Higher Self Activation Mentorship

Sister, Are you Ready to Align to Your Purpose, Deepen Your Practice & Elevate Your Soul

so You can Live the Life you Know You’re Meant for?

In 90 days, learn how to release limiting beliefs, get unstuck and create more fun, freedom, fulfillment and flow in your business and life.


Imagine if…

…You could feel fulfilled, free and in flow every day.

…You could live on purpose and in service to your heart’s deepest call.

…You could live the life you always wanted, instead of wondering if there’s more to life than this.

…You were guided towards remembering and embracing your true nature.

Do you want this to be your Reality?

Flourish is your pathway to a brighter and happier future.

Transformation is our Speciality…

Our clients report feeling:

“Activated, Confident, Empowered and Balanced in my Body, Mind, and Soul”

“Clarity, Freedom and Flow in my Life”

“GRATITUDE.  I feel Supported, Inspired, Celebrated and in Flow”


…Freedom, Fulfillment & Flow…

This is the Major Life Transformation You’ve Been Looking For


In 90 days, you’ll learn how to:

  • Release limiting beliefs and stories that aren’t serving you

  • Overcome overwhelm, indecision, perfectionism and procrastination

  • Trust your intuition 

  • Align to your Soul’s Purpose so you can be on-purpose and in-service

  • Deepen your Spiritual Practice & Embody flow

  • Clarify, Realize & Achieve your Goals

  • Learn how to get out of your own way and Move forward on your creative ideas and projects

  • Develop Emotional Mastery over anxiety, depression, procrastination


Flourish, Francie’s Signature 90-Day Flow Coaching Program is a step-by-step course designed to guide you to Unlock your Potential, Live your Dreams and Empower your Highest Self.


Regardless of your level of Yoga, or experience with meditation or inner work, Flourish is here to give you the blueprint to create a solid foundation of healthy, balanced self-love, self-respect and self-trust so you can reverse limiting beliefs, eradicate self-sabotage behaviours and follow your passions to live a fully actualized life.


Flourish is a spirituality and lifestyle upgrade program that will help you shatter limiting beliefs and stories that just don’t serve you and are holding you back, teach you how to properly work with the Eastern practices of Yoga and Spirituality, and the western science on Psychology, Shadow Work, Wellness and Personal Growth.  


You’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to know to integrate your customized practice and life plan so you can return again and again to your path of freedom, fulfillment and flow in our detailed 9-module course.


Each week, you’ll receive a new inspiring, educational and motivational assignment for your healing, personal growth & awakening, and by the end of 90 days, you’ll have a system in place to maintain your Freedom, Flow, and Fulfillment.


And if you need any additional love, or if you get stuck or have question along the way, I got you!


Inside Flourish, you get UNLIMITED and CUSTOMISED personal mentoring support, Monday-Friday WhatsApp support and troubleshooting from Francie,


Plus weekly Accountability so you can stay un-stuck, productive, on-track with progress, and accountable.


And that’s not all….You all get fresh weekly Love & Inspirations inside our Flow Sanctuary.


I make it easy for you to achieve your dreams!


Flourish is the perfect blend of Education & Inspiration, Connection, Support & Accountability,


I’ve helped thousands of people overcome old patterns of behavior and limiting beliefs and move into increased alignment, balance and fulfillment with what they truly desire.


…And I’d be honoured to help you too!



If you want to connect directly and see how Flow Coaching with Francie can support you, schedule a free call today.

Available worldwide, these soulful and practical sessions give you a safe and sacred space to be heard, guided, loved, to unwind, unravel, connect, and to share, from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.

Working with Francie has been one of the greatest highlights of my Yoga Teacher Training. Francie was born for this work and she shows up authentic, passionate, knowledgeable, caring, experienced and skilled (and fun!). Words don’t do justice to how grateful I am to have gotten to train with her!

— Coco Savie


Francie having you as one of my first official yoga teachers and that on a ttc has been an honor. You truly inspire me so much, the energy you set out into the world is contagious and it’s been both a privilege and a blessing having crossed paths with you. You’ll forever be one of those people on my list of people that has had a profound influence on my life. You have so much love and light within you and are so extremely passionate about life and yoga. Thank you for shining wherever you go and always finding a way to bring that extra sparkle to your environment. Your teachings will always have an impact on my practices throughout life, as your teachers have impacted you. Thank you for all the love, knowledge and support. 🌻❤️-  

– Kylie Davies


“Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for today. Felt a big weight was lifted off my chest, and felt joyful throughout the day”.

– Elyssa, Lebanon


Is this You?

This 1-on-1 Mentorship is a cauldron for next-level growth, celebration and life-long transformation


  • You know in your bones that there is “more” to life, that your life has purpose, that you belong


  • You know that ultimately, even though it may not be always easy, you can change your life and feel happy, healthy and whole, and you deserve that.


  • You’re committed to your personal and spiritual growth, and feeling aligned, balanced, clear and connected, but can’t quite wrap your head around your Soul Purpose


  • You have so many gifts to share with people, but you’re just not quite ready yet – you’re not sure how, when or what to share.


  • You know what your limiting beliefs are, but somehow you’re not shifting them, which leaves you in a loop of re-creating your self-sabotaging patterns.


  • You’ve tasted peace, calm, freedom, fulfillment and flow, but you keep falling back to your default ways, making progress feel slow at best


  • You know that self-love is the key and that the answers lie within, but you don’t know how to get there, let alone stay there.


  • You often feel alone, isolated, defeated and wondering where you belong, you’re ready to be a part of something resonant


If this describes YOU….

the Flourish Mentorship is the perfect program for you. 

How it Works:

1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

We have 1-on-1 coaching calls every week to give you customized, in-depth coaching support anytime you need it. 

Virtual Curriculum

When you join Flourish you’ll be given access to 6 Virtual Courses and Modules of Yoga & Life Educational curriculum, dripped out week-by-week, so you can avoid overwhelm, and focus on having the time and space to learn and integrate.



Love & Accountability

When you join Flourish, you’ll get Accountability Check-ins EVERY WEEK to track your progress and help hold you accountable to your commitments and dreams.


Unlimited Support

Need more love? Have a question? Need help with your homework?  Daily support, Monday-Friday is available to you anytime through our private WhatsApp or Slack.

Lifetime Access

When you join Flourish, you get lifetime access to the course curriculum of education and resources,  and ALL future program upgrades.




Being a human on the path to personal mastery and awakening can be lonely. But when you join the Pure Flow family, you’ll be warmly welcomed into the Flow Sanctuary, a community of other like-minded Yogis and creatives from around the world, who you can connect with to help keep you inspired, feeling supported. motivated, accountable…


If  You’re Ready to Upgrade Your Life & Find More Freedom, Flow & Fulfilment in the Next 90 Days…

What people are Saying…

Meet your Mentor, Francie

I support Yogis, wellness experts & creatives get clear & find flow through intuitive guidance, business & leadership coaching, Yoga & meditation, music & vocal awakening and yoga teaching mentorships.


Thanks for being here. I’m the founder of the Award-Winning Pure Flow Yoga School in Thailand.  I’m a yogi, retreat leader, yoga & meditation teacher & teacher trainer, certified educator, musician, life-transformation expert, guide, facilitator, and dedicated student and lover of life!


I’ve taught over 200+ Yoga Retreats, workshops and transformational experiences, in-person and virtual, with thousands of students from around the world. 


I thrive when I’m bringing my passion for empowering people to help people activate their full potential and live at their most alive, fulfilled and embodied potential. .


Along with my degrees in Psychology and Education, I bring you 20+ years teaching, coaching and service experience working with both individuals and groups.

The Flow Coaching Method


Flow Coaching is a methodology to help people align to their purpose, find their flow, and elevate their soul.


This personalized approach is achieved through a customized program that we’ll create together through one-on-one consultations.


You’ll cultivate clarity and intention, mindfulness and intuition, embodiment and expression, and empowerment through identifying and releasing limiting beliefs and habits. 


Our programs are designed to be a minimum of 3 months commitment during which time you foster a deeper connection, and embrace and integrate meaningful change. 


Flow Coaching takes you on a guided journey with Francie, who offers you a unique blend of Francie’s passion, expertise, education and intuition that comes from 20+ years as a yoga practitioner, business owner, and life & wellness coach.


She will help you blast through resistance and excuses and help take you to the next level of your personal and spiritual growth through personalized guidance and accountability ensuing you stay on your path to fulfilment.


Flow Coaching will help you by giving you tools, resources and support to break free of negative patterns and build healthy new ones, cultivate emotional mastery, find balance, discover new possibilities, improve relationships and tap into your full power.


Are you ready to transform and thrive?!

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✨Happy Holidays!  Sign up & Receive hours and hours of FREE Yoga Magic✨

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