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With over 300 million people practicing Yoga around the globe, Yoga has become the 4th fastest growing industry on the planet.  We want everyone to benefit.


When you join our movement, and become an affiliate.  you can earn extra income from your instagram, blog, website, or newsletter when you share with your your Friends, Family, Colleagues or Clients.


Our affiliate program pays 50% commission on every sale referred! That’s a HUGE commission payout!

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  1. REGISTER – Once you register, you can use your unique affiliate referral link/URL to promote our website or products.
  2. PROMOTE – Your link is then tracked using website cookies which will be valid for 365 days.
  3. GET PAID – When we receive a successful purchase confirmation from your referral link, or even if they just mention your name as a referral in their questionnaire post-purchase, a referral will be generated and you will be awarded the commission, which we send through Paypal.



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✨Sign up & Get hours of awesome FREE Yoga Magic to help you Flourish & Flow✨

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