Freedom through movement: How to Activate Yoga & Heal Trauma and Addiction


Interview with Bex Tyrer

“We’re so busy on this treadmill of seeking some mysterious idea of enlightenment, perfection or happiness that we forget to embrace what we already have – even if it might appear to be imperfect.” 

– Bex Tyrer

Listen to my conversation with Bex Tyrer here:


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In this podcast, Bex shares:

  • Her journey of seeing the world and embracing life in a different way after burning 30% of her body in an accident
  • How she changed her priorities and values – She went from being “busy” and “successful” to investing in what’s important: spending time with friends, being in nature and allowing her body to rest – Embracing the simple things in life
  • Unpacking what has gone wrong with commercial Yoga – With so many women showing up to practice and being deeply unhappy on the inside, not allowing the full freedom and health available through the practice of Yoga
  • Her personal journey with addiction – How she went through 10 years of eating disorders and overcame it
  • Dealing with body image and trauma – Advice from her own experiences
  • Stories and experiences from her travels sharing Yoga and how an embodied practice can help step back into power
  • What Yoga Activism means to her – Taking Yoga into areas where it is not currently accessible and in need of a physical practice
  • Her self-practice – Moving from a 2-hour Yoga self-practice to one more suited for her


Highlights of Bex’s wisdom:

  • Slow Down – Put yourself in an environment and let yourself rest and embrace life more fully
  • Change your narrative – instead of your scars reminding you of the physical pain, let it remind you of the strength and love that surrounds you
  • Allow yourself to feel emotion instead of numbing it out – “emotions won’t kill you, but not feeling them will”
  • Embrace life and the power within. Our practice can either help us remember that power, or it can distract us
  • Stay present. “You can do anything for one more breath.”
  • Embrace this moment as it is.  We are never given more than we can handle



About Bex Tyrer:

Scotland born and raised, and Oxford educated with a graduate degree, MPhil in Development Studies, Bex Tyrer has been Asia-based for the past thirteen years, sharing her passion for Yoga and Yoga activism for the past 12, mostly here in Bali at the Yoga Barn. Here she shares her experience with hundreds of teacher trainees and thousands of students and practitioners all over the world.

While she teaches a wide range of styles including vinyasa, yin, restorative, power, hatha and AcroYoga, at the core of it all, her true gift is to simply share her personal and intimate relationship with Yoga, while helping to remind people that Yoga cannot be simplified into a set of postural cues or alignments. Yoga is enormous, ancient, wide and diverse. Bex shares what her dedicated study has revealed to her.

Bex has had the privilege of being guided by some great teachers including Angela Farmer, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Denise Payne and Mark Whitwell. Her extensive travels in Tibet, Nepal and India showed her that much of what is sold and advertised has very little in common with the wealth of Yoga waiting for us to individually activate.

Her education, life journey and love for Yoga took Bex into the field of Yoga Activism, to establish Freedom Through Movement projects in Kolkata, Kathmandu and Palestine. Her love for wisdom and a fascination with the human experience breathes life into Yoga philosophy, history and practice.


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Let us know what you think, and please remember to leave us a review on Itunes.

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