Day10: the Breath

ABC’s of Yoga – Part 2

Pranayama: Art of Breathing

“For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth.” ::Sanskrit Proverb


When the Breather wanders, the mind is unsteady,

but when the Breath is still, so is the mind still”. – Hatha Yoga Pradipika


Pranayama is the extension of life force energy in the body, which supports health and longevity. Pranayama is the breathing practice of yoga and is the disciplining of our life force energy (prana), to remove blockages within our physical and energetic system, to clear illness and pain and ignite the spine to help regulate the nervous systems, so that we may achieve higher states of consciousness and awareness.


Understanding and controlling prana is the key to health mind/body balance. Conscious breath control is the key to realizing the benefits of asana as it brings us into a deeper connection with our inner self.


Prana is the subtle energy or life force that links matter and spirit, the astral and the physical. This vital energy or life force, located in the body’s nadis or energy channels, is in all life forms and is central to all yoga practices. Prana is a subtle force of energy carried in food, air, water, sunlight, the atmospheres we spend time in, the people we surround ourselves with, and it animates all form of matter.


Ayama means extension, expansion, to stretch, lengthen, prolong, regulate


Benefits of Pranayama – Pranayama helps reduce stress, quiets the mind, enhances concentration, memory and focus, and invigorates, heats and purifies the body.

Once we’ve connected with the breath, and started sending the breath towards any part of our bodies that’s holding tension or tightness,  we can turn our awareness towards awareness it self, to explore the deeper layers of consciousness,  our inner world, and who we really are.


Take a few moments now to breathe with me:


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