Here are your fresh Love & Inspirations for the week ahead:


1) Quote:

  • “Yoga does not change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees”. – B.K.S Iyengar


2) Poem by Jeff Foster

Falling in Love with Where you Are

Dying to all
you think you know

Letting go of the image
of how life ‘should’ be

Sinking into the vast mystery
of the present moment

Embracing change and loss
as misunderstood friends

Falling in love
with where you are

This is the path
for those who know
there is no path

Only endless destinations
and never-ending beginnings

– Jeff Foster


3) Inspiring Talk from Russell Brand – 8 mins

In this short video, Russlee Brand gives a good and simple explanation on meditation  – how we are not our thoughts and feelings – and mantra and how it works to focus the thinking mind – like giving a child a yo-yo, so that we are not identified and controlled by the mind, so that we can be in higher service.



4) Music Playlist for Yoga Practice

I love practicing to music to help me get in the flow zone.  I made this 13 track playlist a couple years ago, and it stands the test of time. Put it on for background music, a gentle dance, or get some sun salutation movement medicine happening!

I’m brewing some new playlists too, so let me know if there are any standout trax that you’d like to hear more.

Click here if you wanna check out more music playlists from Francie / Pure Flow Yoga




5)? Francie’s Interview with Daniela Garza Rois

“Devotion is my teacher…Before anything you are in life, put the word “devoted” in front of it. A devoted mother, a devoted sister, a devoted child…this way you know that everything you do in life in an offering, and everything that life brings to you is also an offering”.-  Daniela Garza Rios

Sweet Bubbly and wise, Daniela Garza Rois, celebrated Mandala Yoga Teacher Trainer, AcroYogi, Vedanti, Bhakti, and teacher at Bali’s famous Yoga Barn, shares with us all about:

  • Her Yoga Journey: Her mom as her first big inspiration, how Yoga found her, and her passion for sharing her unique Teacher Trainings
  • What is Mandala Yoga and how she uses this practice to dance with life and connect with the rhythm of Flow
  • Words of wisdom for the single parent – How becoming a Single Mom, challenged not only her morning practice, but also helped her transform the traditional concept of what it means to have family, to recognise that family and support is all around
  • Obstacles as tool for Self-growth – Self with a capital “S” – The harder the teaching, the thicker the blessing.
  • Acro-Yoga as a way to experience and understand how the body moves, by feeling meridians and anatomical planes
  • Bhakti Yoga – and what it means to be in devotion
  • Dharma Yoga & the 20 Value of Values – Why it’s important to follow your life’s purpose
  • Sacred space, and the power of having an altar, and working with nature and the 5 elements to help connect with and transmute emotions
  • Vedic Studies – Non-Dualism and her passion for studying Vedanta – the sacred teachings of Yoga from the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata – and the importance of having a experienced guide to unfold the teachings
  • Epic beautiful life wisdom Galore…


So much LOVE & Blessings to you sweet one!


Francie Love



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