Gorgeous beautiful,

Epic love from the Bali Spirit Fest.


It’s so beyond magical, heart-opening, inspiring, and uplifting. The music, the workshops, the people, the atmosphere….oh my!

Feeling an overflow of inspiration and gratitude flowing through my every vein, and filling me with so much nectar goodness.

Check out the vibe a bit here and catch a glimpse of my favourite new kirtan singer Sivani Ma Francis. The music she shared helped transport me into another dimension with her melodious devotional trance sounds. Wow.

This year, the theme of the festival is “Restore the Balance” and I’ve been reflecting on how important balance really is in our individual lives, as well as in the collective.

Are you feeling balanced? What do you need to feel more balanced?

For me, this festival has so far been an incredible journey of sharing, but mostly it’s been a balancing time of receiving and taking in the abundance of awesome that is all around.

After 14 weeks straight of leading and holding space on our Pure Flow Yoga retreats and teacher training, this experience truly is helping me to “restore the balance”, and juice up on all the teachings I’m receiving here, to be able to give again to you all from a totally full space.

I’m excited to share billions of inspirations for you from here in the coming weeks: music, projects, podcasts interviews I’m doing with incredible people…so stay tuned!

What do you need to restore the balance in your life right now?
I’d LOVE to hear from you!

Here are some fresh inspirations for your weekend ahead!

“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.” – Victor Hugo

Song you will LOVE
Gajumaru – Yaima
I LOOOOOOVE this track.
Try to get this one out of your head.
I dare you! 🙂

Yoni Shakti by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli PhD
This is the #1 book on my read next list, and considered required reading, by many contemporary yoga teacher friends from here and all over the world.

This week I’ve had the absolute privilege to participate in some workshops with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, and I am beyond inspired to study and learn more of what this incredible woman is sharing in relation to feminine cycles, menstruation consciousness, the maha vidyas – wisdom goddesses, and post-lineage Yoga. Expect more from me on this ….

Cacao Ceremony
Elah & Ausierra
No one does an 800 person cacao ceremony quite like Elah & Ausierra! I love these guys. They rocked such an incredible ceremony of transformation, intention and joy that I’m sure we’ll all remember for years to come. Check out the awesomeness they are sharing with the world here.

Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead, & thanks again for being a part of this beautiful growing Pure Flow Yoga Tribe,

We truly LOVE and APPRECIATE you! being here,

With Love & Blessings



P.S. Last week we decided to raise our prices to be able to continue offering our love sustainably and to be able to properly match the value of our offerings. We appreciate you so much. Until the end of the year 2019, use promocode “lovelovelove” for $75 off your next retreat with us:)

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