Our Magical Location

Koh Phangan, Thailand’s Island Paradise

A creative & vibrant community offers the experience of dance, spoken word, movies under the stars, drumming & chanting, and a kaleidoscope of workshop possibilities to expand your heart & horizons – that’s what makes us the best Yoga retreat in Thailand.  

Yoga, meditation & healing is at your doorstep with Pure Flow Yoga Thailand beach yoga retreat being situated atop a lush jungle canopy surrounded by the magical sounds of rare birds & creatures while overlooking the majestic ocean below.  

Amazing Healers & Therapists from a collection of traditions are available to support your healing & needs and feel free to take refuge in the lap of luxury with massage therapy & the pampering experience of the nearby Spa.

While remaining isolated and pristine in nature, Koh Phangan shares the benefits of Koh Samui’s international airport for easy access by air and boat. Tourism, being one of Thailand’s leading industries, provides you with a smooth, safe & carefree journey to Koh Phangan by either plane, train, bus & boat to meet your various budget needs.

Travel agents line the streets of Bangkok and Koh Phangan, which is also conveniently located near the well sought out diving & snorkelling mecca of Koh Tao.

Tips to Enjoy Yourself

@ Pure Flow Yoga Retreat

Time on retreat in magical and simple Koh Phangan invites you to relax and unwind.  It is an ideal environment to unplug a bit, reconnect with your self while delighting your senses and meeting amazing new friends from all over the world.


Relax / Laugh / Play / Chill

Enjoy hammock- time.  Borrow a book from our library, or curl up with your own, write in your journal, play music, daydream….

Pamper Yourself

Treat yourself to a Thai of Oil massage, the steam bath, or indulge in the beauty services on offer at the Sanctuary Resort & Pariya Resort

Connect to Nature & Walk Barefoot

Indulge your senses as you admire the beauty of nature, the sounds of the sea, the aroma of the frangipani trees, and delight in the sweet nectar of the coconuts and exotic fruits. Enjoy a deeper connection with nature as you connect to the Earth here, which is made of the powerfully amplifying quartz crystal



Viewpoints & Lost Paradise Beach Hikes

Enjoy the incredible jungle with a nature hike.

    • Had Thien Viewpoint- 20 minutes
    • Had Rin 1.5 hours
    • Had Yao Beach – 1 hour

Walk the Labyrinth

Enjoy this sacred public walking meditation space located on Had Thien Beach. This space offers us the opportunity to let go of what is no longer serving us as well as practicing the art of calling in and opening to receiving at our beautiful yoga retreat thailand.



Dance Dance Dance…


  • Eden Garden on Saturday nights and Guys Bar on Friday nights in Had Thien, offer locals and tourists alike an all-night dance groove in a spectacular setting. If dancing is not your thing, be sure to wear ear- plugs on those party night


  • Full Moon Party – Every month, people from all over the world come to celebrate and take part in the internationally famous Full Moon Party.  Our location is just one bay over, yet it is the perfect escape. During full moon, there is generally a small party at the nearby Eden Garden Bar. Check Upcoming Full Moon party dates here.



Meet New Friends

Our magical little gem of a paradise is home to many expats and other travellers who are living their dreams.  “Magic Bay” or “The Bay” as it is affectionately referred to as by locals, is a particularly fascinating and inspiring place to connect with people from around the globe.

Splash & Play in the Ocean

Big Blue Rentals: Kayak, Snorkel, and Fishing Rod

Kayaks: 130 baht/hour for 1 seater, 200 baht/hour – 2 seater, 250 baht/hour – 3-seater. Fishing Rod – 200 baht/session


Getting Here

Located off the Southeast coast of Thailand, the paradise island of Koh Phangan is just a boat ride away from the nearest airport of Koh Samui, is considered one of the best kept secret destinations for travellers worldwide. Surrounded by white sand beaches hug the sparkling blue ocean waters for deep relaxation & fun-filled adventures ~ snorkelling, diving, hiking, and kayaking are but a few. 

Pure Flow Yoga Retreat Thailand is located between the secluded bays of Haad Yuan and Haad Thien which are located a 10 minute boat ride away from the bustling beach town of Haad Rin where all the usual amenities of bank machines, money exchange, travel agents, shops, and clinics can be found.

Getting Here: Quick Travel Info

Step 1: Fly

Closest airports:
Surrat Thani – Air Asia – from Singapore, KL, Bkk + a 4 hour ferry and taxi ride from our location on Koh Phangan
Koh Samui – from Singapore, KL, Bkk

Step 2: Ferry

From Samui/ Big Buddha Pier – KP
Ferry departures daily

10:30 am 1:00 pm 4:00 pm 6:30 pm


From KP- Samui

9:30 am 11:40 am 2:30 pm 5:30 pm


Supply boat from Koh Samui – Koh Phangan

In dry season, when the waves are calm, there is supply boat – the Thong Nai Pan Ferry,  that leaves direct from Koh Samui’s Mae Nam dock, to Had Thien at 12 pm daily.  This is by far the most direct route.

Step 3: Taxi boat

From Koh Phangan:
The easiest way to get here is by taxi boat – about 10 minutes – or truck – about 45 mins – from Haad Rin, a major ferry port on Koh Phangan.

In general, this should cost 300 b per person.  If you are alone, they may try to charge you up to 1000b.

Alternative Ways to Get Here: Planes, Trains, &  Buses, Oh My!

→ FLY to Koh Samui – Easiest & Quickest Route

Bangkok to Koh Samui:

The easiest way to get from Bangkok to Koh Phangan is to take a plane from Bangkok to the neighboring island, Koh Samui. Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways are the only airlines that currently operate on this route.

Bangkok Airways provide over 20 flights daily between Bangkok and Koh Samui and flights typically range in price from $100-$150 USD one way. Flight departures begin at 6am thru 9pm, 7 days a week and are easy to purchase on-line. Thai Airways also operates two flights per day from Bangkok to Koh Samui, at 7:45 am and 4pm.

Bangkok Air — www.bangkokair.com

Thai Airways — www.thaiairways.com

Air Asia — www.airasia.com

Kuala Lumpur (KL) to Koh Samui

FireFly — http://www.fireflyz.com.my/

Firefly airlines flies from Subang airport in Kuala Lumpur to Koh Samui, Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays and Sundays, departing at 1:35PM arriving 2:35 PM of the same day. Flights typically cost around $150 USD one-way.



→ FLY to Surat Thani – Most Affordable Route


 Bangkok to Surrat Thani

Air Asia offers 3 flights / day to Surrat Thani, at 7am, 14:30Pm, 18:20 Pm

Kuala Lumpur to Surrat Thani

Air Asia operates flights from KL to Surrat Thani on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday departing 10:35 arriving 10:50.

→ Traveling to Koh Phangan by train or bus


To travel from Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur to Koh Phangan by either train or bus, you will need to take 2 extra days to arrange tickets and for travel time. Taking either the train or bus are cheaper alternatives to flying from Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur to Koh Phangan.

To get from Bangkok to Koh Phangan, you can go by bus or train from Bangkok to Surat thani, and then from Surrat Thani you would take a ferry to Koh Phangan. The bus or train from Bangkok to Surrat Thani involves a very long overnight journey, followed by a morning ferry from Surrat Thani to Koh Phangan. Many people take this trip every day, as Koh Phangan is a popular destination. You can easily book this journey at any travel agency in Bangkok, for example on Kao San Road, or in Kuala Lumpur by simply asking to go straight to Koh Phangan. The travel agents will arrange every step of the way- you will even be picked up directly from your hotel if you wish.

Many travelers choose to take the train over the bus from Bangkok to Koh Phangan. The train can be a much more comfortable journey than the bus if you book 2nd Class A/C (a condition), where a bed with a curtain for privacy is provided, and there is ample room to store your backpack underneath your bed. The bus, on the other hand, is more crowded, less comfortable, and has no privacy, with a large number of thefts being reported.

The cost of travel from Bangkok to Koh Phangan by either train or bus is under $20 USD. To book a return ticket from Bangkok to Koh Phangan is also possible, and is much more affordable than flying.

From Phuket to Koh Phangan is a 7-hour bus journey costing 700 baht from the Phuket bus terminal, located on Thepkasattri Road between Mission Hospital and Supercheap shop.

→FERRY: From Koh Samui

Once you have landed on Koh Samui, you will need to get from Big Buddha Pier, Koh Samui to Haad Rin in Koh Phangan. At the Samui airport you will be approached by the airport staff to assist you- tourism is a big industry for Thailand and they are very attentive to tourists. Let the staff at Samui airport know that you need to go to Haad Rin, Koh Phangan. It is approximately a 10 min. mini bus ride from the airport to the Big Buddha Pier, Koh Samui, and a 45 min. ferry ride from Big Buddha Pier to Haad Rin Pier, Koh Phangan. The cost for the mini bus ride & ferry is approximately 10 USD and can be purchased at the airport upon arrival.

Ferry departures from Big Buddha Pier, Koh Samui to Haad Rin Pier, Koh Phangan are at the following times:
10:30 am / 1:00 pm / 4:00 pm / 6:30 pm

Upon your return home, the ferry schedule from Haad Rin, Koh Phangan to Big Buddha, Koh Samui is as follows:
9:30 am / 11:40 am / 2:30 pm / 5:30 pm


→TAXI BOAT: From Haad Rin (Koh Phangan) to Pure Flow Yoga (Haad Yuan Bay)

Once you arrive in Haad Rin, Koh Phangan, you can easily ask a taxi boat driver to take you to Haad Yuan or Haad Thien beach. This should take roughly 10-15 min by boat, and should cost 300 Baht.  If you are alone, the boat drivers will either charge you more, or ask you to wait for more people.

You will be approached at Haad Rin Pier by many taxi boat drivers willing to take you, as well, there will often be a number of trucks parked to the left of the pier that can also take you to Haad Yuan or Haad Thien beaches by road.

Depending on whether the waters are too rough to ride straight from the pier, the taxi boat drivers may guide you to the neighbouring Sunrise Beach, Haad Rin which is a 10 min. walk away in order to travel safely by taxi boat. There are times when the waters are too rough for taxi boat drivers to take you safely to Haad Yuan or Haad Thien beaches, during which times you should take any available trucks by road. The boat trip from Haad Rin to Haad Yuan or Haad Thien beaches takes approximately 10 min., while travel by road takes about 45 min.

Travel Info


Before you enter Thailand you must apply for the Thailand Pass and have proof of $10,000 USD Covid health insurance. Once approved, and if you’re a member of one of the 64 countries mentioned here,  you’ll be granted a 30-day visa upon arrival in Thailand. 

When filling out your Thai visa application form, you can put The Sanctuary, Koh Phangan as your guarantor and place to stay in Thailand. Make no mention of activities other than tourism as that is your stated purpose for entering Thailand.


passport image


There is Internet and WIFI in Haad Yuan at Big Blue, Pariya Resorts, & Bamboo huts, and in Had Thien at the Sanctuary Resort. The nearest post office is in Haad Rin (the internet is also readily available there). You can make calls on Skype via the Internet, at Big Blue Resort in Haad Yuan, or at the Sanctuary in Haad Thien. Also you can call with a phone card at a local telephone booth, from your cell phone or from the travel agents or Internet stores in Haad Rin.


You can get your laundry done on the island at most of the resorts, for approx. 40 Baht per pound or you can hand wash it yourself and hang them to dry on your balcony.

Basic snack foods, toiletries, and gift items are available at the Big Blue Shop in Haad Yuan, and at the Sanctuary Gift Shop.



The local currency is the Thai Baht and it is the only currency that is accepted in Haad Yuan, and the rest of the local bays here. There are no ATM’s, or ability to use visa or traveler’s cheques here, so each person should get whatever money they need in Thai baht beforehand (for example at the airport or Had Rin) for the entire length of the yoga retreat. You may store your cash safely, in the safety deposit at Bamboo Huts or wherever you are staying for the duration of your stay.

Of course it is both easy and possible to take a 5-10 min boat taxi to Haad Rin to take out money, but it does involve more time and money to do this exchange. In the bay area of Haad Yuan and Haad Thien, many of the places often run a tab, of which you can pay off at the end of your visit- for any extra stuff you may want to purchase during your time here.

You can exchange cash, traveler’s cheques, and use your debit card and visa in Had Rin through ATM’s, exchange centers, and banks or in Bangkok- I would recommend getting whatever you need for the time you are here in terms of Thai baht in Bangkok or Haad Rin.

The local language is Thai, and although most people speak English, and Burmese, the Thais love it when we try and greet them in their own language.

Thai currency image


For shots and vaccines, you can consult your local travel clinic to see what they suggest. It is really up to the individual for what they choose and what they feel comfortable with.

Water safety

There is no need to bring iodine tablets or purification liquids; the water is safe to drink in Thailand. However, the bottled water is even better and is sold everywhere. As well, you can refill your bottle at Bamboo Huts and other Resorts.

Food & Accommodation

Bamboo Huts Simple bungalow accommodation


@ The Sanctuary


Accommodations in these unique bungalows exude the simplicity of what is the quintessential Thai style. The bungalows are surrounded by lush, well-tended gardens, with the refreshing ocean, white sand, Yoga shala, and restaurant just a few minutes away.  

A perfect compliment to the minimalist yogi lifestyle, these simple, rustic wooden bungalows have a double bed, small bathroom (no hot water, but trust us – that’s a good thing!), fan, limited shelving/clothes hanging, and a hammock on the deck so you can relax and take in the paradise vibes. 


Each morning begins with a vegetarian breakfast (included in your package). For other meals and snacks, you can eat and drink nearby from $12 – 40 USD/day.

Or you can eat all day every day at The Sanctuary! They specialise in fasting, and raw food, and have a health-conscious menu.

Thailand has arguably some of the world’s best cuisine, and the food options available in our local area is no exception. From healthy, raw and vegan and vegetarian options, to gourmet Western fare, and let’s not forget the local Thai and Burmese specialities.

Come and enjoy a culinary symphony which will satiate all appetites at our Thailand yoga retreat, and leave you dreaming of Koh Phangan long after you have gone.

Bamboo Huts food at Haad Yuan Bay

“Koh Phangan is a perfect jungle setting. Peacefully motor free, overlooking the blue ocean saturated with conscious community and connected to Mother Nature.” – Francie, Canada

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