Asana is just the

Tip of the Yoga Iceberg

Yoga is sooooo much more than just the poses.

At its core, Yoga is a practical life philosophy of self-inquiry and observation.

When you hear the word “Yoga” you may think of a room-full of fancy-pants wearing stretchy types breathing loudly and chanting OoooooommmmmM…

The physical practice of Yoga is called asana – physical postures linked with breath and movement.

Asana is just one tiny little aspect  – the very tip of the Yoga-Iceberg.

Asana is the 3rd limb of an 8-limbed philosophical system known as Ashtanga Yoga.

The Ashtanga Yoga system is considered a map to freedom or a guide to optimal living.

This system was outlined in one of the key texts of the Yoga tradition, the Yoga Sutras, which was written around 400 CE by a sage and scholar known as Patañjali

who borrowed from a variety of traditions to shape 196 still-highly-relevant aphorisms for living in alignment, grace and flow.

Asana is an easily accessible gateway to the rest of Yoga.

It’s a great place for people to start their journey into the heart of Yoga’s practices and life philosophy.

People often start a Yoga practice to enhance their health, lose weight, tone up, cultivate some space for me-time, and relieve stress.

At first, You start with one class,

then it’s one class a week,

then 2 classes a week…

Before you know it “doing Yoga” becomes an integral part of your day-to-day life….


Because the benefits you experience from your asana practice, far surpass just the physical. 

We love Asana / Postural Yoga.

It can be a great workout and way of staying toned and in shape.

Asana is essential to life force control.

Asana is designed to build internal heat, called tapas.

On the physical level,

the purifying heat of tapas helps to

cleanse the internal organs and glands,

oxygenate blood and joints.

and work through and clear tensions, stress, and stuck energies in the body.

On the mental-emotional level,

When we clear and purify the physical body through our asana practice,

we begin to breathe with more depth and ease,

Which helps calm and clear the mind of disconnected thoughts which can lead to anxiety, tension, restlessness, stress, anger or depression.

From this more calm, cool and collected headspace,

we elevate our consciousness

helping us to see life from a wider perspective

to make decisions and plans more easily.

We feel more healthy, light, aligned, balanced and happy in both our inner and outer worlds.

It helps us to enhance our well-being and raise our vibrations.

I’ve personally NEVER regretted getting on my mat and doing a physical practice.

It feels sooooo good and I truly LOVE it.

What’s important to remember is that the benefits and practices of Yoga extend far beyond just the physical shapes we make with the body,

Asana is truly just the tip of the Yoga iceberg.

Ready to dive deeper into Yoga and its 5000+ year old philosophy and tradition?

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Sending you lots of Light + Love

Francie Fishman

Founder of Pure Flow Yoga

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