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Your Stay In Paradise

Our retreats and trainings make it easy for you to choose an accommodation option that fits your interests.

Pure – Bamboo Huts

Our signature Bamboo Huts accommodations are open and ready to welcome you during your time in Koh Phagnan. This is the most common option for people on retreats and it’s the one we recommend.

The Bamboo Huts are simple luxury – placed amongst the beauty of the jungle and easy to navigate, with basic amenities to make you feel relaxed and at home. We call this option Pure and are included in our Signature retreat packages, as well as in our Retreat Builder.

Simply – Stay Anywhere

We don’t force you to stay with us though. We’re flexible and understand that you might have your own plans. So if you’re interested in exploring the options around us, feel free! Book your retreat or training without accommodations and arrange to stay wherever you like. We call this option Simply and it’s available in our Retreat Builder.

Or, if you want a taste of luxury during your time here, we have an exclusive arrangement with the 4-star location just down the jungle path from us, The Pariya Resort.

We call this option Deluxe and it’s avilable in our Retreat Builder.

Simply – Arrange Your Own Accommodations

The “Tri-Bay Area” of Haad Yuan, Haad Tien and Whynam has a number of different accommodations that are in walking distance to the Pure Flow yoga studio. It takes a little more work on your part to arrange your own accommodations, but if you’re interested in exploring, go for it!

Haad Yuan – Biggest of the three bays, by far the best white sand beach…it has that “picture of paradise” feel to it. It’s also the most populated bay in the area – not too busy or crazy, but if you’re looking for real isolation then this might not be the best option. Try Big Blue (arrive & book), Barcelona Resort, or Horizon Bungalows.

Haad Tien – Smaller beach, calm, much more of a “conscious community” feel to it. A very unique vibe that attracts healers, artists, and other interesting people from all over the world. Try Family Bungalows(arrive & book), Beam Bungalows(arrive & book) or The Sanctuary.

Whynam – The smallest and least populated of the three bays, many long-term residents live here. Lots of creativity – art, music, dance, and good food and coffee. Book through the Whynam Facebook page.

Pure – Bamboo Huts

Pure accommodations in the Bamboo Huts is simple Thai style bungalows surrounded by lush, well tended gardens, with the refreshing ocean, white sand, Yoga shala, and multiple eateries just a few minutes away.

A perfect compliment to the minimalist yogi lifestyle, these simple, rustic wooden bungalows have a double bed, small bathroom (no hot water, but trust us – that’s a good thing!), fan, limited shelving/clothes hanging, and a hammock on the deck so you can relax and take in the paradise vibes. It doesn’t take long from the time you step off the boat, to realise that in fact, simplicity offers you space to grow in your practice, and yourself. Yogis have been teaching this for centuries.

*Please note that Pure Flow is an independent yoga school only with no onsite accommodation. We have organised preferential booking for our retreat students at the nearby Bamboo Huts Resort, and these rates apply only when booking a package through Pure Flow Yoga. (In other words, if you want to stay here, book through us. 🙂

Deluxe – Pariya Resort

Pariya Resort is the first and only boutique resort located on Haad Yuan/Yuan Beach, just a 10 minute beach walk to Pure Flow Yoga.

With its secluded tropical location, guests will experience the beauty nature has to offer while relaxing in the comfort of the resorts villas, complete with beachfront swimming pool, natural therapies and spa. Set along the slope of a hill that leads down to the resorts lush gardens, each villa comes with its own private terrace and modern amenities, including hotel shower, air conditioning and mini-fridge, so guests have a stress-free stay.

Bamboo Huts and Pariya Resort accommodations are also available to share between two people. Just choose “Me and someone else” in the Retreat Builder, or “2 People” in our Signature Retreat packages. Two of everything, all under one roof… lovely!


How To Reserve

Pure Packages

Bamboo Huts accommodations are included in all of our signature Pure packages.

Retreat Builder

All of our accommodation options, including our Pure option at Bamboo Huts, are available in our Retreat Builder. Just choose the option you want in the Accommodations section when you create your customized retreat.