New to Yoga? Feel like a Beginner?

Welcome & Congrats on taking the first step on this amazing journey of self-discovery

Like everything else in life, we gotta start somewhere. Where you are NOW is the perfect place to begin.  

It can be truly daunting to try anything new

and it can be intimidating going to a yoga class for the first time. 



Top 10 fears of New Yogis

1) Yoga is not for me. It’s for young, thin, beautiful, New Age, hippy, vegetarians! 

2) I’m not flexible enough to do yoga! 

3) Everyone is better than Me.

4) I’m “bad” at Yoga

5) I’m not (flexible, balance strong, disciplined,

insert-any other self-deprecating excuse here) – enough.

6) It’s too hard. I can’t even touch my toes.

7) I’ll look stupid.

8) I’m too old to start Yoga

9) What is i fall? fart? stumble? What if I cry?

10) What if my teacher or the other students don’t like me?

Even in just thinking about doing yoga, or cultivating a more mindful lifestyle,

You are winning and so is everyone around you. Winning!!!!

Have people been saying to you for a while now:

“You have to try Yoga! You’re gonna love it!”

and have you been liking the idea,

in theory,

but not quite convinced yet that its for you?


Start Here:

First of All, What is Yoga?

Yoga is a essentially a practical life philosophy and powerful physical, mental and spiritual tool for problem-solving, well-being and awakening that is available to all beings and all bodies. Yoga teaches us how to live lives of love, compassion, balance, peace, harmony, strength and flexibility on all levels, helping us to cultivate the ability to embrace all the challenges and gifts of life, so that we can let go, let grow, and let flow

In essence, “Yoga”  means “union” or “to yoke”, our everyday selves with our highest most divine selves. Hatha Yoga combines movement, conscious breathing, and mindful awareness and presence to offer physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual practices that connect us to the deepest aspects of our selves and our true nature.

The benefits of a disciplined Yoga practice are boundless and include living and loving long, vibrant, happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. in more alignment, balance, strength, flexibility and connection to nature, community and our highest selves.

Free Resources & Videos to Get you Started

Finding Flow – Intro to Yoga Practice Series

Welcome to Finding Flow, our FREE 5-part Intro to Yoga Practice Series.

In this series, you will gain confidence as we go over the basic and optimal Alignment, Breath and Conscious Awareness for all of the basic Poses, to get you in flow.

Free E- book

To help bring you more confidence, insight and inspiration

for your Yoga journey we’ve created this awesome resource

for You:


New to Yoga?

Top 10 Insights for Beginner Yogis

Great Yoga Newbie Insights & Tips to Ready you for the Journey Within


Practical Tips for your First Class


  • Eating – Yoga is a purification practice, and is best practiced on an empty stomach – so eat light or fast before class
  • Drinking – Drink plenty of water before and after class to stay hydrated and to flush out toxins. During class we avoid water to allow the heat of our practice to purify our being
  • Clothes – Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes.  We’ll be going upside down, spreading body parts….so just make sure you’re comfortable!
  • Leave your cell phone at home, or put it on airplane or silent to respect the sacredness of the space and your fellow classmates
  • Adopt a “beginner’s mind” – one that is open and willing to learn
  • Respect the teacher by following their guidance – of course feel free to ask questions for more clarity
  • Listen to your Body – If you need to modify a pose, please honour that!  If you need to take a break – that’s always ok
  • Breathe – this is what makes Yoga Yoga – always come back to this remembrance
  • Enjoy, have fun at Pure Flow beginners yoga retreat Thailand!



  • Courage
  • Patience
  • Playfulness / Spirit of Openness
  • Yoga mat – we also have eco-mats for sale and borrow
  • Water Bottle – we have a refill station and are a disposable plastic free zone – we have Flower of Life Bottles for sale too
  • Open Mind
  • Towel – we have beautiful showers you are welcome to use


We want to support you!   If you’re new to the practice or the teacher, please let us know if you are:
•    pregnant
•    working with injuries or limitations
•    need to leave early
•    concerned or curious about anything else!


 Beginner’s Yoga Retreat Thailand


We guarantee that you will leave this retreat relaxed, stronger, more confident.

At Pure Flow Yoga, you’re in great hands!

All of our world-class teachers are skilled and highly experienced. 

We meet you and each person where they’re at, regardless of their experience level.

we offer modifications for beginner students and give advanced students more challenging variations.

No matter what your level of experience of fitness, 

we offer a variety of modifications along the way to support you at your level.

At our beginners yoga retreat Thailand program, you will leave understanding that

Yoga is so much more than the shapes and poses we can make with our body,

but rather that Yoga is a lifestyle and practice to support you in being more happy, free and at ease

no matter what your experience level is!


Our all-levels retreats are perfect for beginners.

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New to Yoga? Welcome!

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