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 Interview with Sophie Sôfrēē

“Music brings frequency and unity.  We can all be doing our individual practices and have different belief systems and religions, but once music comes in, everybody is equal.”

– Sophie Sôfrēē



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In this episode, Sophie Sôfrēē shares

  • Creativity and her passion to help people tap into their creativity – through ecstatic dance, sharing their voice, creating art and leading retreats
  • Her journey from the tech hub of Silicon Valley to the spiritual and wellness hub of Bali and how Yoga helped her to awaken to an appreciation of spirituality, self-care and caring for others,
  • Kundalini Yoga: the resonance of the music and mantra, the practice, the depth of meditation & why Kundalini Yoga is the perfect compliment to other spiritual and physical practices
  • The Energy body – Chakra and Kriya– and how focusing on clearing and strengthening the aura and energy fields around us through Kundalini Yoga can help us live more grateful, gracious and expansive lives
  • The global rise of Ecstatic dance – a healing modality of dance and music that unites and connects us as individuals and communities, bringing us back into circle tribal culture, and her role as one of Bali’s Yoga Barn resident DJ’s
  • Retreat Culture & Leadership – Her journey from wellness retreats to executive coaching and the empowerment world, and how we can respond and create positive culture, where we live from our purpose and create positive impact on the planet
  • Wakamaia – Her co-creation project with Rob Weber / Raio – an inspiring platform to share music, art and events, including their upcoming ecstatic dance facilitator training
  • Self-Care – Waking up each day and thinking, “What do I want to bring into this day?”
  • Her Forbes feature and why she felt it was important to use this platform to share on the superpowers of the menstrual cycle



About Sophie Sôfrēē:

Sophie Sofree is the co-founder and creative director of Wakamaia, where she curates a celebration of music, art, retreats and indigenous artisans. She is also an event producer for the growing startup Abroad, for which she creates transformative experiences for executive leaders in Bhtuan, Bali, New Zealand and Peru. This year Sophie has been featured in Forbes magazine, where she highlights her journey of  bridging the gap between her experience in the tech space in San Francisco in Silicon Valley, to integrating spirituality and ancient wisdom cultures to help inspire and support others to connect with themselves to find their true purpose with the work they are doing in the world. BBC has also recently filmed Sophie as part of a feature on alternative wellness modalities, focusing on ecstatic dance and the benefits of the creative process. Originally from Singapore, and now residing and thriving in Ubud, Bali, you can find Sophie Sofree DJ’ing for ecstatic dances, teaching Kundalini Yoga, Mandala meditation classes or designing retreats and simply empowering others to tap into their creativity and reverence for life itself.  


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Listen to my conversation with Sophie here:


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