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Bhakti Yoga / Mantra Yoga

Yoga of the Heart 

“The power of mantra lies in the vibrations, and these vibrations work on many levels, whether the sayings are pronounced out loud or silently …The simple act of saying a mantra will still bring the heart and mind into alignment with its subtle goal, which is to bring heightened self-awareness and a deeper sense of peace and calm.” – Alanna Kaivalya

Bhakti Yoga

Today, I invite us to turn our awareness towards the heart and explore the sweetest of the Yogic paths; Bhakti Yoga.

In Bhakti Yoga, or the yoga of devotion, we surrender the ego, our intellect, our doubts, judgments & fears, and we harness the power of our emotions to help fuel our connection with the divine.

In opening our heart in this way,  we create relax into a flow of universal love and trust, a greater awareness and understanding of our true nature, bringing us into deeper levels of contentment, sweetness, compassion, light and energy.

One of the main practices of Bhakti Yoga is Chanting, Singing and Mantra Yoga.


Mantra Yoga: “Man” – thinking mind, “Tra” – to protect or expand.


Mantras are powerful sound vibrations that have the ability to alter consciousness.

Through the practice of chanting, we center consciousness on Spirit through the repetition of powerful incantations and seed sounds of universal sounds. The power of mantra lies in vibrations, and it works on many levels, both subtle and overt. We can invoke an intention or the quality or essence of a particular deity.



Chanting – Chants are uplifting compilations of vibrations that can be used as prayers for peace, health, wellbeing, to focus the mind and empower whatever we want to give energy to. Chanting has the power to awaken our physical and energetic bodies. It can be used to loosen mental chatter to still the mind, becoming one-pointedly focused, and bringing the heart into alignment.

In kirtan, or call and response devotional singing, we lift our voices to heal our spirits and raise our vibrations by repeating mantras over and over, shifting our awareness from our heads to our hearts. Singing reminds us of our essential nature: joyful, openhearted, centered, and blissful


Bhakti Bliss: Music as Medicine

When we sing, we open the throat chakra and allow a free flow of energy to groove through the passageway that connects heart and mind.  This allows us to bring balance and a free flow of energy to the heart and mind, so that we are not too caught up in mental chatter or emotionality, When we sing, we rise in Joy, Freedom, Peace and Connection.

I Invite you to take a moment now, PRESS PLAY, closer your eyes, and use whatever emotions or energy present within you to fuel your voice in opening and singing this beautiful mantra with me:

Jai Sri Ma Kali Kali Ma Jai Sri Ma

Ananda Ma, Durga Devi

Jagadambe Sri Ma


“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.Nikola Tesla


P.S. Check out this incredible video on Cymatics, the study of visible sound vibration that effectively shows us how sound affects matter:



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