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Emergence: How to Meet what’s Arising within Us?

Interview with Simone Mackay, Round 2

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Ecstatic Dance, the Creative Process, Kundalini Yoga

Interview with Sophie Sofree

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Yoga as a map to Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance & Spiritual Growth

Interview with Tanya Kaps

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Freedom through movement: How to Activate Yoga & Heal Trauma and Addiction

Interview with Bex Tyrer

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Mandala Vinyasa, Vedic Teachings & the Gift of Being a Single Parent

Interview with Daniela Garza Rios

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Ayahuasca, Yoga Nidra & the Changing Landscape of the Yoga World

Interview with Simone MacKay

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Transforming Cellular Memory, Ireland’s First Int’l Yoga Fest & the Power of Natural Birth With Cathy Pearson.

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Yoga & Taboo: Sex, Death & Wealth with Emily Kuser

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Self-Care, Sacred Activism & Staying Curious with Atira Tan

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Metta – Loving Kindness -Meditation with Ellanah Fawcett


Walking the beauty way with Malaika Darville

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How to optimise your life with Ayurveda with expert Kimmana Nichols

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Ecstatic Dance, Creating Community & Medicine Music for the Dance floor

Interview with Raio (Rob Weber)

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