10 Awesome Reasons Why Retreats are a Healing Must!

10 Awesome Reasons Why Retreats Are a Healing Must! by Chantal Di Donato Ever reached that point when everything around you is falling apart and you need a serious break? Most of us, especially in busy cities with equally busy lives, feel that way! I hit the wall a...

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The Art of Meditation

The Art of Meditation by Kristen Powell There's an expectation of what meditation looks like  - sitting cross-legged and in silence for extended periods of time.  In fact, there are many forms of meditative practice. As a practicing artist, painting, drawing and...

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Journey to Self-Love on a Yoga Retreat

Letting in the Light: My Journey to Self-Love on a Yoga Retreat   *** GUEST POST *** I have returned to my paradise. This paradise is located exactly at 9.6914° N, 100.0740° E, and it goes by the name of Haad Yuan beach at Koh Phangan. This magical corner of the...

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6 Ways to Integrate Post-Retreat Bliss into your Everyday life

6 Ways to Integrate Retreat Bliss into your Everyday Life:  Post-Retreat tools for bringing more Magic, Peace, Love and Presence into your life.   “Forget your perfect offerings. There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in”. – Leonard Cohen   You’ve...

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Love at first Yoga

WHY YOGA? Love at First Yoga Once upon a time, I was backpacking in India and decided to try a 10 day silent meditation retreat in the Himalayas.  I thought that such a feat would be impossible for such an incessantly talkative, extroverted, enthusiastic person such...

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How to get the most of your Yoga Retreat: 10 Powerful Insights

  Top 10 Powerful Insights to help you get the most out of your next Yoga Retreat Top 10 Pure Flow Yoga Retreat Insights: A Yoga Retreat is a great opportunity to unplug, unwind and focus on the true you, as you take a break from your day-to-day responsibilities and...

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New to Yoga? – Tips to Ready you for the Journey Within

New to Yoga?  - Tips to Ready you for the Journey Within The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” -  Lao Tzu It can be daunting to try anything new and it can be intimidating going to a yoga class for the first time. Thoughts that tend to go through the...

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