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5 Qualities of the World’s Top Yoga Teachers

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First, Think about your life and the favourite teachers that you’ve had.  

What are the attributes that set these teacher apart for you?


From the moment I fell in love with yoga, I started a journey of traveling and study with a vast range of teachers and styles to try and deepen my own practice of course, and also to see what works and what doesn’t, what resonates with people and what makes an exceptional teacher.

Having great teachers is so necessary for our development as students and as teachers alike.  When I meet a teacher whose style I truly resonate with, someone who knows their stuff, and cares about my progress, it sparks a remembrance in me of who I really am.  It inspires me – it literally fills me with spirit –  and the lessons and feelings that I glean from these people, I carry forward into my life and beyond.

There are many qualities that set exceptional teachers apart, and

Here’s just a few of the key qualities I’ve discovered:



1. Depth – The Practice goes beyond Asana:


Contrary to popular belief,  an exceptional yoga teacher may not necessarily be the most advanced Yoga asana practitioner.


While asanas are awesome for challenging the bodymind with the discipline of practice, and for releasing stuck energy in the body so that we’re more open and flexible, being able to do a fancy arm balance or an impressive advanced pose is in and of itself not an indicator of someone who is an avid yogi or someone who has unlocked the key to peace and love.


What’s inspiring for me in a Yoga teacher, so far beyond any spiritual costumery on the outside, is seeing how they LIVE Yoga Philosophy on the inside.  Seeing how they incorporate the ethics and disciplines (yamas and niyamas) of Yoga in to their everyday lives, helps remind me that to be human is to be on a journey, and one that is full of sufferings as well as breakthroughs.


Humility, Willingness to practice, to learn from every experience, and to try and live from LOVE vs FEAR is one of the aspects that really endears me to a great teacher.



2. Passion, Lifelong learning & deep knowledge


In my heart, the best Yoga teachers have an absolutely insatiable passion for the path of Yoga and it’s practices.


The teachers who inspire me the most, truly walk the walk of Yoga and only teach what they have first learned and considered within themselves.


Their commitment to ongoing learning and exploration to their own yoga practice is what allows their teaching to be authentic, relatable, and engaging.



3. Creating & Holding Safe & Supportive Space


An exceptional Yoga teacher knows how to create a safe and sacred space in which her students feel welcome, invited, comfortable, resepcted and able to  completely relax into the moment, let go, come into their bodies, become present and breathe.


An exceptional Yoga teacher has high expectations of her students and lovingly encourages everyone to do their best.  She helps her students see that every moment has the potential to teach us something about ourselves.



4. Excellent communication


Being able to effectively and clearly communicate is another quality of exceptionally teacher.


There’s a big difference between being passionate about yoga, and sharing that passion in a way that is in service to our students.


Being able to clearly articulate alignment cues, breath and intention reminders, weave relevant stories, anecdotes, and examples into the narrative flow of a class is key to helping people feel connected and cohesive.


When communication is crystal clear, students can focus on their own practice, looking within without too much distraction, or trying to figure out what other people n the class are doing.


I find it most powerful and effective, when a teacher speaks in simple accessible and positive language, effectively uses praise, individuals names, and avoids using negative trigger words such as don’t never etc.


When people feel positive and connected, they are more likely to take the goodness of the practice forward with them off the mat and into life.



5. Pleasant Personality & Emotional intelligence


An exceptional teachers meets their students where they’re at, and guides them with warmth, love, and compassion.


Our roles as Yoga teachers are fluid: Sometimes we need to support our students through emotional moments, sometimes we need to offer them deepening intellectual experiences, and sometimes we need to challenge our students on a physical level.


Being able to tune into the mind of the room, and working out what students need most, both individually and collectively in the moment, is an important skill for an exceptional teacher.

In conclusion,

A great Yoga teacher not only talks the talks, but also walks the walk.

They have passion for the depths of Yoga and its practices,

is a lifelong learner, has an engaging personality and ability to hold space,

and has an effective teaching and communication style,

leading classes that help students to

feel better at the end of the class then at the beginning.



Now I wanna hear from you: What are some of the qualities of the greatest Yoga teachers you’ve practiced with and Why?

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Francie is a multi-passionate and free-spirited Yogi, hula hooper, musician and lover of all things Magic. She has led over a hundred retreats over the past 6 years, and is the inspired founder of Pure Flow Yoga & True:Nature Experience in Koh Phangan, Thailand where she spends half of the year offerings daily Yoga classes, workshops and ongoing transformational Yoga Retreats in Paradise. Check out some of Francie’s Music on Bandcamp and like her Facebook page: Francie Fishman :Yoga Hoop Music Love  to stay tuned in about Francie’s personal travel & teaching calendar, music, playlists, blog posts and more.  Want to invite Francie to teach near you? Contact here

Francie Fishman

Founder, Pure Flow Yoga

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