Yoga classes

Classes take place: Monday – Friday 9 & 5| Saturday & Sunday 10 am

The price is: 350 baht / drop-in class   || 1500 baht / 5 classes   ||   2500 baht / 10 classes   ||  4500 baht Monthly Unlimited

Drop-In ‘s Welcome, no need to Pre-book.

Spent a week at Haad Yuan (most beautiful beach I’ve seen in Thailand), and we visited the Pure Flow studio. We just did drop in classes since we had other plans in the area, but so happy we did. The classes are filled with laughs, fun, playfulness, and an overall general welcomeness. The two instructors we had were both very knowledgable and offered two different experiences. The studio was a bit of a hike through the bamboo huts, but it made every morning it’s own adventure. The location was mesmerizing. Literally perched over a beautiful jungle scenery. We didn’t do the retreat, but I 100% recommend it. There’s SUP, inversion fun, partner play, songs and hiking. Well worth the very affordable price! – Carly G., Canada

Pure Flow Yoga offers intuitive, heart-opening, artful and intelligent Yoga Asana classes infused with meditation, pranayama (breath control techniques and lifestyle practices), poetry, quotes, music and devotional singing.

Daily classes are designed to be safe and balanced to meet all learners where they are at, encouraging love, trust, opening, gratitude and surrendering to the perfection of each present moment through focusing on themes of connection to nature/self/community/the divine.

Our aim within these classes is to empower, educate and inspire students and to develop a disciplined practice of asana, the poses and shapes we make with our bodies, as a powerful way to purify and prepare for inner stillness and deep connection with ourselves. We encourage students to drop notions of goals, expectations or desire to achieve a specific pose.

Whether you are a beginner, totally new to the practice or a practice and advanced or experienced Yogi, join us for a heart-opening and uplifting journey into the essence of being to help you raise your vibration to live a more conscious, ecstatic and balanced life.

Enjoy this short sample of Francie teaching to get a taste of our style!

Hatha / Vinyasa Flow | 9 am - Monday to Friday

Our inspirational, dynamic and invigorating Hatha Vinyasa flow classes are a playful and balanced practice of opening, deepening and cultivating Balance, Strength and Flexibility in the Body, Mind & Spirit. Our daily practice incorporates a variety of creative sequencing and flows, and includes Meditation, Asana and Pranayama, Mudras, Stories, Music, Dance and poetry with a focus on present moment awareness.

Yin Yoga | 5 pm - Wednesdays

Yin Yoga combines aspects of Buddhist mindfulness practices, Chinese meridian theory and classical Yoga to create a deep experience of letting go. In holding grounded poses for a long time, the fascia – the body’s interconnected energetics, begins to relax and release long-held tensions stored in the body mind, helping to open the body, focus the mind, and nourish the soul.

Yoga of Sound | 11am - Thursday (check chalkboard)

“Music is the universal language of mankind” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Music is one of the most universally powerful tools we all have to explore and transmute our energetic and vibrational fields.  Our throat is the passageway connecting the heart, our emotional center, with the mind, the rational center.  Opening our voices in song and tones helps us to open and balance the head and heart, leading to a feeling of Pure Freedom, balance and authentic expression.   In this vocal activation experience, we will learn and viscerally experience the magic of mantra; feeling into how each of the syllables activates different areas of the body-mind (nyyasa) and exploring how we can use sound and mantra as tools for greater flow and connection in everyday life.

Sunset Flow | 5 pm - Monday to Friday

Our afternoon Hatha Flow classes are a balanced, opening and gentle way to complete your day in paradise.  In these beautiful classes, we mindful explore movement through space, breath in rhythmic pulse, and the blissful state of stillness.

Yoga Nidra | 5 pm - Thursday

Yoga Nidra is the ancient Yogic science of sleep. It is said that 1 hour of Yoga Nidra has the equivalent rejeuvenative benefits of 4 hours of regular sleep. Join us for this deep practice of guided progressive relaxation mediation and visualisation to connect you deeper to body awareness.

Ecstatic Dance | 5 pm - Friday (check chalkboard)

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” – Martha Graham

Coming into ecstatic embodiment through the enlivening practise of dance. We will journey through each of the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. All of which are in continual relation and creation both in the world around us and within us. Using the dance as a mirror into our own inner world; how we relate to each of the elements, where we feel free and where there is resistance. Surrendering to the wave of the dance and thus saying yes to a journey deep into your body, your soul and your heart. Finding freedom and love within this magical body through free-form movement.

Acro Yoga | 2.30pm Wednesday & Friday (Starting again late 2017)
AcroYoga is a beautiful practice available to all levels and experiences. According to “AcroYoga blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts. These three lineages form the foundation of a practice that cultivates trust, playfulness, and community.”  Fly solo or bring a friend, either way you’ll amaze yourself with what you can do and how much fun and expansion you’ll find here!


  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for class to sign in for class and get settled
  • Always take your shoes off and wash your feet before entering any sacred space in Asia
  • Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the teacher and mention if you are new to yoga or if you have any injuries or current conditions
  • Turn off your cell phone
  • Be mindful of the space around you. If you notice that someone needs a space for their mat, please be considerate

Private sessions

…an invitation to go deeper into your practice.

Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Meditation

Whether you’d like to master a pose, learn therapeutic postures to work with an injury, or if you’d simply like to gain practical guidance on how to go deeper in to your practice of Yoga, meditation and living life in alignment, private sessions are the perfect way to explore your unique needs and goals through customised sessions.

Whether you are beginning, returning or advancing student, private Yoga sessions will allow you to:

  • Gain balance, flexibility, strength 
  • Deepen your understandings of alignment
  • Directly experience the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of Yoga.
  • Simply go deeper into your Yoga, meditation and home practice to encourage optimal health and wellbeing.
  • Raise your confidence and energy, while refining skills on and off the mat
  • Master an any pose, such as an advanced posture, including arm balances, inversions and backbends
  • Learn therapeutic postures to support healing from an injury

Hula Hoop Dance

With Francie

Hoop Dance is an ecstatic movement art form that is uplifting, celebratory and meditative.

ALL beings, ALL ages and ALL levels Welcome.

Explore the transformational power of Hoop Dance & gain confidence in your authentic expression as we learn. On & off body techniques, fancy Tricks & Transitions, Breaks, Paddles, Tosses, Weaves and Sequences and Choreography to get you flowing, grooving, and loving.

Hooping helps:

  •  Develop coordination, balance, strength
  •  Cultivate creativity
  •  Connect with your Inner Child
  • Tone & sculpt your whole body
  • Elevate energy levels
  • Build body, mind and lifestyle consciousness
  • Shift energy, increasing positivity, enthusiasm and joy

Hoops Available for Borrow/Sale


with Ellanah / Celina

Reiki is a holistic therapy originally founded in Japan that welcomes in greater balance of mind, body, emotion and spirit. ‘Rei’ meaning universal and ‘ki’ meaning energy; this universal energy is welcomed to flow through you relaxing your whole being and inviting in blissful feelings of calm and peace. Treatments can focus on a specific area of body or being or they can be used for general harmony, wellbeing and balance.

Each session is a completely unique experience; a magic that is beyond the explanation of words. A warm, tingling radiance is felt flowing through the body taking you into a place of deep relaxation. It’s in this deeply surrendered and nourishing state that the body, mind and spirit can begin to let go of and unravel old patterns creating space for the body to naturally come into its own true alignment. The energy always goes exactly where it’s needed, which is why at times warmth can be felt in areas of the body away from where my hands are.

We can work together on a specific area of physical, emotional or energetic balancing, or focus on general harmony and wellbeing. Releasing and renewing so that a greater depth of harmony, peace and love can be embodied and a new experience of life can begin to unfold.

Chi Nei Tsang – Taoist Abdominal Massage 

with Ellanah

Sometimes referred to as our second brain, the abdomen is the centre of our energetic and physical body. It was through our navel that we received nourishment in the womb and it is from this space that we can feel deeply into our innate intuition aka our gut. However, modern life can lead us to accumulate toxins, emotions and tension in the abdomen that all restrict our life force energy. Chi Nei Tsang works on rebalancing the energy and emotions contained within each of the organs of the body in order to bring about greater harmony and cultivate a deeper connection to one’s own infinite source of Chi or life force.


Workshops & Explorations

At Pure Flow Yoga, we LOVE learning, sharing and exploring all things Yoga!

Contact us to find out about upcoming Workshops & Events.  

For Retreat participants, this is a sample of some of the exploration you can expect to explore during your stay with us. If there is a particular topic of interest that you would like to explore with us during your particular retreat, please let us know in your registration form or in person.  

Each of these topics is also available as a Private Session.

The Practice

Asana & Alignment – The ABCs of Yoga

Asana: Intro to Surya Namaskar, Sun Salutation

Asana: Creating, Establishing & maintaining a  Home Practice

Introduction to Meditation and Pranayama

Partner Yoga & Therapeutics

Yoga Nidra

Yoga in Daily Life

Ayurveda – 5 Elements & the Science of Daily Living

Mindfulness & Living Consciously

Yogic Philosophy

The 4 paths of Yoga

Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga – the 8 limbed Pathway to Awakening

Yamas & Niyamas- Ethics and Disciplines for Freedom

Koshas – The 5 bodies of our Being

Chakras – Energy Anatomy


Journal Writing

Yoga of Sound : Mantra, Myth & Vocal Activation

Sound Healing

5 Element Ecstatic Dance

Kirtan – Ecstatic devotional singing

Community Events

Moonlight + Music

Soak in the high vibes and let your soul shine as we play and flow, opening our channels of creativity and co-creation in these magical weekly fireside music jams.  Bring your own instrument or play one of ours.

Mondays from 7:30 PM @ Whynam Beach

Sunset Hoop Jam / Hoopapalooza Flow Retreats

Play. Dance. Flow. Create  -. Join the Hoop Love Tribe for an uplifting, celebratory, and transformational experience with the Hula Hoop, live DJs and an inspiring Flow Community.  With an incredibly fast learning curve, hooping invites ALL ages & skill levels to enjoy and explore the infinite possibilities of the sacred circle, while elevating your spirit, opening your heart, inspiring your creativity and expression, and deepening your connection to the present moment.  Hoops available for Borrow and SALE. 

www.Hooplovetribe.comJoin us on Facebook: Hoop LOVE Tribe

Sundays 5 PM @ Big Blue, Haad Yuan. By Donation to Spark! Circus

New Moon Women’s Circle

We are a community of wild, free, gorgeous, strong, fierce, loving, feeling, inspiring women who come together each new moon to meditate, inquire and share our intentions for the new moon cycle. Connecting our wisdom, expanding our hearts, and sharing inspiration to transform, we support, uplift and help one another evolve as we spiral through our individual experiences of life, fully embracing our true nature of who we came here to be; happy and free.

Join us on Facebook: Sisterhood of the Tri-BAYbes for more info.

Location & Time TBD