Pure Flow Yoga

Terms and Conditions of Sale

When purchasing a Yoga retreat or training from us you agree to the following terms and conditions of sale:


You meet the following pre-requisites for participating in a Yoga Course:

  • Fluency in the English Language
  • Minimum of 21 years of age
  • Basic physical fitness for walking around the jungle paths.


The Four Agreements by Don Miuel Ruiz

  1. Be Impeccable with your word
  2. Take Nothing Personally
  3. Don’t make Assumptions
  4. Do your Best


You understand and agree that your retreat purchase is subject to the following policy & terms and conditions of sale:


The total tuition for the Yoga Retreat is due upon reservation and can be paid via our 2 payment methods: an online credit card payment via PayPal or bank transfer.


Thailand Yoga Tuition Cancellation Policy:

We have designed our cancellation policy to be as compassionate as possible in the case that your plans change. But to protect yourself further, we strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance. In the case of cancellation the total tuition price may be refunded up until 2 months before the Yoga Retreat’s start date minus a 25% administration fee, and the accommodation fee (if applicable).

Please note that there will be no refunds or discounts once your purchase is made. This includes but is not limited to arriving late, leaving early, flight cancellations, travel delays or illness, or general dislike or disappointment with the program. In this case, we do our absolute best to ensure you get the best program we have available – and if you are unhappy we will do our best to offer a solution that feels aligned for everyone. If you cancel your participation in a retreat for any reason, the cancellation policy will apply, with no exceptions. We wish we could compensate people for unforseen circumstances (injury, family emergency, etc), but we have costs already incurred when reserving.

If there are fewer than three participants for your chosen week, we will send you a message to let you know and give you options two weeks prior to the week in question.


Accommodation Cancellation / Change of Date Policy:

Once paid the accommodation fees are non-refundable. Changing of dates are subject to availability and a surcharge of $50 USD.


You understand and agree to follow our Spiritual Code of Conduct:

This Code of Conduct outlines acceptable, ethical, and professional behaviour by which all students of the ThailandYogaLove School agree to conduct in the learning of Yoga. This Code is intended to uphold our inherent essence of respect, integrity, and compassion.

Any infringement on these ethical and professional standards that are brought to our attention will be looked into. Should we find that the ‘Spiritual Code of Conduct’ agreement has been breached by the student, we reserve the right to dismiss any students.

  • Uphold the integrity of the classical yoga tradition by practicing humility and patience.
  •  Acknowledge the limitations of one’s skills and scope of practice and where appropriate, ask teachers for instruction, advice, treatment, or direction.
  •  Respect all students, teachers, staff and community members from their varied backgrounds and levels of awareness.
  •  Respect the rights, dignity, and privacy of all other students.
  •  Avoid words and actions that are disrespectful and harmful to others.


We thank you for your order and really look forward to meeting and welcoming you to our amazing Pure Flow Yoga retreats in paradise!

Feel free to contact us should you have any queries or if you just want to say hi…

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