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Located in Southern Thailand, Koh Phangan, Thailand (Koh means Island in Thai) is considered to be a treasure destination off the beaten path, offering visitors an escape from the stress and fast pace of modern life.  While preserving its abundant jungle, fauna and flora many of its secluded beaches offer an escape from stress and the high-paced modern lifestyle.

Daily Class Drop-in students / 

& Simply Yoga Retreat 

For those of you joining us for daily classes, please scroll down the page to see nearby accommodation options. From budget dorm rooms to private A/C villas, our magical location offers a wide range of alternative accommodation options to suit your needs, that you can self-book that are all within a 5-10 minute walk to the Pure Flow Yoga studio.


Retreat Accommodation:


For those of you joining us on retreat, Included in your “Yoga Retreats in Paradise” package is accommodations at the Bamboo Hutsin simple Thai style bungalows surrounded by lush, well tended gardens, with the refreshing ocean, white sand, yoga shala, and multiple eateries just a few minutes away.  A perfect compliment to the minimalist yogi lifestyle, these simple, rustic wooden bungalows have a double bed, small bathroom (no hot water, but trust us – that’s a good thing!), fan, limited shelving/clothes hanging, and a hammock on the deck so you can relax and take in the paradise vibes. It doesn’t take long from the time you step off the boat, to realise that in fact, simplicity offers you space to grow in your practice, and yourself. Yogis have been teaching this for centuries.

*Please note that Pure Flow is an independent yoga school only with no onsite accommodation. We have organised preferential booking for our retreat students at the nearby Bamboo Huts Resort, and these rates apply only when booking a package through Pure Flow Yoga.     


simple bungalow accommodation in nature


Bamboo Huts Bungalows
inside a Bamboo hut bungalow


Bungalow inside view thailand yoga retreat

Bamboo Huts Koh Phangan – FAQ

Is the bungalow private or shared? Can I share if I choose to?

Each bungalow at the Bamboo Huts has a double bed with fan, and a private bathroom with cool-water showers.  The huts can be shared between friends or partners, however please be advised that space is intimate and intended for single occupancy.  At this time, there is no extra cost for sharing a bungalow.

Can I arrive early / extend my stay?

Depending on availability you may be able to extend your stay once you are here.  You can speak directly with the Bamboo Huts staff about this once you are here.  We also have the capacity to book an extra Saturday night for you before or after your retreat.  Most accommodation in this area is first-come first-serve, and do not accept advance bookings

How can I upgrade my accommodation?

At this time, Pure Flow Yoga is able to book accommodation with Bamboo Huts exclusively.  Pure Flow Yoga offers a Simple Yoga package in which you book your own accommodation and otherwise participate fully in the retreat program.

If you prefer a more luxury option, we recommend you book directly either either Pariya Resort on Haad Yuan, or the Sanctuary on Haad Thien.


I hear there are parties on Saturday nights, what do I need to know?

For those of you arriving early on Saturday, or staying the weekend, please be aware that there is a all-night party at Eden Garden.  Our magical location attracts Yogis and parti-goers alike.  We recommend bringing earplugs if you are a light sleeper.

How basic is basic? Can you tell me about the bathrooms?

We have a small number of individual bungalows with private bathrooms that we can book through Bamboo Huts, a beautiful and rustic budget option very near to the studio.  Like most of the budget accommodations in this area, Bamboo Huts has 24-hour electricity, bucket flush toilets and cool water showers, which is much nicer than it sounds!  When you arrive here and realise that you are on tropical paradise island, footsteps to the beach and living the simple lifestyle that yogis recommend, you will likely begin to realise that zen-like simplicity offers so much more than you could ever imagine :).  Each bungalow also includes a veranda with hammock for your maximum chilling pleasure.


Book your own Accommodation

From budget dorm rooms to private A/C villas, our magical location offers a wide range of alternative accommodation options to suit your needs, that you can self-book that are all within a 5-10 minute walk to the Pure Flow Yoga studio.

Our Thailand yoga retreat centre is located on the top of the hill between Haad Yuan and Haad Tien Bays, and nearby to Haad Whynam.  Pure Flow Yoga Studio is easily accessible by foot from all three bays.  




Haad Yuan Bay – Blissful Tropical Waters

Pariya | Big Blue | Barcelona | Horizon

Haad Yuan Beach is 7 minutes away from Pure Flow Yoga.  Haad Yuan Bay has the most beautiful white sand beach of all the three bays with turquoise blue warm water.  There is an assortment of resorts & restaurants to suit all budget needs, and there is both WIFI and internet access on Haad Yuan, as well as a small convenience store for basic amenities.  There is a weekly dance party each Tuesday & Saturday night at the Eden Bar and we suggest to students whom are light sleepers, to bring earplugs for those nights when the music can be loud.

Pariya Luxury Resort

Pariya is a four star resort that is air-conditioned, has a pool, and hot water showers/bath in each room.  You can visit their website for rates and reservations or we recommend that you look at first to see if they are offering any specials. Upscale Luxury Room : $90-140 USD/night These comfortable an luxurious rooms can accommodate 2 people and as such are an ideal option for couples. Rooms are cleaned daily, the Thai staff is very hospitable, and all the modern comforts and amenities are provided.

Big Blue Resort

Big Blue Resort is right on Haad Yuan Beach- footsteps from the crystal blue ocean waters & a 7 minute walk to Pure Flow Yoga. The Big Blue Resort offers internet access & wifi for laptops, a small convenience store, kayak rentals & other entertainment options. The open air restaurant offers Thai & western food and a weekly movie night. There are a number of small bungalows at Big Blue Resort as well as a couple of bigger Houses that can accommodate a small family.  There are also a few bigger bungalows that rest along side the hill at Big Blue that provide for a very quiet and peaceful stay, allowing even the very light sleepers to make it through the night with the weekly dance parties in the bay. Budget Bungalows: $14- $16 USD/night These simple, wooden bungalows have a nice western style bathroom with a double bed  & a hammock on the deck. Basic Bungalows : $20 USD/night Perched upon a hill, with the gorgeous Haad Yuan Beach footsteps away, these larger and quiet bungalows offer a peaceful and private stay

Horizon Bungalows

Recently renovated bungalows with amazing sea views, located on the ridge between Haad Juan and Haad Thien.  You can book directly with Horizon through their Facebook page.

Haad Tien Bay – A Conscious Community in Paradise

Beam Bungalows  | The Sanctuary | Family | Spice

Haad Thien Bay is just a 10 min. walk away from the Pure Flow Yoga Studio along the front ocean side path, and a 5 min. walk from the Blooming Lotus Yoga studio when taking the back jungle path.   Haad Tien Bay has a beautiful sand & coral beach with a strong community feeling with many workshops, healing and group sharing opportunities throughout the year.  Alternative & unique, it attracts international travellers looking for something different and out of the box.  An eclectic community of meditators, healers and spiritual seekers all gather here to experience & experiment with altered states of consciousness.  The weekly dance party can be loud but offers an opportunity for the community to come together and bond through music, dance & movement.  Earplugs may be necessary for light sleepers on these Saturday party nights.

Beam Bungalows

Beam Bungalows is located on a jungle hill above the coconut groove and ocean.  It has a large restaurant, nice tropical gardens, beautiful views & easy access to the beach with a 12 minute walk to Pure Flow Yoga. Dormitory: $5 USD/night Ideal for backpackers and young budget travelers this dormitory is spacious, clean & provides the most affordable option of all the 3 bays.  A double mattress, pillow and mosquito net is provided amongst an open spaced room that accommodates up to 20 people. A shared toilet and shower room is located just outside in the garden. Budget Bungalows: $15 USD/night These rustic bungalows have a double bed, nice garden and ocean views, a porch with a hammock and asian style squat toilets. Mid Range Bungalows: $20-$30 USD/night These newer and more spacious bungalows have a big double beds, a western style bathroom, a big deck with hammock and built in closets.

The Sanctuary

An internationally renowned alternative resort, The Sanctuary is a peaceful haven that provides spiritual seekers a wide variety of opportunities to find peace within.  From their ongoing workshops at the “Tea Temple”, their detox, cleansing & fasting programs at the “Wellness Center,” and their adjoining Spa that offers healing massages and a sauna The Sanctuary is great place to connect with yourself and the eclectic community of Haad Tien. It’s health food restaurant offers some of the best vegetarian food around and is located right on Haad Tien Beach only a 5 minute walk to the Pure Flow Yoga Shala. Dormitory: $11 USD/night The simplest and most basic option that The Sanctuary offers is an open dormitory space that fits up to 14 people, situated at the top of a jungle hill overlooking the ocean.  A mattress, pillow, and mosquito net is included with the bathroom being shared between dorm members. Bungalows: $22-$50 USD/night A wide variety of private bungalows are scattered amongst the tropical gardens and jungle hillsides of The Sanctuary.  The rustic bungalows have comfortable beds, great views and easy access to the beach. Some have their own attached bathrooms while others are shared. You can visit the Sanctuary website ( to learn more.

Family Bungalows

Family Bungalows is a quaint, family run bungalow resort nestled at the bottom of the jungle hills with a garden view.  A quiet and peaceful option with the Sanctuary “Tea Temple” right next door.  Only 3 minutes walk to the ocean and a 5 minute walk to the Pure Flow Yoga Shala. It has no restaurant attached, leaving each guest the freedom to choose where to dine.  Spice restaurant next door is a popular evening dining option, specialising in seafood platters and fine dining. Budget Bungalows: $17- $27 USD/night These simple, rustic bungalows have double beds, asian style toilets with a hammock on the deck overlooking a garden.  One room also has two double beds for any students wishing to share a bungalow.

Whynam Resort – Home away from Home

Whynam is about a 10 minute walk from Pure Flow Yoga, and is the smallest of our bays.  Home away from home for many long-term residents and repeat visitors , Whynam is known for its chill vibes, friendly creative people, and art, dance and music happenings.  Great coffee and Burmese food here too!  Contact Whynam Resort directly Here


“Koh Phangan is a perfect jungle setting. Peacefully motor free, overlooking the blue ocean saturated with conscious community and connected to Mother Nature.” – Francie, Canada



*** Please note: With the exception of the 4-star resort Pariya, these resorts do not take advance reservations.  They are small and humble family run establishments with no online or phone booking systems.  You simply need to travel here in person and find a room upon arrival.

*** Prices listed here were accurate as of 2017 for low season, and thus may fluctuate depending on the individual resort’s policies

*** During the high season months (Aug, Jan, Feb) accommodations are in high demand and finding a budget bungalow can be challenging.

salad, lemon mint shake and spring rolls at Bamboo huts...delicious!


delicious food at bamboo huts at our thailand yoga retreat
Thai Papaya salad...a healthy meal


thai papaya salad thailand yoga retreat food


 Healthy | Vegan | Vegetarian | Fish | Raw | Thai | Western
You will be nourished in more ways than one

You can eat and drink anywhere from $12- 40 USD/day.

Thailand has arguably some of the world’s best cuisine, and the food options available in the tri-bay area are no exception. From healthy, raw and vegan and vegetarian options, to gourmet Western fare, and let’s not forget the local Thai and Burmese specialities. Come and enjoy a culinary symphony which will satiate all appetites at our Thailand yoga retreat, and leave you dreaming of Koh Phagnan long after you have gone.

Bamboo Huts Restaurant & Lounge, located just 2 minutes walk from the Pure Flow Yoga Studio in Haad Yuan Bay, is renowned for its restaurant. Offering an array of meals (both Western and Thai), and a fully stocked kitchen ready to customise a dish for you, Bamboo offers scrumptious food at affordable prices and you are sure to enjoy the friendly staff, and unimpeded ocean views.

If you’re venturing further Haad Thien Bay in home to the popular Sanctuary Spa & Health Resort which specialises in a fasting, raw food, and health conscious menu. The Sanctuary’s in house Wellness Center offers a range of products and services. Check it out!

Wanna Pre-Pay for Bamboo food credit?upgrade your Package with a Meal Plan? 

Give yourself some peace of mind and upgrade your basic Yoga Retreat package with Bamboo Food Credit, and enjoy some of the world’s best cuisine at Bamboo Huts restaurant, worry-free.  At the end of the week if you have spent more at the restaurant than your  meal plan budget of $75 . week, you will be expected to pay the difference.  Please note that this meal plan is non-refundable.

Why don’t the basic packages include food?

In general, we want to give our students optimal freedom of restaurant and meal choice while on holiday retreat in this magical abundant area.  Also to accommodate different budgets, we’ve decided that the most simple option is to avoid including food in our packages. 


* Please Note that our signature Thailand Yoga Retreat Prices do not include food or beverages unless you add a meal plan to your package


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