Day 15:

Progress on the Path

Progress on the Path

What does it mean to be “Good” at Yoga?

We are all works in progress, still in progress.

Everyone can practice Yoga and everyone can make progress on the path.

Our progress in Yoga, has less to do with opening our hips, and more to do with opening our hearts.

In Modern Yoga, many students come to the practice hoping to achieve a shape, or perfect their headstand, or master an arm balance.  Our culture often tells us that success is marked by these outer acheivements

In fact, some of the most remarkable changes that Yoga offers are often invisible, unacknowelged and far more ordinary and important, such as greater kindness, more respect, more compassion and forgiveness, strengthening of presence and awareness. 

Instead of how many hours did I practice, or what did I physically achieve, ask yourself, how am I living Yoga today?

Today I invite you to take 5 minutes and mediate / journal on these questions:

  • Am I making progress on the path? 
  • What does that look like? How did I know if I’m making progress on the path? 
  • Have I or has life evolved since starting this challenge? How? What are the side-effects of my daily practice?

How do you know that you’ve been making progress?

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Ask yourself the following questions: Do I feel…

Transformed, More aligned, Refreshed, Invigorated, Relaxed, Calmer, Softer, Kinder, More warm, Brighter, More spacious, Lighter, More slowed down, More connected to the self, More creative, More embodied, Less stressed, A more clear mind, Strength to overcome new challenges, More Resilience and ease to bounce back to joy after a set-back,  A heightened sense of flexibility, both in the body and in the mind



“Instead of measuring success in practicing a yoga posture by how far we go, we can ask how present we are in each moment. How aware are we of the movement of our breath, the sensations in our body, and the thoughts that pass through us? Instead of judging the correctness of a yoga posture by how we look, we can inquire what positioning makes us feel most integrated and honours rather than injures our unique physical body. If we are ill or emotionally overwhelmed, how skillfully can we make this challenge grist for the mill? Instead of, “How many hours did I spend meditating today, ” we can ask, “How did I live my practice in every moment of the day?” Something is tragically missing in our spiritual practice if through our most diligent efforts we manage to become a perfect yoga posture, rather than a person”. – Donna Farhi

Path of Practice

Do your “Big” or “Small” practice – Enter your “Yay” or “Nay”.

Journal  / 3 Gratitudes

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  1. francie fishman

    I’m a day or two behind on sending you guys these lessons. A former incarnation of myself would be beside herself with stress, anxiety, guilt, shame….now I’m developing a bit more self-compassion. I’m celebrating what I’ve done so far, and know in my heart that I’m doing my best. I can feel an evolution within my self in this realm, and it’s a much more calm and peaceful feeling. If everything doesn’t go according to plan 100% it’s okay!!!!! I still feel good about what is. Thank you!


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