Day 6: 

Simply Being / Loving What is

Day 6: Simply Being


Yesterday I felt great.  So tapped into the meditation, flowing with the practices, feeling the bliss. 

Today….it’s a different story – I’m feeling challenged.  I didn’t sleep so well last night, I heard some disturbing news, and a bit of anxiety has creeped in about the future.

Some days we may be fully tapped into the flow, and other days our monkey minds have the reigns and we are in total distraction and discombobulation. 

No matter what emotion or sensation is present, the question is: Can I be with this feeling? Can I love this moment exactly as it is.

This moment is exactly as it is.

The only thing we can control is our relationship to this moment.

It is up to us whether we are in resistance and suffering, or if we are in acceptance, love and peace.


How are you?  Have you missed a day? Did you start late? Are you scrambling because you feel like maybe you aren’t quite doing it right? Or do you feel you fallen behind on the challenge, or  that other people are doing way better than you?  Is there a little voice in your mind it’s saying it’s OK  – you just wanted to check out what this program is without really involving yourself, kind of research?

Or maybe everything is going well.  You are showing up everyday, feeling empowered, on the path, elevated and uplifted.

Whatever arises, love that.


I LOVE this Rumi poem for reminding me to LOVE whatever arises. appreciating that even and especially those more challenging moments are actually gifts from the beyond, here to illuminate some aspect of life for me to integrate.  


The illusion of Doing + Having = Worthiness


I remember when my besty Nadia gave birth to her beautiful baby girl Kaya.  Even though all she was doing was crying and pooping we loved her so much. There was nothing she needed to do for us to love her.  We are simply that.

Your worthiness as an individual depends not on what you do or what you have.

You are already intrinsically worthy, loveable, no matter what.

Somewhere along the lines, we start getting different ideas – that somehow we need to do, be or have something in order to be worthy of love.  We go to school,  are raised by our families, in our cultures,  and we take on this idea that our worth is related to the grades we get, or the things that we achieve.

When we’re looking for validation of our worth from outside of ourselves,  its always conditional and never fully satisfying. The real challenge is to hold onto the remembrance that we are already whole, we are totally already worthy.

Self-love and self compassion are key ingredients to finding true freedom.  When we only love ourselves in relation to our achievments, this is a form of conditional love that can lead to suffering and/or disapointment in those moments when we fall short. 

Being & Loving what is: Simple, yes, Easy, no. 


For me personally, simply allowing each moment to arise without being in reaction to it can be challenging.  Finding full self-love and acceptance within myself and the moment as it is, is and has been one of the most challenging journeys I could ever imagine. 

With practice and patience, we start becoming more aware of when we are in resistance, in judgement, and in suffering.    From my experience, the best way to cultivate this awareness, this pre-requisite for transformation, the simplest path to the highest good,  is meditation – tuning into the inner stillness that’s behind all those busy or challenging thoughts, so that we can simply rest in being.


Antar Mouna – Inner Silence


Today I invite you to join me for this short 10 minute meditation technique known as “Antar Mouna”Antar mouna is a Sanskrit term that means “inner silence.”  In this practice, we are transforming and controlling our thought processes through self-awareness and mindfulness, training ourselves to simply rest as the witness. Within this practice, we tune into the sounds and senses all around us in order to cultivate a deeper awareness, silence, stillness within.



Just being with you now,

Loving you exactly as you are,

Allowing this moment to be exactly as it is,

perfectly imperfect and complete,






Daily Practice:

Step 1 – Path of  Practice

Do your “Big” or “Small” practice

Celebrate &  Mark your “Yay!”

Step 2 – Foundations of Flow

Journal the Journey – 5 minutes /  3 Gratitudes

Read the Rumi poem, spend some time in mediation, and think of the “guests” who visit the temple of you.

Ask yourself: What is my relationship to THIS moment? How can I love and accept what is?

Step 3 – Reflect & this Connect:

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