Yoga for Social Change

Helping Others is at the Heart Of What We Do

Since it’s beginning in 2016, Pure Flow Yoga’s mission and essential living philosophy has been to help support and create positive social change through the practice of Yoga, Education & Joy-Spreading.

Along with our own direct initiatives, a portion of all retreats and training income is donated to a group of beautiful grassroots charities with proven records of delivering contributions and services to effect positive social change.

Additionally, as part of our Refer-a-Friend Program, we also offer the option to gift your friend $25 off their retreat, while gifting yourself or one of these beautiful charities $25 USD cash.

By participating in our programs, You can help make a difference. 

Learn More and Support our Partner Charities Today! 

Spark! Circus

The vision of Spark! Circus is to bring the joy and healing of PLAY and creative self discovery to disadvantaged groups of children and youth, along the Thai/ Burmese border through introduction and development physical creative skills such as circus and dance,

while sharing a profound personal and playful international cultural educational exchange with the students, the teaching team and the communities involved.

The intention is to promote health and well being through the delivery of circus skills courses and workshops. The courses will teach participants key personal skills such as self motivation, creative expression, discipline, team work, planning, organisation, fitness and  physical co-ordination.  Professional circus skills will be taught, such as: circus performance specialties( theatre, clowning, ariel, hoop, staff, dance, poi, juggling, acrobatics and more), choreography, stage and sound management.

Art to Healing / Yoga for Freedom

Art to Healing empowers women and girls globally who have been sold into sex slavery to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives free from trauma, exploitation and abuse.

They believe that to transform the unimaginable physical and emotional trauma these women and girls have experienced into self-love, resilience and self-compassion, awareness and kindness need to be brought to the physical experiences within the body.

They support women and girls to transform their lives and heal their bodies through expressive art therapies, Somatic Experiencing TM, trauma informed yoga and mindfulness based practices.