Private Hula Hoop Dance 

1 hour private hoop dance class with Francie

All levels welcome!  Classes take place in Haad Yuan, Ko-Phangan.  Please contact us for dates/availability.

Hoop Dance is an ecstatic movement art form that is uplifting, celebratory and meditative.

Explore the transformational power of Hoop Dance & gain confidence in your authentic expression as we learn. On & off body techniques, fancy Tricks & Transitions, Breaks, Paddles, Tosses, Weaves and Sequences and Choreography to get you flowing, grooving, and loving.

Hooping helps:

  •  Develop coordination, balance, strength
  •  Cultivate creativity
  •  Connect with your Inner Child
  • Tone & sculpt your whole body
  • Elevate energy levels
  • Build body, mind and lifestyle consciousness
  • Shift energy, increasing positivity, enthusiasm and joy

Hoops Available for Borrow/Sale


Hoop dance class with Francie