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Retreat Testimonials

“I will make my review short and to the point.
Just do it and you wont regret!!! I can agree with all the rest of 5 star reviews here.
Life changing. Beautiful. Simply AMAZING.
Booked for 1 week -stayed 2 and want to come back!!!”

Julie A

We are so happy and thankful that we choose Pure Flow! It was our first yoga and mediation retreat and it offered the perfect balance between a well structured, rich program and a super relaxing atmosphere and beautiful location. The teachers were great personalities with a vast experience across yoga philosophy, practice, healing etc. We are relatively new to the field and we really benefited from the retreat to reflect on the past and to learn how to cope with problems in our everyday life as well as to progress towards our long-term goals in life. We also progressed in the physical aspect of yoga, our bodies feel much better after this week and the teachers paid individual attention so that we could work on our technique. Our retreat group was small which was great and the atmosphere was super positive. We will definitely come back, thank you Pure Flow!!

Nadine E

The experience of the 3 week yoga retreat was magical. Words cannot describe how much this whole experience means to me. The teachers are incredibly skilled and knowledgable. I felt nurtured and supported. The setting is bliss and the experience overall is life changing.
I have a strong feeling I will be back.


“I’ve been to pure flow yoga twice now! It’s a hidden gem at Koh Phangan island on Haad Yuan Beach 🙂
The yoga is amazing in the jungle and the teachers are so supportive and very experienced at what they do! Make sure you also book a rahki session with Allanah- you’ll thank me for it after!!!”

Dream 262443

One of the most amazing experience ever. Sophie and Ellana were inspiring and I took away so much more than I could of imagined and left a piece of my heart on the island and those lovely bamboo huts. Highly recommend the bamboo huts for basic but chilling accommodation. The staff are so friendly and the food is the best. Nothing but good things to say about this retreat.

Caroline H

You are looking for a yoga retreat in paradise and are not sure if you should do it and if this is a good one? Stop thinking about it and book!!!! If you are struggling with traveling alone – stop struggling (I did as well): you will find friends for a lifetime! This is a promise. It doesn’t matter if you are a total beginner or a yoga teacher. We had a totally mixed group of men and women between 25 and 52 years, all levels. And everybody was happy afterwards. They say it’s a life changing program. Well, I thought this is quite a big challenge to call your program life changing. But you know what? It is! I came here very spontaneously in the most lost situation of my life totally on my own. And what should I say! It is an honor to get to know Francie and Atira, two wonderful souls who teach you yoga with all its aspects in a authenticity that you will be overwhelmed. After this week I’m not the same any more. LIFECHANGING ist nothing to write about, you have to experience it. The retreat programm so well organised, you are taking part of different types of yoga classes, meditation sessions, workshops and much more. You can choose accommodation between very basic (bamboo huts, directly at the yoga hall) and more luxury (other resort at the beach, 5 min walk). I choose the bamboo huts even that I was afraid of the cold shower. And now I’m writing something I never thought I would- I enjoyed it. It’s so warm outside, you don’t need hot shower (a 100%hot shower girl is speaking). The accommodation is basic but enough and for the group communication it was the best place to stay because everybody was around. I was very lucky with my group, there are likeminded people with their own stories – I met beautiful souls from all over the world and I think it’s not overestimated when I say some of these will be friends for a lifetime. I have not even one negative topic to write. So if you are interested in a yoga retreat you should book here in this second – you won’t regret it! That’s a promise as well!

Belli S.

I went for a retreat for a week. The place was like paradise, the most beautiful beaches, the studio in the luscious jungle, the sounds of nature…the teachers were lovely and passionate. This week was like a dream. I highly recommend but i also want to keep it as a secret as it is a very special place. I will visit again soon.

Laura Mely

I planned to stay for the one-week-retreat but ended up staying over 10 days. Pure Flow is paradise-like!

YOGA The yoga classes are well structured, the content is carefully and wisely chosen and the shala is amazing. We had the loveliest teachers and every day was special in its own way. The teachers are well trained and kind. Our group was extremely harmonic and we got along really well so that the farewell was not easy. I will never forget this week!

FOOD Wow! The food at the bamboo is splendid. Fresh, super healthy vegetables and fruits and super amazing shakes and juices. I enjoyed it SO MUCH! The waiters were super friendly and the entire atmosphere was familial and super chill!

ACCOMMODATION The accommodation was simple/basic but clean. During the week it was super quiet and one can sleep very deep there. You get used to the lower comfort level very quickly – you only have what you really need. I enjoyed this basic lifestyle a lot. Wifi is available for an extra charge, which was not uncomfortable at first but supported the relaxation even more!

AREA Since you can only reach Haad Yuan by boat it is not crowded, moreover, the crowd hanging out there is super special, super friendly and open-minded.

MASSAGES/STEAM BATH The most amazing treat is the massage at Pam’s as well as the steam bath at the Sanctuary. You should also try the delicious… I planned to stay for the one-week-retreat but ended up staying over 10 days.

Pure Flow is paradise-like!

Anni Sophie

I recently finished a 7 Day retreat here and I have to say that my expectations were blown out of the water. I am not overly spiritual or that experience in Yoga but I came on this retreat with an open mind and to say that I was not disappointed would be a catastrophic understatement. This place, the people and the teachers combine into an unstoppable force that I challenge anyone to experience and not leave feeling like a new person both physically and mentally. Thank you Francie and Atira for a truly life-enhancing experience. I can’t wait to come back.

Charlie W

I had the best time at pure flow. The location is amazing and the teachers are so inspiring and caring. Not only the yoga classes are wonderful, but I also learned so much through their workshops about the human body and lifestyle. The way you look at life will surely change when you come here. The connection you form within your group is very special, and there’s so much to explore here! I truly recommend this retreat to anyone who’s curious to find out more about him/herself and life.


What an amazing place! I arrived at Pure Flow Yoga for my two weeks of retreat unsure of what to expect and left having grown more than I ever could have imagined! The very tranquil setting between beach and jungle allows one the space to surrender and really look within. Our inspiring teachers were very nurturing and created a safe and supportive environment – thanks Ellanah and Sophie! The Bamboo Huts accommodation is basic but perfectly adequate which somehow creates a feeling of lightness within. The Bamboo Huts food is delicious, with plenty of choices available and dietary options catered for too. The Bamboo Huts staff were very friendly and cracking jokes with everyone within a few days. This magical place really felt like home. Thank you so much for all that you do.

K Kattie

“If you hesitate to book just do it !!
It is worth it ..
I did a 5 days retreat there it as being one of the best decision for me.
I grow up so much in these 5days .
If you looking for peace, nature , feeling secure , practice yoga and meditation in a beautiful area and with such nice person as Sabrina and Krishna ..
This is the place to be :-))
no jugement only love and peace and joy
Thank you for everything really.”

Celine C

Deciding to come to Pure Flow yoga was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This yoga Shala in the jungle, above the beautiful Haad Yuan bay provides the perfect place to find bliss. The location is stunning (literally), the programme is fulfilling and the teachers are so supportive and wonderfully kind, they help you find more than just a good yoga practice. I can’t thank Francie, Ellannah and Sophie enough for the best two weeks.

C Rolo

This retreat was truly transformational! The teachers could not have been more passionate, kind or inspirational! The setting was paradise. I will never forget this magical experience. Thank you so much Francie, Sophie and Ellanah for three weeks of reflection, challenge, bliss and transformation!

Katie M

An open letter of gratitude

originally posted here on Ellinor’s awesome blog:  Passport Full of Dreams

I recently read somewhere that feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping up a present and then not giving it. So this is my way of saying thank you to some of the beautiful souls that inspired me to start this journey.

One year ago, I went on a yoga retreat to Koh Phangan in Thailand, a place known for its healing powers and its infamous full moon parties. I was looking forward to a few weeks of beach life, sunshine and yoga but I really had no idea just how much those weeks in the jungle would change my life. At first, I was extremely uncomfortable. It was hot and humid and there was a gecko in my bathroom that would stare at me every time I came in to take a shower. However, already on the second day of the retreat I noticed a shift in my energy. I started to feel a connection not only to the beautiful nature and wildlife surrounding us but also to the other people in my group. We were all strangers from different parts of the world who had landed here on this funny little island and I believe we were all meant to be there at exactly that time.



I got to know so many brave, inspiring people who had left their settled lives behind just to travel the world, unsure of where they were going next or even what they were looking for, just knowing that they wanted something more out of life, something different. They were all so kind and smart and so unafraid to open up their hearts and speak their truths. I learned something from each and everyone on that retreat and I’m so thankful that our paths crossed right there and then.

During those short weeks at Pure Flow Yoga we practiced and improved our downward-facing dogs, warriors and headstands but we also learned the importance of gratitude, for the good as well as for the bad, and perhaps most importantly, we we were taught how to love ourselves.

One night, during a discussion under the full moon light, I learned that if your fridge is full of healthy food, you won’t be tempted when someone walks by with pizza. In other words, if you have love for yourself, you won’t need to depend on anyone else because you already have everything you need. That being said, you may still want to accept what others are offering you (be that love or pizza or both) but if so it will be by choice, not necessity.

I also learned that being cynical is a waste of time. It was just a random comment thrown out after one of our meditation sessions but I heard it. I really, really heard it. From that moment on, I began dedicating my yoga practice to the man who had broken my heart prior to the retreat and amazingly, as the weeks went by and my body felt stronger and stronger, I felt lighter and lighter.

This past year of my life has had so many ups and downs; it has been so incredibly wonderful and so incredibly difficult all at once. Over and over again, I’ve questioned my decision to move to South America but every time those doubts creep in I keep hearing our yoga teacher’s voice, loud and clear:

Take the leap and the net will appear.

So here I am, leaping. I’m terrified of falling but maybe, just maybe, I will learn how to fly

Ellinor Granholm

Salsa-dancing yogi traveling blogger

Lessons Learned from Yoga in Koh Phangan

originally posted here on Nicole’s awesome Blog: 

A Journey to Authentic Re-connection: Balancing Yin and Yang


Wow!  I’ve just returned from two weeks of absolute indescribable bliss on the Thailand island of Koh Phangan.  As I sailed up to the picturesque island – with clear sea, beautiful sand, blue sunny skies and its pretty little blue and red boats – and plopped my feet into the water to land at my destination, words cannot describe the beauty and charm of Haad Yuan, the secluded bay I ended up on for my two-week yoga retreat.  I can only describe it as ‘spacious;’ I guess, that’s what I was hoping for when I planned my yoga retreat at Pure Flow Yoga Retreats – after all, I practice yoga to find space in my mind, body and soul.  However, I didn’t really expect to find the spaciousness in the way I did!

I’m not going to pretend it was an easy journey; I think that’s mostly how these blog posts go, right –  stories of the paradise yoga retreat?  But for me it was a journey of authenticity, so, challenges are celebrated in this post.

However, what I will say is that I landed back on Sunday, but I realise now that my head hadn’t quite caught up with me and was still in the clouds, so it’s been a bit of a culture shock coming home to the busy pace of life.  It’s weird, as mostly you’d expect it to be the other way round; but in a place that now feels more like ‘home’ than home itself, it’s the opposite of jetlag: worse going west!

What makes it so special, you ask?   Well, that question I pondered myself… It could have been any number of beautiful things – the paradise-like sand, sea and sunshine as I lay in the hammock on the secluded beach (they actually showed the movie ‘The Beach,’ on the beach, in Thailand – I have to say that wasn’t so relaxing), the beautiful surroundings – Pure Flow was set on an island made from quartz crystal – the healthy, yummy salads, the gorgeous views, or even the Thai hospitality.  There are a number of reasons you’d choose an adventure in Thailand; all of them special.  For me, though, it was about the journey of authentic connection: to myself and others.  And, as a wellbeing consultant, that’s what I want this story to focus on because, as a homeopath especially, life is about reconnecting to the truth of who you are and undoing all the suppression of life.


The First Lesson: You Are Not Your Story, You are Within the Spaciousness


We all have our stories.  I went with a million aims of exploration and an intense schedule in my head of when I needed to achieve things by – I have always been someone who tended to burn myself out.  I.e. I took the business of the West to the East.  I soon remembered that doesn’t wash in such a laid back culture…


Continue Reading >>>

Nicole Barton

Founder - Wellbeing Writer & Wellbeing Mentor

Teacher Training Testimonials

“Once in a lifetime experience! I feel endless gratitude to Francie and her beautiful team that offered so MUCH MORE than four UNFORGETTABLE weeks of 200 HRS TEACHER TRAINING”. – Jenn, Germany

“…the best way to learn yoga, practice or deepen your own knowledge with amazing and beautiful teachers in a little paradise” – Marie. D

“…all the teachers are GREAT – passionate, knowledgeable, kind-hearted people that make you feel comfortable right away and create an atmosphere of sharing and caring that felt very precious. The vibes there are unique. And the yoga itself is wonderful – beautiful studio and great practices. I had an amazing time and would recommend it to anyone looking to deepen their yoga practice and get in touch with themselves!” – Pauline

Spent 4 weeks at Pure Flow Yoga for a 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training in the beautiful, magic bay of Koh Phangan. When choosing the location and TTR course, I was looking for a unique place with passionate teachers and a small group of students. I have had the most fabulous time with Pure Flow Yoga, the course content was super interesting and varied, we learned so much more than expected and were able to fully immerse ourselves in topics that went far beyond your regular 200hrs Yoga Training. Kirtan by the Sea, Cacao Ceremony, 5 Elements Dance, Ayurveda, Body Workshop, Trauma Informed Yoga and Meditiation were some of the highlights. Francie, Atira and Kimmana were passionate and knowledgeable teachers who completely delivered what they set out to do. I don’t think it is the norm that you feel totally inspired and ready to teach after your first 200hrs of training but I am certain that most of the people in our group will start teaching very soon. – Sybille, UK

“Once in a lifetime experience! I feel endless gratitude to Francie and her beautiful team that offered so MUCH MORE than four UNFORGETTABLE weeks of 200 HRS TEACHER TRAINING.


Where to begin? All teachers (including AMAZING guest teachers) were truly unique and shared incredlible knowledge and themes! They ALWAYS gave us all the support needed! Since we were a small group of ten trainees, you felt seen & heard as an individual at all times.


Where to continue? THE bay, THE shala, THE classes, THE activities, THE music, THE dances, THE meditation, THE sunrises, THE bungalows (BAMBOO HUT!!!), THE staff, THE food, THE spirit, THE love, THE people and THE embrace were BEYOND AMAZING & MAGIC!!


Where to end? I highly recommend this once-in-a-lifetime experience to everybody that is eager to learn more than just asanas, that is willing to open up and step out of her/his comfort zone – for the higher good and a better self, to anybody that is ready for the magic to happen and who is (at least) a (small) hippie at heart.”


– Jenn, Germany



I attended the 200h YTT at Pure Flow and it has been a fantastic experience. 

The training was intense but absolutely rewarding. It was an intimate experience with a small group of students compare to other schools and that is perfect because it gives you a great opportunity to get closer with your classmate and your teachers. Francie and Atira are amazing teachers and are both extremely passionate in what they do. During the training we had the opportunity to experience guest lecturers which were absolutely amazing and inspiring. This is key to avoid boredom and enjoy every single day of your training.
The location is absolute magic: located in a quiet and remote area of Koh Phangan (you can only access it via taxi boat, there are not scooters driving around) its the perfect location to immerse yourself in yoga. The yoga shala is immerse in the jungle which makes each class and lecture unique.

The bay is full of interesting people and every weekend there are parties going on so in case you want to dance this is the perfect place (forget about the full moon!).A yoga teacher training is not a holiday so prepare yourself to hard work and lots of hours but its an incredibly rewarding experience that will make you grow as a person and fill you with joy (and be sure it will be fun!).

Thank you Francie and Atira for this incredible experience, keep up the amazing work! 

If you are considering doing it, do yourself a favour: stop thinking and just do it!

“I feel endless gratitude to Francie and her beautiful team that offered so MUCH MORE than four UNFORGETTABLE weeks of 200 HRS TEACHER TRAINING.

Where to begin? All teachers (including AMAZING guest teachers) were truly unique and shared incredlible knowledge and themes! They ALWAYS gave us all the support needed! Since we were a small group of ten trainees, you felt seen & heard as an individual at all times.

Where to continue? THE bay, THE shala, THE classes, THE activities, THE music, THE dances, THE meditation, THE sunrises, THE bungalows (BAMBOO HUT!!!), THE staff, THE food, THE spirit, THE love, THE people and THE embrace were BEYOND AMAZING & MAGIC!!

Where to end? I highly recommend this once-in-a-lifetime experience to everybody that is eager to learn more than just asanas, that is willing to open up and step out of her/his comfort zone – for the higher good and a better self, to anybody that is ready for the magic to happen and who is (at least) a (small) hippie at heart.”

Jenn Berlin

…An experience out of Time….This little jewel of the sea has everything to offer: from the wildest and most transgressive parties to yoga retreats in the jungle. Pure Yoga Flow, in Haad Rin Bay, is definitely the most inspiring yoga course I have ever attended: a peaceful yet powerful oasis….

Read the full story here on www.theEatCulture.com

Federica Insacco

The Rolling Forks

Client Success Stories


Working with Francie has been one of the greatest highlights of my Yoga Teacher Training. Francie was born for this work and she shows up authentic, passionate, knowledgeable, caring, experienced and skilled (and fun!). Words don’t do justice to how grateful I am to have gotten to train with her!

— Coco Savie

Francie having you as one of my first official yoga teachers and that on a ttc has been an honor. You truly inspire me so much, the energy you set out into the world is contagious and it’s been both a privilege and a blessing having crossed paths with you. You’ll forever be one of those people on my list of people that has had a profound influence on my life. You have so much love and light within you and are so extremely passionate about life and yoga. Thank you for shining wherever you go and always finding a way to bring that extra sparkle to your environment. Your teachings will always have an impact on my practices throughout life, as your teachers have impacted you. Thank you for all the love, knowledge and support. ?❤️-

– Kylie Davies


“Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for today. Felt a big weight was lifted off my chest, and felt joyful throughout the day”.

– Elyssa, Lebanon

“Working 1:1 with Francie was a blessing. It allowed me to deepen my knowledge and made me a lot more confident. “Francie has a great combination of being extremely knowledgable and being able to teach and convey different points and make them practical and easy to understand. She also cares deeply about people and the people she works with. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Matt – USA MIndfulness Coach

“Francie gave me profound and practice advice on ways to move into the online realm…how to promote yourself, how to promote your business, and working with a lot of challenges that come up, breaking down what’s going on in your mind. She has a clear vision to see what’s going on, and what needs to move. She takes notes during the session and those notes are an incredible resource to refer back to and very organised. HIGHLY RECOMMEND sessions with Francie”.

– Nolita Ananda, Yoga Teacher, Beauty Spa Therapist, Jade Egg



“You’ve been so helpful.  Your clarity, your enthusiasm, your knowledge, your belief in what I do, your inspiration has been so helpful to get me to move forward through the maze of things I am resistant to – the tech, the online mountains things – of trying to bring yoga life to people out there through the airwaves. Your combination of coaching, friendship and willingness to sit and help and hold my hand and show me how to do things has really helped me move through a lot of overwhelm, feeling of “I don’t know where to start”. Somehow through your guidance I have been able to move things forward in a way that feels manageable and tangibly effective.  I know where I’m gonna and what i’m doing and you’ve been instrumental in that. Thank you!”

– Simone MacKay, Somah Journeys




Yoga Class Testimonials


What People are Saying…


The most advanced and fulfilling Yoga I’ve ever done”

– Dave, USA

“I still find your practices the most enjoyable and fulfilling; you have really helped me discover the joys and benefits of yoga, across all dimensions. It’s become an intrinsic part of my life, and something I am thankful for every day”

– Omar, UK

Truly Inspiring. This retreat has been a truly inspiring and transformational journey. I got rid of negative energy and learned a lot from the teacher’s uplifting words and practices. Every class was different and I learned so many new postures”.

– Collin, Ireland

“Francie is an amazing person, inspiring angel, a gift from heaven to this earth to show you how much power you have on you! The retreats that she’s running are life changing!! It is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self, and you’ll be lucky to have the best guide throughout this journey”.

– Begum, Turkey

Amazing experience and exceptional teacher. I went on a retreat with Francie at Pure Flow Yoga a year and a half ago. The place was magical. But mostly, she was really inspiring to me. I recently did a coaching session with her. It was really wonderful and empowering! Totally recommend Francie and Pure Flow Yoga!”

– Elyssa, Lebanon

We want YOU to experience all that Pure Flow has to offer, and hopefully add to our ever-growing list of kind words that we receive from the best people we could ever ask to serve.

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