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Unforgettable Yoga retreats, amazing teachers, stunning Thailand location 

Namaste & Welcome to Pure Flow Yoga

Our Story

Pure Flow Yoga was born in 2016 from a passion for Yoga, Nature & Community.  Francie and her beautiful team at Pure Flow Yoga are dedicated to creating opportunities for people from all backgrounds to directly experience the on and off-the mat benefits of mind, body, spirit that we can cultivate through deep presence and practice of the Yoga Arts, including asana, meditation, breath, mantra and music, dance, contemplation and consciousness exploration.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help connect and empower you with practical tools to help you connect to the highest levels of health and harmony and the deepest levels of joy, freedom and love. We aim to inspire and support you on this lifetime practice of evolution and growth, with the best of our love, wisdom, presence, playfulness, and practices that is available to us in the now.


A little more….

At Pure Flow Yoga we aim to be in service to the highest good.  We know that everything changes always, and we so aim to be like water; fluid, adaptable, always flowing towards the great ocean.

We believe that every challenge holds the possibilities to know ourselves more. We are curious and listen to the world around for clues of how to best meet each moment, each challenge, each breakthrough. We do our best with what we have now, to allow ourselves to be who we are,  to LOVE WHO WE ARE NOW, without needing to do or change anything.

We believe in the transformative power of daily practice.  We believe a disciplined practice of Yoga can be a gateway to realising the self. We aim to trust the universe as much as possible, knowing that we can’t always truly know the big WHY.   We believe in cultivating and trusting and listening to the guidance and intuition that comes from THE TEACHER WITHIN.

We believe in stepping out of our comfort zones and into the magic of unlimited possibilities as much as possible. We believe it’s important to DREAM BIG, be creative, connect, communicate with love and collaborate with other or the highest good.

We believe in community and the power that the willingness to creative positive changes can bring. We believe in the power of sound, vibration, dance and all expression to help us heal ourselves and our global community.  We believe that we are more than the simple roles we play in life, the jobs we do, the places we live, and the stories we tell ourselves about who we are.

We believe there is more than enough time, space, opportunity and love in this world for all beings.  And we believe in the capacity of all beings to live their dreams, be joyful, peaceful and free.

Our approach

Our guiding principles are awareness, love, compassion, gratitude, joy, truth, simplicity, acceptance, presence, discipline, dedication, Well-being, and ofcourse – awakening.

We believe in singing our song, dancing our dance, walking the walk and living, breathing and simply BEING Yoga as much as is possible.

We trying to cultivate present moment awareness and love of what is and who we are in this and all moments.  We lovingly support our students to drop goals, expectations, and trying to accomplish or perfect an asana.  We encourage our students to use the discipline of asana as a means to purify themselves,  creating the conditions in which our natural state of peace, clarity, stillness and meditation can arise.


Our Teaching Style

Our classes are educational, engaging and appropriate for all levels, from the most beginner students to the most advanced. The inspirations we share here are designed to support you in developing more joy, health, balance and peace of mind in your everyday lives through learning and integrating practices that strengthen and deepen your connections to the body, heart and mind.

We are so honoured and grateful to offer you inspired, creative, supported and loving Mind-Body-Soul experiences set in an idyllic beachside paradise, to help you step into the fullness and beauty of your life

flowers and candle


come & experience the bliss ...

flowers and candles in the Shala

Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light. – Yogi Bhajan

Pure Flow Yoga Teachers

Francie Fishman - Yoga Retreat Thailand

Francie Fishman

Pure Flow Yoga Founder | Yoga Teacher |  Retreat Coordinator | Event Producer |

Founder of Hoop Love Tribe | Producer of True:Nature Experience

2018 – January | February | June | July | August 

Read Francie's bio here...

Francie, the inspired founder of Pure Flow Yoga, Hoop Love Tribe & True:Nature Experience, is a passionate and free-spirited lover of life, gypsy soul, Yogi, hula hooper, musician, community activator, teacher and joy-spreader. She is dedicated to uplifting and inspiring people from all walks of life to live playful, connected, balanced and magical lives!

Francie feels very blessed and grateful to have led 100’s of transformational Yoga & Meditation retreats in Thailand, Bali and beyond, and has studied 1000’s of hours with master teachers including and beyond Lily & Ramanada of Blooming Lotus Yoga, Sri Amma Karunamayi, Jonas Westring of Shantaya Yoga, Tara Judelle of Embodied Flow, Carlos Pomeda, and Tina Nance to name a few!

As a devoted practitioner, Francie’s style embraces the most intuitive, creative, graceful and flowing movements that the practice has to offer, while tapping into the nurturing and powerful insights of the ancient tradition.  She offers all-levels, inspiring and playful classes in Hatha Flow, Vinyasa, and Yin styles and retreats that weave in-depth instructions on alignment, sequencing, and awareness of the breath with her love of flow, embodiment, storytelling, music, and dance with her knowledge of mindfulness meditation, pranayama, energy anatomy, and Yogic philosophy and wisdom to facilitate deep openings of the heart, body and mind.

As an eternal student of life, Francie has had the privilege and honour of advance study and practice with some incredibly amazing Life and Yoga teachers. Francie has completed a B.A in Psychology from McGill University in Canada, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education from Queensland University of Technology in Australia.  Additionally, she has completed advanced Yoga trainings with Lily & Ramananda of Blooming Lotus Yoga, Jonas Westring of Shantaya Yoga, Carlos Pomeda, Rachel Zinman of Ishta Yoga, Tara Judelle of Embodied Flow, Tina Nance of Tina Nance Yoga Therapy, Julie Smerdon of Shri Yoga and has been in deep retreats with the spiritual teacher Sri Amma Karunamayi.  Francie spends time in silence every year to connect more deeply to the guide inside, the greatest the teachers of all; the breath and the heart.

Francie is currently living her dream, sharing her time and passions on the jungle paradise shores of Koh Phangan, Thailand, in the lush magical beauty of Ubud, Bali and exploring the great mystery of the rest of the world, whilst co-creating magical retreats, trainings, festivals and community events. Check out Francie’ sound on her Soundcloud page!


Atira Tan- Yoga Retreat Thailand

Atira Tan

Yoga Retreat Teacher |  Expressive Art Therapist | Yoga for Freedom Founder | TedX Speaker | Art 2 Healing

December 2017  | January 2018 | February 2018

Read Atira's bio here...

With almost fifteen years of experience working with trauma – informed approaches alongside art, yoga and mindfulness, Atira has a deep commitment and passion in empowering and healing women and girls globally from the inside out. Hailing from Singapore, she has a deep understanding about Asian cross-cultural women’s issues through her own journey of recovery and empowerment from gender discrimination and domestic violence.

Since 2004, Atira has set up numerous clinical art therapy and trauma recovery programs, researching the benefits of art therapy, somatic therapies, yoga, mindfulness and ritual in trauma recovery and sexual abuse, from the refugee camps in the jungles of Burma, earthquake hit areas in Nepal, to the wide open spaces of rural Aboriginal communities in the desert of Australia.

In addition to her work at Art to Healing, Atira has worked as a clinician and supervisor in Australia and the Asia – Pacific region in the contexts of psycho-social care, mental health services, disaster relief, community health and as an educator in Transpersonal Art Therapy.

A MA graduate in Art Therapy from Latrobe University in Melbourne, Atira has also been featured on TED X, and is a published author of the chapter: Surviving Shame, from the book Art Therapy in Asia, published by Jessica Kingsley (2012).

Atira loves dancing up a storm, moving on her yoga mat, and the silent moments of meditation. She is so excited to be joining us for a residential stint at Pure Flow Yoga to spread her wisdom, knowledge, love and practice!

Celina Clement- Yoga Retreat Thailand

Celina Clement

  Yoga Teacher |  Reiki Master


Read Celina's bio here...

Célina, an explorer of life and it`s magic, and is always looking for a deep connection to the heart. As a Reiki Master Célina sees the body as an instrument and compass that guides us through life, therefore she is always looking for ways that allow us to listen deeper to ourselves and empower people to trust their intuition, expand and grow on their individual path.

She approaches Yoga as a practice to connect deeply with the breath and body, cultivating more presence and expanding consciousness. Célina`s practice is a loving observation of her whole being therefore she invites everybody to have deep and intimate communication with their own body, mind and emotions.

Célina`s yoga classes are centred on connection to the inner self through the body and heart, by using pranayama, meditation and asana sequencing, these are often themed around a topic or specific body part.

Drawing from her creative background, Célina offers a practice that opens a sensitive space for inner exploration, which enriches connection with oneself and others. Practicing with Célina encourages practitioners to listen deeply inwards as they let their movements follow the breath, connecting the inner self, body and heart.

The really important things in life you can only see with your heart – Drop into the moment, out of your head, into the heart.

Sophie Sabrina Sharp- Yoga Retreat Thailand

Sophie Sabrina Sharp

  Yoga Teacher

September | October | December

Read Sophie's bio here...

Sophie is a travelling yogini and lover of all things healthy and natural. She’s passionate about self-care, nutrition, mediation and the power within all of us to manifest our dreams.

Sophie is a big believer in finding joy and awareness through moving the body; her practise combines traditional yoga asana with creative dance-like flowy sequencing. Sophie’s classes are vibrant and spacious, always encouraging her students to connect deeply with their internal world and breath.

Sophie began her yoga journey age 19 in the jungle in Thailand and fell in love how the practise effected her mind and body. She found that yoga energised and strengthened her, helped her to overcome anxiety and also mysteriously influenced her to make healthier, more authentic choices for her life. She felt magnetised to explore many different styles of yoga; including Anusara, Yin, Jivamukti and taking 200 hour training programmes in Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa and studied Yoga Therapy.

Sophie weaves her eclectic yoga background into her strong and juicy alignment-based sequencing set to a background of uplifting motivating music. Her classes are challenging yet nourishing, graceful yet strong and she always encourages her students to move in a way that feels good for their bodies. Sophie’s practise fuses the mindfulness of hatha yoga, the strength of Ashtanga and the energising flow of Vinyasa.

Sophie is a big believer in maintaining a daily yoga practice and sees yoga as a powerful tool for transformation; not only for increasing the health and vitality of the body but also helping to reduce stress and develop self-love. She sees herself as forever a student of the yogic path, making sure to seek out inspiring yoga classes and trainings so that she continues to nourish her knowledge and passion for the practise. She has been practising consistently now for 12 years and her wish is that students leave the mat feeling rejuvenated, energized and connected.

Phyllis Chan Portrait - yoga retreat thailand

Phyllis Chan

Yoga Teacher | RYT 500 hr

 March | April 

Read Phyllis' bio here...

Phyllis is an international yoga teacher based out of Vancouver, BC. She found yoga to be a powerful practice that helped calm her busy mind. It was the blissful moments of euphoric peace she discovered in savasana that kept her coming back to yoga again and again. In times of stress, she knew she could always return to those moments of freedom experienced in yoga.

Phyllis graduated with honours in advanced business studies and completed a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at British Columbia Institute of Technology. She landed what she considered to be her dream job, as an account executive for the largest fashion agency in Western Canada. After working 60+ hrs/week for a few years, she realized she wanted to do something different with her life. And so…she quit her job and went to Burning Man, which inspired her to begin a soul-searching journey of travel for one year. On this trip, she completed her Yoga Teacher Training with Lily Goncalves, two levels of Thai Massage training, and went on a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat.

Her humble dream to become a yoga teacher was awakened and her insatiable thirst for knowledge has led her to study with many amazing teachers and train in different yoga modalities. Phyllis is an initiate of living yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra. She has studied under Reno Muenz (Tiaga Prem Singh) , Shannon Cluff, Clara Roberts-Oss, and Bernie Clark. She is certified to teach Dharma Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Hot Yoga, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, and Yin Yoga.  In addition, she has dedicated the past two years of her life to studying human anatomy and exercise physiology as a Kinesiology student at Langara College. Volunteering is an important aspect of Phyllis’ work. She teaches yoga to students recovering from drug and alcohol addictions, teaches breathing and exercise techniques to students born with Cerebral Palsy, and builds homes in Mexico.

Phyllis is interested in exploring where science and spirituality meet. She is fascinated by the science of the human body and dedicated to intelligent sequencing. She is inspired by nature, raw authenticity, radical kindness, and music. Phyllis believes that yoga can be for everyone and one of her gifts is her innate ability to connect with people, making them feel comfortable and at ease. When you attend her classes, you can expect to explore functional movement, experience deep breathing techniques, and simply enjoy the peace of mind that the practice of yoga brings.


Ellanah Fawcett Portrait - yoga retreat thailand

Ellanah Fawcett

Yoga Teacher | Reiki Master

 August | September 

Read Ellanah's bio here...

An adventure loving soul, Ellanah is forever exploring new ways of connecting to our true self and the magic of everyday life. Her sunshine infused classes explore the flowing dance between breath and movement; cultivating greater space, peace, and presence in both body and mind. A nature loving Reiki Master with an eclectic background in performing arts and Anthropology, and a love for all things dance; Ellanah draws from a creative mix of inspiration, always exploring how we can come deeper into awareness and move deeper from love. She is an avid believer that each individual’s yoga mat is an inspiring microcosm for life itself, encouraging us to flow with freedom and compassion both on the mat and out in the world. Check Ellanah’s new website to follow her and her offerings around the world!

“Life is a gift, let it flow.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

THANK YOU!  This experience changed my life in so many ways.  Last year, I finally found the courage to follow my dream of moving to South America, inspired by you and the other people from the retreat. – Ellinor, Finland

Yoga classes

Classes take place: Monday – Friday 9 & 5

The price is: 350 baht / drop-in class   || 1500 baht / 5 classes   ||   2500 baht / 10 classes   ||  4500 baht Monthly Unlimited

Drop-In ‘s Welcome, no need to Pre-book.

Spent a week at Haad Yuan (most beautiful beach I’ve seen in Thailand), and we visited the Pure Flow studio. We just did drop in classes since we had other plans in the area, but so happy we did. The classes are filled with laughs, fun, playfulness, and an overall general welcomeness. The two instructors we had were both very knowledgable and offered two different experiences. The studio was a bit of a hike through the bamboo huts, but it made every morning it’s own adventure. The location was mesmerizing. Literally perched over a beautiful jungle scenery. We didn’t do the retreat, but I 100% recommend it. There’s SUP, inversion fun, partner play, songs and hiking. Well worth the very affordable price! – Carly G., Canada

Pure Flow Yoga offers intuitive, heart-opening, artful and intelligent Yoga Asana classes infused with meditation, pranayama (breath control techniques and lifestyle practices), poetry, quotes, music and devotional singing.

Daily classes are designed to be safe and balanced to meet all learners where they are at, encouraging love, trust, opening, gratitude and surrendering to the perfection of each present moment through focusing on themes of connection to nature/self/community/the divine.

Our aim within these classes is to empower, educate and inspire students and to develop a disciplined practice of asana, the poses and shapes we make with our bodies, as a powerful way to purify and prepare for inner stillness and deep connection with ourselves. We encourage students to drop notions of goals, expectations or desire to achieve a specific pose.

Whether you are a beginner, totally new to the practice or a practice and advanced or experienced Yogi, join us for a heart-opening and uplifting journey into the essence of being to help you raise your vibration to live a more conscious, ecstatic and balanced life.

Enjoy this short sample of Francie teaching to get a taste of our style!

Hatha / Vinyasa Flow | 9 am - Monday to Friday

Our inspirational, dynamic and invigorating Hatha Vinyasa flow classes are a playful and balanced practice of opening, deepening and cultivating Balance, Strength and Flexibility in the Body, Mind & Spirit. Our daily practice incorporates a variety of creative sequencing and flows, and includes Meditation, Asana and Pranayama, Mudras, Stories, Music, Dance and poetry with a focus on present moment awareness.

Yin Yoga | 5 pm - Wednesdays

Yin Yoga combines aspects of Buddhist mindfulness practices, Chinese meridian theory and classical Yoga to create a deep experience of letting go. In holding grounded poses for a long time, the fascia – the body’s interconnected energetics, begins to relax and release long-held tensions stored in the body mind, helping to open the body, focus the mind, and nourish the soul.

Yoga of Sound | (check chalkboard)

“Music is the universal language of mankind” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Music is one of the most universally powerful tools we all have to explore and transmute our energetic and vibrational fields.  Our throat is the passageway connecting the heart, our emotional center, with the mind, the rational center.  Opening our voices in song and tones helps us to open and balance the head and heart, leading to a feeling of Pure Freedom, balance and authentic expression.   In this vocal activation experience, we will learn and viscerally experience the magic of mantra; feeling into how each of the syllables activates different areas of the body-mind (nyyasa) and exploring how we can use sound and mantra as tools for greater flow and connection in everyday life.

Sunset Flow | 5 pm - Monday to Friday

Our afternoon Hatha Flow classes are a balanced, opening and gentle way to complete your day in paradise.  In these beautiful classes, we mindful explore movement through space, breath in rhythmic pulse, and the blissful state of stillness.

Yoga Nidra | 5 pm - Thursday

Yoga Nidra is the ancient Yogic science of sleep. It is said that 1 hour of Yoga Nidra has the equivalent rejeuvenative benefits of 4 hours of regular sleep. Join us for this deep practice of guided progressive relaxation mediation and visualisation to connect you deeper to body awareness.

Ecstatic Dance | (check chalkboard)

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” – Martha Graham

Coming into ecstatic embodiment through the enlivening practise of dance. We will journey through each of the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. All of which are in continual relation and creation both in the world around us and within us. Using the dance as a mirror into our own inner world; how we relate to each of the elements, where we feel free and where there is resistance. Surrendering to the wave of the dance and thus saying yes to a journey deep into your body, your soul and your heart. Finding freedom and love within this magical body through free-form movement.

Acro Yoga | (TBA)
AcroYoga is a beautiful practice available to all levels and experiences. According to AcroYoga.org: “AcroYoga blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts. These three lineages form the foundation of a practice that cultivates trust, playfulness, and community.”  Fly solo or bring a friend, either way you’ll amaze yourself with what you can do and how much fun and expansion you’ll find here!


  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for class to sign in for class and get settled
  • Always take your shoes off and wash your feet before entering any sacred space in Asia
  • Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the teacher and mention if you are new to yoga or if you have any injuries or current conditions
  • Turn off your cell phone
  • Be mindful of the space around you. If you notice that someone needs a space for their mat, please be considerate

Private sessions

…an invitation to go deeper into your practice.

Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Meditation

Whether you’d like to master a pose, learn therapeutic postures to work with an injury, or if you’d simply like to gain practical guidance on how to go deeper in to your practice of Yoga, meditation and living life in alignment, private sessions are the perfect way to explore your unique needs and goals through customised sessions.

Whether you are beginning, returning or advancing student, private Yoga sessions will allow you to:

  • Gain balance, flexibility, strength 
  • Deepen your understandings of alignment
  • Directly experience the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of Yoga.
  • Simply go deeper into your Yoga, meditation and home practice to encourage optimal health and wellbeing.
  • Raise your confidence and energy, while refining skills on and off the mat
  • Master an any pose, such as an advanced posture, including arm balances, inversions and backbends
  • Learn therapeutic postures to support healing from an injury

Hula Hoop Dance

With Francie

Hoop Dance is an ecstatic movement art form that is uplifting, celebratory and meditative.

ALL beings, ALL ages and ALL levels Welcome.

Explore the transformational power of Hoop Dance & gain confidence in your authentic expression as we learn. On & off body techniques, fancy Tricks & Transitions, Breaks, Paddles, Tosses, Weaves and Sequences and Choreography to get you flowing, grooving, and loving.

Hooping helps:

  •  Develop coordination, balance, strength
  •  Cultivate creativity
  •  Connect with your Inner Child
  • Tone & sculpt your whole body
  • Elevate energy levels
  • Build body, mind and lifestyle consciousness
  • Shift energy, increasing positivity, enthusiasm and joy

Hoops Available for Borrow/Sale

Yoga, Wellness & Life Guidance

With Francie

Experiencing a life, job, relationship transition and looking for support?  Need some guidance on your Yoga Journey? Not sure if a retreat or YTT is right for you? Looking for info as you step out in the world as a yoga teacher? Would you like support integrating post-retreat?

No matter where you are at on the journey of life, it can be very helpful, clarifying and balancing to have the right kind of support.

Francie is now available for a limited number of Yoga & Lifestyle Guidance Sessions.  Each session is unique and catered to YOU as an individual.

Contact francie@pureflow.yoga for more info

500 E-RYT,  Post-Grad Dip. Childhood Education, BA Psychology


Subject to Availability

Reiki is a holistic therapy originally founded in Japan that welcomes in greater balance of mind, body, emotion and spirit. ‘Rei’ meaning universal and ‘ki’ meaning energy; this universal energy is welcomed to flow through you relaxing your whole being and inviting in blissful feelings of calm and peace. Treatments can focus on a specific area of body or being or they can be used for general harmony, wellbeing and balance.

Each session is a completely unique experience; a magic that is beyond the explanation of words. A warm, tingling radiance is felt flowing through the body taking you into a place of deep relaxation. It’s in this deeply surrendered and nourishing state that the body, mind and spirit can begin to let go of and unravel old patterns creating space for the body to naturally come into its own true alignment. The energy always goes exactly where it’s needed, which is why at times warmth can be felt in areas of the body away from where my hands are.

We can work together on a specific area of physical, emotional or energetic balancing, or focus on general harmony and wellbeing. Releasing and renewing so that a greater depth of harmony, peace and love can be embodied and a new experience of life can begin to unfold.

Our Shala

The Pure Flow Yoga Shala is peaceful and inspiring space, designed to foster love, healing & awareness. 

Surrounded by lush jungle and overlooking the twinkling ocean, the Pure Flow Yoga Shala is just a few minutes walk away from  the dazzling beach, and crystal clear waters of Haad Yuan Bay, Koh Phangan.

We offer an ideal venue to host your next yoga retreat, yoga teacher training, yoga tour or spiritual workshop.We invite you to come and experience a vibrant open-minded community, and share your gifts.


The only thing I regret is having had just one week to stay there –  The island itself is incredibly magical and offers a little bit of something for every part of you.


When you leave you will be toned and tanned but you’ll know that’s not what matters. More importantly, you’ll be smiling. A deep smile that even a 35 hour trip back home won’t be able to wipe off your face.


During my time there a youthful energy of happiness and gratitude was awakened. I was reminded of how large and beautiful the world was and how much there was to enjoy.


My partner and I attended this retreat at the beginning of July. We both did a bit of yoga and wanted to deepen our practice and we couldn’t have chosen a better place. Nestled in the jungle a stone throw away from the most beautiful beach on the island is the shala where us yogis spent our days.

It is delightfully organised and gives you lots of different options in regards to yoga. Neither myself or my partner were big into meditation but it was a real treat to mediate every day. Both the teachers are amazing, Francie the passionate Canadian who has a love for yoga and spirituality and Ellanah the Mother Earth who’s demeanour could calm any storm.

The two put together work like yin and yang!

I couldn’t recommend this place anymore. We had the time of our lives, learnt so much about ourselves and about yoga, and to top it all off everyone we did the retreat with were amazing and we have all become good friends!

If your in koh phangan and are looking to do some yoga, want to be next to the most beautiful beach of all the islands and are ready for a challenge then this place is for you.

So much love for Francie and Ellanah.


Andrew & Daniel

July 2016

Go in with an open mind and open heart and see for yourself the magic that comes…


Dear Francie, I hope you are doing well!!!! I’m back in France now and I wanted once again to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing time last week. This experience has been deeply emotional and life changing for me. I couldn’t imagine to meet such loving and generous persons like you and Ellanah. You are simply amazing…


What a magical, incredible place! And more importantly, such wonderful, caring people to share this experience with. I came into this hoping to work on my form but I never imagined the personal growth and clarity of purpose that would come along with that. Thank you @thailandyogalove @cosmicflowfrancie I can’t wait to come back and I hope to see you all again soon!


August 2016

This is more than a yoga retreat. I met incredible people in a wonderful environment. It changed my path and I am so excited about the journey ahead.


I feel more free, more cleansed, more centered, more in tune with myself, and more in love with the universe than ever before.


Retreat leaders Francie and and Ellanah hold a beautiful, spiritual healing space for their attendees.

You will receive love and find self love beyond your expectations here. You will also be nourished and soothed by the natural beauty of the shala in the jungle, the beautiful beaches, calm waters, and excellent Thai food at the various centers in the area including Bamboo Huts, Barcelona, and the Sanctuary.

More than a yoga retreat this is an oppotunity to fall in love again with whatever you have lost touch with. Come with an open mind and a sense of adventure and be ready to discover.


September 2015

Student Stories

…An experience out of Time….This little jewel of the sea has everything to offer: from the wildest and most transgressive parties to yoga retreats in the jungle. Pure Yoga Flow, in Haad Rin Bay, is definitely the most inspiring yoga course I have ever attended: a peaceful yet powerful oasis….

Read the full story here on www.theEatCulture.com

Federica Insacco

The Rolling Forks

An open letter of gratitude

originally posted here on Ellinor’s awesome blog:  Passport Full of Dreams

  Save & Exit

I recently read somewhere that feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping up a present and then not giving it. So this is my way of saying thank you to some of the beautiful souls that inspired me to start this journey.

One year ago, I went on a yoga retreat to Koh Phangan in Thailand, a place known for its healing powers and its infamous full moon parties. I was looking forward to a few weeks of beach life, sunshine and yoga but I really had no idea just how much those weeks in the jungle would change my life. At first, I was extremely uncomfortable. It was hot and humid and there was a gecko in my bathroom that would stare at me every time I came in to take a shower. However, already on the second day of the retreat I noticed a shift in my energy. I started to feel a connection not only to the beautiful nature and wildlife surrounding us but also to the other people in my group. We were all strangers from different parts of the world who had landed here on this funny little island and I believe we were all meant to be there at exactly that time.



I got to know so many brave, inspiring people who had left their settled lives behind just to travel the world, unsure of where they were going next or even what they were looking for, just knowing that they wanted something more out of life, something different. They were all so kind and smart and so unafraid to open up their hearts and speak their truths. I learned something from each and everyone on that retreat and I’m so thankful that our paths crossed right there and then.

During those short weeks at Pure Flow Yoga we practiced and improved our downward-facing dogs, warriors and headstands but we also learned the importance of gratitude, for the good as well as for the bad, and perhaps most importantly, we we were taught how to love ourselves.

One night, during a discussion under the full moon light, I learned that if your fridge is full of healthy food, you won’t be tempted when someone walks by with pizza. In other words, if you have love for yourself, you won’t need to depend on anyone else because you already have everything you need. That being said, you may still want to accept what others are offering you (be that love or pizza or both) but if so it will be by choice, not necessity.

I also learned that being cynical is a waste of time. It was just a random comment thrown out after one of our meditation sessions but I heard it. I really, really heard it. From that moment on, I began dedicating my yoga practice to the man who had broken my heart prior to the retreat and amazingly, as the weeks went by and my body felt stronger and stronger, I felt lighter and lighter.

This past year of my life has had so many ups and downs; it has been so incredibly wonderful and so incredibly difficult all at once. Over and over again, I’ve questioned my decision to move to South America but every time those doubts creep in I keep hearing our yoga teacher’s voice, loud and clear:

Take the leap and the net will appear.

So here I am, leaping. I’m terrified of falling but maybe, just maybe, I will learn how to fly
Ellinor Granholm

Salsa-dancing yogi traveling blogger