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People join us on retreat for many reasons.  While people are coming from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, professions, age and income brackets, there are some truly beautiful and deep human commonalities that bring us all all together here.

Perhaps you have some time off coming up and you are looking for a way to find more joy and freedom, travel with purpose and deepen your practice.  With so many options out there, we want to help support you in choosing a Virtual Yoga Retreat as your next staycation.  

Retreats are an amazing way to connect to stillness, calm, clarity, self-awareness, healing, freedom, simplicity, joy and transformation.  They are the best way to truly immerse oneself in Yogic Philosophy and Lifestyle, while cultivating community, discipline and depth.  No need to take our word for it – Check it out for yourself!

Consider the following questions to find out if you might be ready for a retreat:

Why would you Join us on a Virtual Retreat?

Have you had any of these thoughts or feelings lately?


1.I need to get back in to my body.

I want to feel more energised and healthy in your body and mind. I want to make better food choices, and I want to stop feeling stuck or heavy in certain places in my body.



2. I need a break. I feel burnt out.

I need a break from the busyness and hustle of my everyday life.   I need more time in nature and new surroundings to get perspective, clarity and space. I feel tired, BUSY, and drained – like I’m running on empty all the time.

I feel there is more to life that this 9-5 reality I’m living.  l want off of this hamster-wheel.  I want a break from the daily grind. I feel like  complaining too much. Everyone and everything really seem to frustrate me at times for no good reason.



3. I don’t know what’s next…I’m in a big life transition.

I’m at a crossroads.  I’m ending or changing my job / career, my relationship is transitioning, my kids are all grown up now, my marriage of 30 years is ending, I am retiring…. and I don’t know what to do next . I feel indecisive at times. Totally unable to get clear. I feel paralysed by choice and am constantly looking to outside sources: friends, blogs, therapists etc. for answers. I need help finding clarity



4. I want to reconnect with myself

I want to reconnect with myself, with others, with my purpose, with nature.  I want to remember who I really am.  I have a deep desire to reconnect with the real me again, beyond the busyness, beyond all the roles I play in life as an entrepreneur, layer, doctor, teacher, student, parent etc.


5. I want to invest in myself

I want to learn, grow, evolve, change.  I want to open to new experiences and new ways of being so I can be more happy, peaceful and free.

but I can’t afford (the time off work, the money…)


6. I want to deepen my practice.  

I want to get into my body more, and also in the the deeper aspects of life.  I want to take a break from sufercial coversations and instead have more meaningful and purposeful conversation about the bigger picture and the deeper aspects of life.


7. I want to connect with others. I’m craving community

 I want to feel accountable, motivated, and celebrated. I feel alone sometimes.  I really want to feel like I’m a part of something bigger, a community perhaps.  I just want to feel safe, warm and heard. I am craving community. I want to feel a sense of belonging and connection to the people and world around you.


8. I’m an aspiring Yoga teacher – I’m not quite ready to teach, or I’m on a break…but I feel I need to invest in myself more first.

I just finished my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and I’m not sure if I’m quite ready to teach…. I need to dive more deeply in the practices and philosophy, and get more experience and mentoring.


9. I want to be more emotionally and spiritually balanced

Sometimes I feel like my emotions are just taking me over.  i want to understand how I can understand and manage them more efficiently.

Now Close your eyes a moment.  Tune into how you feel.  Really Listen.

The Results are In:

Our Yogi Experts believe that a retreat could be PERFECT for YOU right now, (especially if any these thoughts are repeating like a broken record in your mind at times…)

We could all seriously benefit from, and enjoy taking a step back from our day-to-day realities to get some space, perspective, and clarity and to create “me”- time for self care and self love.

What are some other reasons you have for practicing Yoga and wanting to go on a Retreat?  Click here to let us know. We’d love to hear from you! 

 We invite you to join us at Pure Flow Yoga’s Retreats in Paradise

… the perfect sanctuary for your soul in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Click here to watch some past Student sharing their Life-Changing experiences.


Francie is a passionate and free-spirited Yogi, hula hooper, musician and lover of all things Magic. She has over a hundred retreats over the past 5 years, and is the inspired founder of Pure Flow Yoga in Koh Phangan, Thailand where she spends half of the year offerings daily Yoga classes, workshops and ongoing transformational Yoga Retreats in Paradise. She is also the founder of Hoop Love Tribe, an international co-creative collective of flow artists offering weekly community by-donation hoop jams for Spark! Circus, as well as the bi-annual “Hoopapalooza Flow Fest”, a 3-day beachside Hula Hoop and flow arts immersion experience. Check out some of Francie’s Music on Soundcloud, and like her Facebook page: Francie Fishman :Yoga Hoop Music Love  to stay tuned in about Francie’s personal travel & teaching calendar, music, playlists, blog posts and more.  Want to invite Francie to teach near you? Contact here


Founder, Pure Flow Yoga

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