Happy New Moon and Vedic New Year!

Today is considered a very auspicious time in the Vedic calendar to reclaim and renew your power.

“The Sun Moves into Aries to start the Tamil New Year, and there is so much transformational energy available during this transit. You can empower the Sun within you. This is the time when you can alter time, succeed in your business as well as personal life and affect a change in your destiny.” ~ Dr. Pillai

Today is considered a powerful day to move forward with your dreams and aspirations, moving through obstacles so that you can have prosperity, good health and abundance.

How will you empower the sun within yourself for this new year cycle?
Or in other words, how will you push forward with all your dreams and aspirations for 2019 so you can have a year of success and fulfilment?

I’d LOVE to hear from you!


BSF Wrap-Up:

I’m finally starting to find my own personal rhythm after an incredible but highly full and stimulating week at the Bali Spirit Fest.

There are so many highlights:

I loved all the music, and the workshops i was able to attend. I loved the art, and the vibe.

It was such a treat to run into so many of the Pure Flow Yoga family, and to hear about everyone’s journey’s since their retreats with us.

I loved connecting with the community from all over the world as well as making so many new beautiful connections.

I especially loved sharing vocal activations and a concert with the incredible Lindsey Wise. and I was so honoured to share live music for a Yoga Nidra class with the amazing Cathy Pearson.

Of course, a big highlight was being able to step out of my own way and show up to share music at the Coco Love Stage. I invited a number of friends to play with me, and that felt super supportive and nourishing, especially at these beginning stages of me sharing myself more with the world.

What was so special about this particular moment for me, was that I was sharing a song from the rainbow family. These are kind of folk songs that people from all over the world sing around fires and in circles, and often we don’t know who wrote them or when.

The woman who actually wrote this song in the 70’s, when she was living with Osho, Maha Laxmi, happened to be front and center at the Coco Love Stage, spinning and dancing with utter glee. She was heart-blasted to hear her song shared decades later in this wild tropical land. It was such a beautiful and synchronistic connection, for which I’m beyond appreciative.


Pure Flow Yoga News:

For those of you in Bali:

I love being invited to share, and since doing the show at Bali Spirit, I’ve been invited to share on some sound medicine journeys around town, and i’ll be doing a live acoustic show next week.

Feeling really grateful for these opportunities to learn and grow.

I’m also gonna start doing a weekly singing circle soon, so for those of you in the Ubud, Bali area, please follow my personal page on facebook here to learn about my offerings!

For those of you in North America:

I’m starting to think ahead to my trip home to Canada & the US this August/September and would love any invites to share Yoga, meditation, workshops, singing circles, vocal activations…

If you are interested, and have a studio or connection to a space and a group of people that would benefit from these offerings, please get in touch by replying to this email, and hopefully we can arrange something awesome!

For those of you joining / wanting to join us this month in Thailand:

Yay! Please meet Nadia Moon, who starts sharing her magic this week. She is an incredible Yogi and teacher, who will be teaching alongside our beautiful Sophie, and you can learn more about her here.

Here are some fresh inspirations for your weekend ahead:


“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but thought about it. Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking. Separate them from the situation, which is always neutral. It is as it is”. – Eckhart Tolle

Sacred Sounds:

Here in the Now – Murray Kyle [Temple Step & DJ Lo Qi Remix

Murray Kyle is one of the most uplifting and inspiring sacred musicians I know. Check him out and discover more of the gold he shares.

Bali Spirit Festival Highlight

Porangui LIVE @ Bali Spirit Fest

I was super blown away by this epic performance by multi instrumentalist and ceremonialist Porangui. You can check out more of his transformational music and healing experiences here.


Resilient: How to Grow an Unshakable Core of Calm, Strength, and Happiness by Rick Hanson PH.D
I tend to read a number of books at the same time to match my mood of the moment. I’ve just started this book and I’m already getting so much out of it. It’s all about resilience.

It’s not about what happens, but what happens next…

In this practical guide, and with his trademark blend of neuroscience, mindfulness, and positive psychology, New York Times bestselling author Dr. Rick Hanson shows you how to develop twelve vital inner strengths hardwired into your own nervous system. Then no matter what life throws at you, you’ll be able to feel less stressed, pursue opportunities with confidence, and stay calm and centered in the face of adversity.

Conscious Clothing:

Tao Muse Designs
Meet my friend Pavitra. I LOVE what this sister is creating – love-infused earth-friendly, organic, sustainable and stylish clothing from beginning to end. Hand-crafted in Bali. And guess what? She’s been so kind as to offer our community 10% off with PROMOCODE – PUREFLOWMUSE

Happy new moon and new year again.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and week ahead, & thanks again for being a part of this beautiful growing Pure Flow Yoga Tribe,

We truly LOVE and APPRECIATE you! being here,

With Love & Blessings



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