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Retreat Add-Ons

We want to give you the most flexibility possible when you come to spend time with us here. And we know that sometimes travel can be difficult. That’s why we’ve created a list of additional options that you can add to any of our signature retreat packages.

While all add-ons are completely optional, we do recommend a couple of them because we know how helpful they can be for most visitors.

Check out all of our add-ons explained below. There are wonderful opportunities here at Pure Flow to make your unforgettable journey even more unforgettable!

Meals, Accommodations & Transportation

Food Credit @ Bamboo Huts – $75USD (Recommended)

Relax and take care of your meals before you come

This add-on will generally buy you 2 meals per day for one week at Bamboo Huts during your stay. As there are no ATMS in our magical location, this add-on helps you take care of one less variable.


Bamboo Huts: Extra Night – $25USD

Available Saturday before and after retreat only

Why: To stay a bit longer in paradise! We hear so many of our wonderful visitors here tell us that they wish they could stay longer, or wish they didn’t have to find other accommodations for that extra night or two. This is the solution.


Airport + Speedboat Transfer – $145 USD


We can help arrange direct speedboat transfers plus land transfers from Samui Airport/Samui to our remote location in Haad Yuan Koh Phangan. This boat ride takes 20-30 minutes and costs 4500 baht / boat. This cost can be shared between people.

Retreat Compliments

Private Yoga / Reiki / Coaching – $108USD

Go Deeper

Whether you’d like to master a pose, learn therapeutic postures to work with an injury, or if you’d simply like to gain practical guidance on how to go deeper in to your practice of Yoga, meditation and living life in alignment, private sessions are the perfect way to explore your unique needs and goals through customised sessions.

  • Gain balance, flexibility, strength
  • Deepen your understandings of alignment
  • Directly experience the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of Yoga
  • Simply go deeper into your Yoga, meditation and home practice to encourage optimal health and wellbeing
  • Raise your confidence and energy, while refining skills on and off the mat
  • Master an any pose, such as an advanced posture, including arm balances, inversions and backbends
  • Learn therapeutic postures to support healing from an injury

Post- Retreat Integration & Coaching Sessions {via Skype} x 3 = $295

First-class follow-ups & support

Why: Once your retreat ends, we are here to hold space for you once a week or once a month. Using a combination of Yoga philosophy and coaching principles, we are here to act as guide by your side, to help you:

  • keep looking within to move through resistance and challenge
  • fulfill your promise and commitment to your Yoga & meditation practice
  • listen to the voice of your dreams
  • fully activate in the direction of your values

Ayurvedic Coaching & Consultation – $108USD

The perfect retreat compliment

In today’s polluted world we need to seriously consider detoxing regularly. So much of todays chronic and neuro-degenerative illness stems from an overload of toxins in the body. It is important to understand and choose amongst the many varieties of cleansing to suit specific issues and life situations. Guidance is given regarding which cleanse is best suited to you and all the steps and support necessary for it to be effective. This program provides advise, supplies and fully supported step-by-step Fasting Programs, Cleansing Diets, Liver Flush, Weight Management, Heavy Metal Chelation process, IBS and Leaky Gut management, and more.

Yoga Photoshoot $160 30 minute mini-shoot, $320 full sunrise or sunset shoot

Want to capture your beautiful time here in Paradise?

Float @ Canopy Village 60 mins – $50

Just imagine, for a moment, that nothing else matters.

You can hear nothing, but your thoughts are loud. You can see nothing, but your vision is clear. You can feel nothing, but you can dream everything. And time… becomes irrelevant.

Join R.E.S.T. pyramid for the ultimate experience of inner peace, tranquility and relaxation. For 45 minutes to 5 hours, you will effortlessly float in your private Gizeh-like pyramid filled with 10 inches of water and 1200lbs of Epsom salt (food grade magnesium sulphate), tempered to your body temperature. The concentration of Epsom salt creates a buoyancy that is difficult to replicate in any other therapeutic modality. This weightlessness allows the muscles and joints to relax, free from all tension, gravity and pressure. The absence of light and sound provides the space the mind needs to reset and unwind. Nothing becomes everything. Your tryptamine powered reality processing system is now all yours ready to create, connect, focus and solve.

From The Store

Flower of Life Water Bottle

$25 USD

One less thing to pack

High Quality Stainless steel, BPA-Free Water Bottles – Healthy, sustainable alternative to disposable plastic – you’ll love having a bottle with you during your time on our bays.

Note: We do not ship this product, it is for collection at Pure Flow Yoga Shala only. Thank you!

Pure Flow Yoga Eco Yoga Mats

$45 USD

Practice on paradise and take it with you forever!

Why: Our lovely yoga mats are made from eco friendly materials, which means they are good for your and the environment. You’ll love having your own mat on your retreat.

Note: We do not ship this product, it is for collection at Pure Flow Yoga Shala only. Thank you!

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