Yoga as a map to Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance & Spiritual Growth


 Interview with Tanya Kaps

“One of the biggest myths of Yoga that I hope that any practitioner gets dispelled as soon as possible: Yoga is not about creating a perfect state. It’s cultivating the capacity to be with all states and respond without attachment”

– Tanya Kaps



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In this episode, Tanya shares about: 

  • Yoga as a support system to assist people in spiritual growth and awakening
  • Finding freedom and the underlying questions that drive the path ending suffering and obtaining happiness, independent of conditions
  • The happiness question and how the modern paradigm of happiness based on success and money lead her to the yogic path
  • Vedanta philosophy, finding a guru, and the natural progression of Yogic practice from gross to subtle
  • Teaching at the world-famous Yoga Barn in Bali and how she manages huge studio classes
  • Gifts and myths of Yoga and the Breathing practices
  • Transpersonal psychology, coaching, and Ken Wilber’s states and stages of consciousness to understand spiritual progress
  • The Yoga of RelationshipsIntimacy, shadow work and motherhood as the greatest spiritual practice
  • Online Sadhana – inspired offerings for her international student base including regular Yoga practice,  spiritual talks and contemplation practices – satsangs, and also a platform to learn and train, with posture clinics, techniques and the spiritual teachings.




About Tanya Kaps

Canadian- born and Bali based Tanya Kaps is the founder of One Yoga School and 

Tanya is a Transpersonal Psychology Coach, resident teacher at Bali’s legendary Yoga Barn and a solo mother. She has been studying the spiritual system of Yoga and teaching internationally for 2 decades.

Tanya’s wisdom, humility and compassion opens hearts and minds as she shines an inspiring light on the universality of the human journey and the power of yoga to guide us home.

Tanya has been sitting with her teacher Swami Vagishananda, for the past decade and has been initiated into teaching Vedanta which are traditional teachings of Non-Duality and Oneness.

Tanya has created an extensive online learning platform with over 250 hours of classes, training material, detailed posture library with alignment, puja, chants, meditation, pranayama and satsang and talks to unfold Yoga’s main spiritual texts.



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Listen to my conversation with Tanya here:


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Let us know what you think, and please remember to leave us a review on Itunes.

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