Private Reiki Session

(subject to available practitioner)

Private Reiki Session

Reiki is a holistic therapy originally founded in Japan that welcomes in greater balance of mind, body, emotion and spirit. ‘Rei’ meaning universal and ‘ki’ meaning energy; this universal energy is welcomed to flow through you relaxing your whole being and inviting in blissful feelings of calm and peace. Treatments can focus on a specific area of body or being or they can be used for general harmony, wellbeing and balance.

Each session is a completely unique experience; a magic that is beyond the explanation of words. A warm, tingling radiance is felt flowing through the body taking you into a place of deep relaxation. It’s in this deeply surrendered and nourishing state that the body, mind and spirit can begin to let go of and unravel old patterns creating space for the body to naturally come into its own true alignment. The energy always goes exactly where it’s needed, which is why at times warmth can be felt in areas of the body away from where my hands are.

We can work together on a specific area of physical, emotional or energetic balancing, or focus on general harmony and wellbeing. Releasing and renewing so that a greater depth of harmony, peace and love can be embodied and a new experience of life can begin to unfold.




Reiki Session: energy healing