultivate confidence, self-worth, and alignment for your daily life
Align & Shine! Feel Empowered, Alive, Centered and Open

Plus You also Get these Amazing Bonuses:

Creative Expression Workbook to cultivate your voice and personal growth
Permission to Sing: Meditations and resources to revisit again and again
Unique recordings of your sessions so you can review
Living Library of Vocal Activation Practice Sessions
HeartSong Kirtan Masterclass with Francie & Jonny Rose
Yoga of Sound PDF with over 50+ Heart songs, Medicine & Mantra

Plus You also Get these Amazing Bonuses

Creative Expression Workbook to help you dive deeper each week and cultivate your voice and personal growth
Permission to Sing Meditation & awesome resources you can revisit again and again
Unique recordings of your sessions so you can review your practices
Vocal Activation & Song Practice Sessions (Library of 60 Minute Live-Recorded Audio) – Valued at $33
HeartSong Kirtan (60 mins) – Call and Response Singing Session with Francie & Jonny Rose – Valued at $33
Yoga of Sound PDF with lyrics and chords to over 50+ Heart songs & Mantra – Valued at $33

What Makes This Experience Special:

This retreat and training is designed to help Yogis & Singers of all levels, find their passion, align to their purpose, activate their voice, nurture their radiance, and develop the skills and confidence to hold safe space for transformation.

A few highlights of what makes this experience exceptional:

Embrace Authentic, Embodied, Creative Expression
Reconnect, rejeunate and restore your nervous system in paradise, and the scuba dive picture title could be Discoverthe natural beauty of Tropcal Paradise
Expert Heart-Centered Guidance
Enoy a high-quality and transformative experience in safe and nurturing space for exploration, play, creativity and personal growth.
Connect with Supportive Community
Connect with a community of like-minded individuals who are also on a journey of self-discovery and creative expression. This inclusive environment allows for sharing joys, challenges, and breakthroughs.
Rejuvenate in Tropical Paradise
North Bali offers a sanctuary of natural wonders, lush landscapes, and crystal-clear waters. This serene environment provides the perfect backdrop for relaxation, rejuvenation, and recharging. Plus you’ll have teh opportunity to snorkel or scuba dive
Experience Ritual, Ceremony & Celebration
In Bali, there is hardly a day that goes by without a ceremony of some sort taking place. Rituals and offerings to the Gods are integral to the unique blend of Hindu practices followed by the Balinese. Our beautiful oceanfront resort location is the ultimate starting point to take you to the most beautiful and unique places around the island that meet your needs for adventure, activity, inspiration, and connection to nature.
Post-Retreat Integration
Education, Resources, Inspirations and Support to help you bring the magic and expansion of the work we do together on retreat into your daily life

What’s Included:

2 daily delicious and nutritious meals plus healthy snacks
Water, tea, coffee served throughout the day
Balinese Blessing Ceremony
Daily Yoga, meditation & pranayama classes
Daily Vocal Activation and Singing practices
Specialized Playshops
Les Waterfall – Excursion
1 hour Six Senses Spa treatment
Access to daily Snorkeling/Scuba Diving
Transportation during the retreat
Wifi connection
Course Manual
Pre and Post retreat support from our team
Plus More


Daily Rhythm

7:00 – 9:00am      Bhakti Flow Yoga, Mantra & Meditation

9:00 – 10.30am     Breakfast & Journaling

10:30 –12:30pm     Expressions & Explorations

12:30 – 4:00pm     Snack /  Free time / Spa / Excursion

4:00 –5:15pm     Sunset Flow / Yin

5:30 – 7:00pm    Music and Magic 

7:30 – 8:30pm   Community Dinner   

Your Retreat Host

Francie Fishman

Francie is a 500-hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher trainer, and the inspired founder of the award-winning Pure Flow Yoga School, voted one of the top #1 retreats in the world by the Guardian UK.

She is a passionate and free-spirited yogi, vocal activation guide, musician, mentor, community advocator, teacher, hula hooper, and joy-spreader who is dedicated to uplifting and inspiring people from all walks of life to live connected, balanced, and magical lives.

Having organised and led more than 200 retreats to thousands of Yogis from all over the world, Francie offers inspiring and playful retreats that weave her love of flow, embodiment, storytelling, music, and dance with her knowledge of mindfulness, meditation, pranayama, energy, anatomy, and yogic philosophy.

Specializing in Flow – Bhakti, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin & Vocal Flow- Francie shares in-depth instructions on alignment, sequencing, and awareness of the breath that engages all levels of learning. Her classes work to facilitate deep openings of the heart, body, and mind.

Francie is currently living her dream, sharing her time and passions in the lush magical beauty of Ubud, Bali.

Francie has completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from McGill University in Canada, and a Post-Graduate diploma in Education from Queensland University of Technology in Australia and is currently working towards Certification in Compassionate Inquiry, a somatic therapeutic psychology approach

Listen to Francie’s Music Here.


Indulge in a culinary journey designed and curated by our experienced retreat chef, with a focus on vegetarian options that perfectly complement the retreat lifestyle. Immerse yourself in a delightful feast of nutritious, delicious, and creatively crafted meals that will delight all your senses, leaving you feeling nourished and energized throughout your retreat experience. Each bite is thoughtfully prepared to enhance your overall well-being and provide a truly satisfying dining experience.

Your Investment

Your Retreat & Training Experience includes the following accommodation options:

$995.00 Deluxe Twin Bungalow (Twin Share) (4 spaces available)
$1575.00 Superior Bungalows (2 available)
$1750.00 Deluxe Single (5 available)
$2250.00 Ocean Front Bungalow (2 available)


Superior Bungalows (2 Available)

Investment : $ 1575.00 

Our freestanding Superior Bungalows are surrounded by stunning tropical gardens and each has an outdoor terrace with sunbeds and sitting area, a queen-size bed, desk area, and tropical bathroom with a covered 2-sided rain shower. Your en-suite bathroom includes custom-made toiletries, a hairdryer, and bathrobes. Two of the Superior Bungalows are located side-by-side to perfectly accommodate families as needed.
Deluxe Single (5 Available)

Investment: $1750.00

Most of our Deluxe Bungalows have ocean views. Each freestanding Deluxe Bungalow is spacious and comfortable with a private balcony with sunbeds and a sitting area. The Deluxe Bungalow interiors feature high ceilings, a queen bed, desk area, a window daybed (that can convert to a single bed), a minibar, and an open-air tropical bathroom with a covered outdoor 2-sided rain shower. Your en-suite bathroom includes custom-made toiletries, a hairdryer and bathrobes
Ocean Front Bungalow (2 Available!)

Investment: $2250.00

Complete with the sound of crashing waves and breathtaking sea views, each bungalow is freestanding and has a private balcony with sunbeds and a sitting area to relax on and to rejoice in the magic of the ocean. Wake up to the first rays of the sun as she rises over the ocean, bathing the room in warm, Golden light. The bungalow interiors are spacious with high ceilings, a king bed, a window daybed (that can convert into a single bed), desk area, minibar, and a large open-air tropical bathroom with a covered outdoor 2-sided rain shower. Your en-suite bathroom includes custom-made toiletries, a hairdryer and bathrobes.
Deluxe Twin Share (4 Spaces Available!)

Investment: $ 995.00

Most of our Deluxe Bungalows have ocean views. Each freestanding Deluxe Bungalow is spacious and comfortable with a private balcony with sunbeds and a sitting area. The Deluxe Bungalow interiors feature high ceilings, a queen bed, desk area, a window daybed (that can convert to a single bed), a minibar, and an open-air tropical bathroom with a covered outdoor 2-sided rain shower. Your en-suite bathroom includes custom-made toiletries, a hairdryer and bathrobes

* Prices are in USD and are Per Person

Click above to learn about room specifications and inclusions

Please note the terms of conditions of sale.

Who is this Retreat For:

Yogis, Teachers & Creatives who feel blocked or have lost connection to their inner child and the joy of singing
Aspiring speakers, musicians & teachers ready to find the confidence to liberate your voice, clarity your expression, and tap into deeper more authentic creativity and self-expression
Vocal explorers, New Singers, Singing-Curious, Lovers of Music, deepening musicians and aspiring Sound Healers
Inner child seekers. People who feel like they cdon’t naturally have a good voice. Those who are curious and desiring to regain the confidence and playfulness they had as a child
Worthiness wounding and those ready to find confidence with self-expression
Facilitators, Coaches & Spiritual Practitioners of all-levels ready to up-level how you create safe and held spaces for expression and transformation

Resort Facilities

Our spacious open-air restaurant charms you with beautiful garden views and glimpses towards the ocean into breaking your fast, lunching, or enjoying a nourishing and atmospheric dinner. A beautiful space for a wholesome experience at any time of the day
Our oceanfront swimming pool is the perfect place to bathe in the sun, catch up on your reading, work on your tan and just gaze out at the sea. Snacks and drinks are available throughout the day from the pool bar. Witness the world turn into a canvas of golden, pink and purple tones as you indulge your Piña Colada during sunset hour with majestic Mount Agung as your personal backdrop.
Our stunning new custom-built, sunrise-facing, ocean-front wooden-floor Yoga Shala, and well-equipped fitness center provides the perfect resources you need to maintain your wellness rituals and workout routines during your stay with us, including a cross-trainer, treadmill, stationary bike, weights, and rowing machine. If you are up for more play then take a break from the gym or oceanfront in our games area with a pool table, darts, and ping pong (table tennis).
Experience the magical underwater world of East Bali and the surrounding area with our onsite dive center. Our fully equipped SSI Dive Center is located within the resort grounds, just a few meters away from world-class diving and snorkeling sites. Explore the legendary underwater beauty off the shores of East Bali, Amed, and Nusa Penida, well known for thriving coral reefs, rare macro sightings, and remarkable biodiversity. The Kubu Marine Park, our stunningly successful reef restoration project, can be found directly in front of the Dive Center and is one of our house reefs teeming with fish and healthy coral formations. The Boga Wreck, sunk in 2012 serves as a house reef dive for resort guests. Whether you would like to explore the famous USAT Liberty Wreck, dive sites around the Tulamben area, Amed, or go further afield to Nusa Penida to experience diving with manta rays and mola molas, we will make sure you will never forget the diving & snorkeling in this beautiful part of the world.
The Six Elements Spa promises a sublime and nourishing experience that fosters a renewed sense of wellbeing. Immerse yourself in one (or many) of our exclusive therapies and treatments where restoration and health are the primary focus meant to recharge, revitalize and rebalance body, mind, and spirit. The Spa follows the foundation of Eastern philosophy utilizing the ancient wisdom and principles of six elements – air, wood, fire, earth, metal, and water – which are believed to be the fundamental elements of everything in the universe that is in constant flux and movement and that are to come into balance. Our treatments take into account our entire being bringing our life force, in different traditions referred to as ‘prana’ or ‘chi’, into balance. beautiful and unique places around the island that meet your needs for adventure, activity, inspiration, and connection to nature.


Located on Bali’s northeast coast where local village life still retains a peaceful, more rural feel, our retreat’s boutique oceanfront resort & spa welcomes guests to a more authentic Bali. With easy access to many of the cultural and nature-based activities that Bali is famous for, the resort is surrounded by remarkable scenery along the coastline at the base of the islands’ sacred Mount Agung volcano. Our beautiful island resort offers you the opportunity to let your days go by while unwinding by the oceanfront swimming pool, indulging in ultimate relaxation at the Spa, or with direct access to world-class scuba diving and snorkeling right from our beachfront through our own resort diving center.

Our Excursion

Les Waterfall also goes by the name Yeh Mempeh which aptly translates to “flying water.” The island’s tallest waterfall reaches 40-meters high and offers visitors stunning views over the tropical rainforest from the top and cool pools to refresh in at its base. The relatively un-trodden landscape and small caves also make this an interesting place to explore. This waterfall is only a 30-minute drive from our resort.


What if I'm not a teacher or a facilitator?
That’s totally cool! Primarily this experience is designed to help you deepen your practice and know yourself more.  You will develop the confidence and skills to hold a safe space and use your voice effectively as a leader which can benefit any number of areas in your life. If you are not interested in certification you can also be more selective about which sessions you attend, although I can promise you that you won’t want to miss any!
Do I need to be an experienced Singer?
Nope! Come as you are. “The Journey is the Destination”. The goal of this program is to empower you to let go of any notions of goals of needing to sound good, and rather focus on the therapeutic value of release stuck energy or blocked emotion. An openness to show up and grow is all that’s needed!
What's the weather like then? Is it Rainy Season?
The area where the retreat is being held is the driest in Bali. Typically, the wet season starts around Christmas time and even when it does rain it’s not all day. The weather during this time is characterized by occasional rainfall, higher humidity levels, and warm temperatures. However, it’s essential to note that weather patterns can vary from year to year, so it’s best to check a reliable weather forecast closer to your travel date for more accurate information.. ☺️??
How do I get Certified?
Once you complete your 50-Hour training, you’ll receive a certificate that you use with Yoga Alliance for your Continuing Education or Advanced Training Certification.

Have any other questions?

Send me a Message and let’s chat,

How To Get There
(Flights, Airport Transfers, Buses,
To reach our oceanfront resort location, there are a few travel options available. If you are arriving by air, you can book a flight to Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar, Bali. We can help you arrange a private transfer or taxi, from the airport, Ubud, Canguu or any other location in Bali to take you on a scenic drive to the resort in North Bali, which typically takes around 2-3 hours depending on traffic and road conditions.
Visa Stuff
For tourists visiting Bali, there are several visa options available upon arrival. Most nationalities are eligible for a Visa Exemption, which allows for a stay of up to 30 days. This visa is free of charge and can be extended for an additional 30 days while in Bali. Alternatively, if you plan to stay longer or your nationality is not eligible for the Visa Exemption, you can apply for a Tourist Visa on Arrival (VOA) at the airport, which grants a stay of up to 60 days and can be extended for another 30 days. Please note that visa requirements may vary depending on your nationality, so it is recommended to check the latest information from the Indonesian embassy or consulate
in your country before traveling to Bali.

“I will make my review short and to the point.
Just do it and you wont regret!!! I can agree with all the rest of 5 star reviews here.
Life changing. Beautiful. Simply AMAZING.

– Julie A

Francie is the most wonderful and inspirational person that has wonderful gifts to share. Her retreats are beautiful and nurturing, I would go back time and time again to be in that wonderful space.

– Lucia Poulter

We are so happy and thankful that we choose Pure Flow! It was our first yoga and meditation retreat and it offered the perfect balance between a well structured, rich program and a super relaxing atmosphere and beautiful location. We will definitely come back, thank you Pure Flow!!

– Nadine E

A magical and wonderful place! I booked a one-week retreat and ended up extending for one more! This retreat was everything I hoped for and more, and would definitely join again!

– Paula G

Awaken your Inner Magic, Unleash your Voice & Find your Flow

Embody, Empower and Express your Highest Self & Highest Joy through daily flow and movement, music, vocal activation, meditation, self-inquiry and community connection in this unforgettable 7-day Retreat & Training Experience.

December 08 - 14, 2024, Early Birds Save $200!









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