Lovely, How has your week been?

I’ve just come back from a couple nourishing days in nature at the beach with some of my old-school besties here in Bali.

I left my computer behind for the first time in ages, and let myself spend quality time with my friends, practice yoga as a student, be in the moment, simply be…

It was powerful.

I feel like a totally upgraded version of myself.

Our students say that all the time, and it’s just so true.

Every so often, tt’s so important and necessary to take some time out for some time in.

For me, this sacred pause is so necessary for self-care.

What I notice, when we stop ,and press pause on busy,

we relax and unwind, and naturally things start to fall in place:

we become more receptive

fresh perspective on our challenges are revealed,

creative treasures start to flow through,

gratitude arises for what we do have

and most importantly perhaps, that space we’ve intentionally created allows for a deeper openings,

more connection with ourselves, with those we love, with the moment,

and with the wonder of nature itself.

When was the last time you took a sacred pause? How did you feel after? I’d LOVE to hear from you!


Pure Flow Yoga News

Sacred Sound: Yoga + Music retreat with Francie & Mel Dobra | July 7-13, 2019

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Francie’s Events in Bali

For those of you in Bali, keep checking my personal fb page to stay tuned on upcoming offerings.
Starting next week I’m so excited to be sharing Sound Medicine with Kirtan master Punnu Wasu, Wednesdays 6:30-9, and Thursdays 2:30 – 4:30.
I’ll be sharing a concert soon @Zest cafe, so stay tuned!


Here are some fresh inspirations for your weekend ahead:

“When people come to me and they ask, ‘How to meditate?’ I tell them, ‘There is no need to ask how to meditate, just ask how to remain unoccupied. Meditation happens spontaneously. Just ask how to remain unoccupied, that’s all. That’s the whole trick of meditation – how to remain unoccupied. Then you cannot do anything. The meditation will flower.’ – Osho

How to Receive Revelations From Nature – Uplift TV
In this 2 minute video, Ecologist,Stephan Harding, shares with us a simple practice on how you can transform your relationship with the natural world.

Following on Instagram…
@eatpraynewyork – I want it. You want it. George Costanza wants it (“Serenity now!”) So I’m taking one step a day towards inner peace in the world’s most chaotic city.

Check out Sabine’s new insta-project @eatpraynewyork, where she gives step-by-step insight on finding serenity in the city.

Here’s one of my favs…

Step 19: DIGITAL DETOX. I’ve read that the average American sends 3,400 messages a month from bed, and checks their phone 200 times a day. That’s once every six and a half minutes. One in four people spend more time online than they do asleep. Our attention span has dropped over the past decade from 12 seconds to a mere eight – shorter than the attention span of a goldfish. Not surprisingly there is a direct correlation between my happiness and reducing my screen time so I’ve started digitally detoxing for periods of time that are getting longer and longer, mostly around sleep. I just spent a couple of days in a remote national park that had no power after dark, which led me to turning off my phone during those periods. The change in my experience was palpable. I’ve also turned off my push notifications, and will be more mindful of putting my phone away during meals.

How do you limit your screen time?


The Soul of Money: Transforming your Relationship with Money and Life by Lynne Twist
What I’m loving about this book is the invitation to examine and confront our attitudes towards money – earning, spending and giving it away, and demystify our challenges, fears, addiction, attachment, remorse, regret, and hurt around money, so that we can align our relationship with it and embrace it all to transform our lives.

“Our relationship with money can become a place where, day in and day-out, we can engage in meaningful spiritual practice”.

Listening to…
Ah Ni Kuni (Mose Remix) – Lindsey Wise
I pretty much love ANYTHING this magical woman creates and shares. and I’m loving this new remix EP. Check it out the EP here.

The Lindsey Wise remix EP is an offering of devotional medicine music reworked into beat driven dance journeys. The three remixers Intiche, Mose, and Binder each add their own signature touch to the already beautiful voice and message of Lindsey. Intiche offers his sunny joy filled take to Ah Ni Kuni in addition to Mose’s more subdued slow journey approach and Binder brings his playful groove into the celebratory
energy of Stardust.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and week ahead, & thanks again for being a part of this beautiful growing Pure Flow Yoga Tribe,

We truly LOVE and APPRECIATE you! being here,

With Love & Blessings



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