Yoga 101: Yoga for Beginners E-Book


Treat yourself to a personalised Yoga, Meditation, or Life Guidance session with one of our amazing Pure Flow Yoga teachers, to help activate the benefits of Yoga for your unique self.


Francie Love and Pure Flow Yoga

Yoga 101: Yoga For Beginners

Ultimate Guide For Your First Steps on the Path

Discover the sacred path that lies before you as you begin your yogic journey.

Yoga for Beginners is a primer for all souls who have newly committed to embracing their highest good through the practice of yoga. Francie Love explores and expands on fundamental principles regarding yoga’s depth, its effects on the human condition, and actionable tips to get started in the most beneficial way possible.

Discover the many experiences that await you along the path ahead:

  • What yoga teaches us about ourselves and our world
  • What yoga does to improve our bodies, minds, and spirits
  • What being “good” at yoga really means
  • How to prepare for your next asana class
  • How our thoughts for our reality and how yoga affects this
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✨Hurry! Early Birds Save $100 on Embodied Resonance Retreat until Aug 31 ✨

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