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“Your yoga classes are phenomenal. I have done a couple of of your online yoga sessions on the sanctuary during lockdown and totally loved them. You are amazing teacher. Just wanted to send some gratitude for having experienced my time in Thailand with you. Will stay with me forever. Hope you are staying well. Xxx”

– Claire, Australia

 Foundations of Flow Course

Online Course available @theSanctuaryWellness.Live

Welcome to the Foundations of Flow: Elements of Practice Online Course. Within this foundational course, you’ll have the opportunity to learn & practice:

  • Sequence and structure of a balanced Vinyasa Flow Yoga class –  to help you de-mystify the transformational process of a Yoga class, to deepen and be able to create your own home practice

  • 30 + key Yoga posesOptimal alignment principles, variations, modifications and how to identify and correct common misalignments, including the benefits of the poses and why we include them in our practice

  • Basic techniques –  Mediation, Pranayama (breath-control) Mudra (energetic seals/Yoga of the hands) and Mantra to support your practice


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Top 3 Tips to setting up your Home Practice


Practicing at home and online has both benefits and challenges. Creating sacred space and removing all potential distractions in your home can help to prevent you from getting distracted, and will help you cultivate more presence.


1) Create an intentional & sacred space:

      • Set up your space 10 -15 mins before your chosen class
      • Choose a designated space where you have room to move
      • Light a candle and some incense
      • Roll out your mat and prepare any props
      • Have your water bottle near you


2) Prepare your technology:

      • Position your phone, or ideally your computer ,in a way that you can see it and your whole mat
      • Turn up the volume and/or connect to a speaker if you have.
      • Silence your phone


3) Connect to your intention:

    • Why are you showing up to the class today? 
    • Creating a deeper commitment for why you are here, will help you follow through to the end.
    • Gratitude – What are you grateful for today?

About Pure Flow Yoga Classes

Pure Flow Yoga offers intuitive, heart-opening, artful and intelligent Yoga Asana classes infused with meditation, pranayama (breath control techniques and lifestyle practices), poetry, quotes, music and devotional singing.

Daily classes are designed to be safe and balanced to meet all learners where they are at, encouraging love, trust, opening, gratitude and surrendering to the perfection of each present moment through focusing on themes of connection to nature/self/community/the divine.

Our aim within these classes is to empower, educate and inspire students and to develop a disciplined practice of asana, the poses and shapes we make with our bodies, as a powerful way to purify and prepare for inner stillness and deep connection with ourselves. We encourage students to drop notions of goals, expectations or desire to achieve a specific pose.

Whether you are a beginner, totally new to the practice or a practice and advanced or experienced Yogi, join us for a heart-opening and uplifting journey into the essence of being to help you raise your vibration to live a more conscious, ecstatic and balanced life.

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