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Clarify your Purpose | Deepen your Practice  | Elevate your Soul


Welcome Yogis, Wellness Experts & Creative Souls! 


Ready to feel more Empowered, Alive, Expressed, Successful & Fulfilled?

The Finding Flow Mentorship is a Supportive & Inspiring blend of

Yoga & Emotional Mastery Mentoring

Business & Spiritual Growth Coaching &

Vocal Empowerment Guidance

to help you Up-Level your Life & Optimize your Flow.  


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“Working 1:1 with Francie was a blessing. It allowed me to deepen my knowledge and made me a lot more confident. “Francie has a great combination of being extremely knowledgable and being able to teach and convey different points and make them practical and easy to understand. She also cares deeply about people and the people she works with. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Matt – USA MIndfulness Coach

“Francie gave me profound and practice advice on ways to move into the online realm…how to promote yourself, how to promote your business, and working with a lot of challenges that come up, breaking down what’s going on in your mind. She has a clear vision to see what’s going on, and what needs to move. She takes notes during the session and those notes are an incredible resource to refer back to and very organised. HIGHLY RECOMMEND sessions with Francie”.

– Nolita Ananda, Yoga Teacher, Beauty Spa Therapist, Jade Egg


“You’ve been so helpful.  Your clarity, your enthusiasm, your knowledge, your belief in what I do, your inspiration has been so helpful to get me to move forward through the maze of things I am resistant to – the tech, the online mountains things – of trying to bring yoga life to people out there through the airwaves. Your combination of coaching, friendship and willingness to sit and help and hold my hand and show me how to do things has really helped me move through a lot of overwhelm, feeling of “I don’t know where to start”. Somehow through your guidance I have been able to move things forward in a way that feels manageable and tangibly effective.  I know where I’m gonna and what i’m doing and you’ve been instrumental in that. Thank you!”

– Simone MacKay, Somah Journeys



What Kinds of Mentoring & Coaching You can Expect:


If You’re Ready to feel more Relaxed, Confident, On-Purpose, in-Service, Connected,  and in Abundant Flow in all areas of your life – from making money to healing relationships – then you’re in the right place!


The 3 & 6 Month Flow Coaching Journeys are a combination of Business Coaching, Yoga Meditation –  Practice & Lifestyle, & Vocal Awakening. Within each session, you are welcome to customize your focus as reflected by your priorities and needs.  


I have helped thousands of people, and I can help you too!

  • Align to your Purpose
  • Clarify & Realize your Dreams
  • Overcome Overwhelm & Indecision
  • Organize, Prioritize & Get Sh%t Done
  • Release Blocks & Stories that aren’t Serving You
  • Deepen your Spiritual Practice
  • Find your Voice, Song & Expression
  • Develop Emotional Mastery over Anxiety, Depression, Overwhelm & Procrastination
  • Feel Supported 
  • Connect with Like-Minded Souls

GSD Flow Coaching

Manage Overwhelm, Organise your Mind & Get Sh%t Done

Business Coaching for Yogis, Wellness Experts & Creatives

Awaken Your Voice

Release Blocks & Empower your Expression

For non-singers & the singing-curious 

Yoga & Meditation

Deepen your Practice & Continuing Education

for New Yoga Teachers & Dedicated Yogis 

Working with Francie has been one of the greatest highlights of my Yoga Teacher Training. Francie was born for this work and she shows up authentic, passionate, knowledgeable, caring, experienced and skilled (and fun!). Words don’t do justice to how grateful I am to have gotten to train with her!

— Coco Savie


Francie having you as one of my first official yoga teachers and that on a ttc has been an honor. You truly inspire me so much, the energy you set out into the world is contagious and it’s been both a privilege and a blessing having crossed paths with you. You’ll forever be one of those people on my list of people that has had a profound influence on my life. You have so much love and light within you and are so extremely passionate about life and yoga. Thank you for shining wherever you go and always finding a way to bring that extra sparkle to your environment. Your teachings will always have an impact on my practices throughout life, as your teachers have impacted you. Thank you for all the love, knowledge and support. 🌻❤️-  

– Kylie Davies


“Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for today. Felt a big weight was lifted off my chest, and felt joyful throughout the day”.

– Elyssa, Lebanon


Why work with Francie?


Francie is Award-Winning Boutique Yoga School Founder, Yogi, Retreat Leader, Yoga & Meditation Teacher & Trainer, Educator, Musician, Life-Transformation Expert, Guide, Facilitator, Lover of Life. 


Until Covid, Francie ran a successful Yoga Retreat business for 8+ years in magical Thailand,.  Now she’s bringing her passion for empowering people and her expertise Yoga, Business, Vocal Awakening and and beyond to help you activate your full potential. 


Francie has organised and taught over 200+ Yoga Retreats, teacher trainings, workshops and transformational experiences, in-person and virtual, with thousands of students worldwide.


Along with her formal University studies and degrees in Psychology and Education, Francie brings you 20+ years teaching and service experience working with both individuals and groups.


For Francie, Yoga is not just her career, it’s her passion and way of life. She’s a dedicated student of life with deep insight and experience on how to (and how not to) run a heart-centered business. and nothing gives me greater joy that to empower people just like you to rise!


Experience Highlights:

  • 15+ year Teaching Career as a Yoga & Primary School Teacher
  • 8+ years experience running a successful boutique Yoga Retreat business in Thailand – Voted in the Guardian, Uk
  • 2 University Degrees:  BA Psychology & Post-Grad Dp. Education
  • 10 + years living in the Alternative Community lifestyle 
  • Founder, Producer and Facilitator of World-Class Festivals, Trainings & Retreats Worldwide 

Book a 1:1 Discovery Session

Connect here to see if working with Francie is a good fit!

Available worldwide, these soulful and practical sessions give you a safe and sacred space to be heard, guided, loved, to unwind, unravel, connect, and to share, from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.

What’s Included: 


Personalised Program + Path of Practice  + Integration & Accountability


Our time together will Empower you and help you find clarity on your next steps, Kit you out with practical tools to help you stay present and happy, Inspire you to stay accountable to your practice and purpose, and Support you with unconditional love, compassion and acceptance.

Within each session and coaching program, you’ll receive individualised guidance, resources and action plans / practice programs to help support YOU to integrate change. 


Each coaching session is designed for your individual needs and intentions, and generally includes of balance of meditation, dialogue, movement,  journaling/ contemplation, music and sharing.  Yoga classes, simple sequences and alignment and practice programs are also available upon request,


Having a daily personal practice is the best approach to staying centred, balanced, grounded, strong and at ease in these times of uncertainty, and I’d love the chance to help you stay inspired, motivated and accountable to you path and practice.



1 on 1 Coaching Packages

60 minute sessions | Covid-Concessions Available


Francie is the most wonderful and inspirational person that has wonderful gifts to share. Her retreats are beautiful and nurturing, I would go back time and time again to be in that wonderful space.

– Lucia Poulter



A magical and wonderful place! I booked a one-week retreat and ended up extending for one more! This retreat was everything I hoped for and more, and would definitely join again!

– Paula G



We are so happy and thankful that we choose Pure Flow! It was our first yoga and mediation retreat and it offered the perfect balance between a well structured, rich program and a super relaxing atmosphere and beautiful location. We will definitely come back, thank you Pure Flow!!

– Nadine E



It was the most amazing week with the nicest people, stunning location, delicious healthy food and so much goodness!

– Aline Thome



I will make my review short and to the point. THIS IS THE BEST YOGA RETREAT. Just do it and you wont regret!!!

– Julie AR



You cannot describe it, you have to feel it yourself: This place, the teachers and the community is pure magic! My 2 weeks at pure flow helped me a lot at a difficult point in my life and was, by the way, a lot of fun 🙂

– Mareike



Beautiful energy, beautiful place with the sound of the jungle, great teachers and for all levels!

– Laurie


3-Month Coaching Journey

*Package Prices are based on a per month rate for a minimum of 3 months commitment

1 on 1 Coaching Packages

Life Guidance & Support

Life Guidance & Support

Organise your mind.  Move through feeling overwhelmed and scattered 


Gain Clarity & Insight on the big questions of life, love, work and everything in between


Be supported through life’s transitions


No matter where you are at on the journey of life, it can be very helpful, clarifying and balancing to have the right kind of support.

Francie is now available for a limited number of Yoga & Lifestyle Guidance Sessions. Each session is unique and catered to YOU as an individual.


Private Yoga & Meditation

Private Yoga & Meditation

 Create a home-practice that works for you


Master a pose & Learn therapeutic postures to work with an injury


Gain practical guidance on how to deepen your practice

of Yoga, meditation and living in alignment,


Whether you’re a beginning, returning or advancing student, private Yoga sessions are the perfect way to explore your unique needs and goals through customised sessions: 

  • Gain balance, flexibility, strength 
  • Deepen your understandings of alignment
  • Directly experience the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of Yoga.
  • Simply go deeper into your Yoga, meditation and home practice to encourage optimal health and wellbeing.
  • Raise your confidence and energy, while refining skills on and off the mat
  • Master an any pose, such as an advanced posture, including arm balances, inversions and backbends
  • Learn therapeutic postures to support healing from an injury


Voice Activation: Awaken your Song

Voice Activation: Awakening your Song

Find your voice & Authentic expression

Tune in to your Power

Gain confidence


This is for you if you are singing-curious, new to singing, a lover of music, already an established musician or sound enthusiast, especially if you feel you may be a “bad singer”.

✨Feel supported, inspired, uplifted and empowered to unwind the mind, explore the infinite channel of your natural voice, awaken your expressive potential, and rest in the sacred space of the heart. Join Francie for these liberating, joyful and playful mantra and music vocal activation sessions of singing, harmonising and freeing the voice, bringing more joy, opening and flow into your life.

The throat chakra is the passageway that connects the heart and the mind, and as such, its important to keep this channel open, balanced and flowing.  Singing is one of the most ancient and powerful tools we have to raise our vibrations and bring ourselves into harmony, peace and ease. 


New Yoga Teacher Mentorship

New Yoga Teacher Mentorship

Take your teaching and personal practice to the next level.


✨For all Yogis, coaches and wellness and holistic arts facilitators, wherever you are on your journey – whether you’re a teacher trainer, newly qualified teacher, or experienced professional 


✨Being a successful teacher can take hard work, practice, dedication, perseverance, and a commitment to life-long learning, evolution and awakening.


✨In these self-inquiry soul sessions, I help you to more deeply:

  • Connect with your purpose,
  • Deepen your own practice
  • Build confidence
  • Find your authentic teaching voice
  • Expand your knowledge
  • Challenge your personal boundaries
  • Anchor your passion into your purpose in a powerful way.
  • Create supportive learning spaces
  • Receive support

Holistic Business Guidance

Holistic Business Guidance

Get practical help starting your Yoga, coaching or wellness business

Feel clear, purposeful and aligned

to design a business you love.


I can help offer you some thoughtful mentoring advice and suggestions to help you make simple changes and refinements to get you there, whether that’s help with:

  • Develop your online presence
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Website Elements & User Flow
  • Clarify your Vision
  • Build a Following

Its one of my great joys, pleasures and skills to help the people I love THRIVE.

Limited availability


About Francie

Francie is the inspired and enthusiastic founder of the Award-Winning Pure Flow Yoga School, based in Koh Phangan, Thailand, voted one of the top 8 Retreats worldwide by the Guardian, 2018, Clean Green Collective, Hoop Love Tribe & True:Nature Experience Festival.

Francie is an experienced life-transformation expert from the Yoga perspective, who is dedicated to uplifting, inspiring and empowering people to live embodied and awakened lives. 

As a devoted practioner and life-long student, Francie has studied thousands of hours with master teachers worldwide, and has curated and led more than 150 + Yoga Retreats, teacher trainings, workshops and programs with over 600+ students from all walks of life.

She is a passionate, free-spirited, joy-spreading International Yoga teacher, Yoga teacher trainer, retreat co-ordinator, musician, sound healer, vocal activator, entrepreneur, podcaster, writer, hula hooper, community activator, festival organiser and producer, and mentor. 

She has been a featured presenter at the acclaimed Bali Spirit Festival,  Island Elements in Australia, Oregon Eclipse, Symbiosis Gathering.  In addition to presenting, Francie has also been involved as a festival producer with True:Nature Experience, Air Festival,  Sacred Circularities, and other global festivals, retreats, trainings and gatherings. 

E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance | Post-Grad Dip. Education, Queensland University of Technology | BA Psychology &  Philosophy, McGill University



private yoga class at Pure Flow Yoga

Training highlights:

University Degrees

  • Bachelor of Arts: Psychology & Humanistic Studies / Minor in Philosophy – McGill University, Montreal, Canada
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Education – Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia


Certified Yoga Trainings

  • Beyond the Asana – Emil Wendel
    • Conversations in Yoga with Master Teachers including Emil Wendel, Carroll Dunham PhD, Daniela Wolff, Florian Palzinsky,. Machig Rinpoche,  Matthew Clark, Tom Kelly, Vidya Rao
  • Freedom through movement – Bex Tyrer
    • Unwind the Feminine
  • Thai Vedic Bodywork- Sebastian Bruno, Kimmana Nichols
    • Level 1
  • Blooming Lotus Yoga
    • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
    • + main assistant on 6 YTTs  (1200 hours)
    • + 100 hour Yoga Nidra


Meditation Retreats



 3-Month Packages

Transformational & Spiritual Growth

Book your Private Session today:

1 on 1 Coaching Sessions
1 on 1 Coaching Packages
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Sign up & Get FREE ACCESS  to "Rise & Shine:  Morning Yoga Ritual" for Dedicated Yogis
Ready to Crush Procrastination and Create Consistent Daily Practice

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Create a Consistent Daily Practice

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