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“Music is like food. When you need it you don’t have to explain why, because it is basic to life.” Ali Akhbar Kahn

Awaken your Voice : Yoga of Sound 

Express yourself more freely.

Tune in to your inner source of wisdom and power

Find more Courage & Self-Confidence

Step more fully into harmony with your creative self. 

Are you looking to find your voice? Do you feel that you’re not fully stepping into your most authentic self? Are you singing-curious or new to singing? Do you love music, but feel like you may be out of tune, or think you’re a “bad singer”? Are you already an established musician or sound enthusiast but ready to go deeper with your creativity?

Join Francie for a liberating, joyful and playful mantra and music vocal activation journey of singing, harmonising and freeing the voice, and bring more joy and flow into your life.


Feel supported, inspired, uplifted and empowered to unwind the mind, explore the infinite channel of your natural voice, awaken your expressive potential, and rest in the sacred space of the heart.


Francie’s celebrated, soulful, high-vibe individualised vocal awakening sessions are inspiring, connected, playful and heart-opening, experiences infused with elements of mantra, journaling, philosophy, movement, meditation and pranayama to help let your spirit shine.

Francie Love – HeartSongs & Mantra Music

You can support and download this music on Bandcamp here. 

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